Come find me, okay?

Harry inhaled sharply, waking up.

"Oh, thank Merlin," crows of relief sounded around him. He was soon engulfed in crushing hugs and kisses. He was used to this reception. It happened every time he was knocked out cold. Such a pointless routine. It wasn't as though he was dying or anything. He pasted on his bravest smile, apologizing with his eyes and shrugs.

Ginny happened to be the one holding onto him the longest, as always, so he wrapped an arm around her. Considering he only had one arm that wasn't broken, it was the least he could do. "I'm fine," he told her quietly. "Stop crying?"

"I thought you-you just never-don't do that to me again," she sobbed.

"I'll try," Harry murmured. He couldn't remember what had happened. He had incapacitated Draco and then… nothing. "Malfoy?" he asked to anyone who was listening.

"He got away."

Harry winced in frustration. "Of course he did," he growled. "Damn it. He was right there!"

"They took Bellatrix Lestrange."

Harry slumped in defeat. "How is this possible? How long have I been out?" he muttered, pushing Ginny away. He needed to think.

Half of the team had been incapacitated by the knockout gas. The other half had been wounded. And to think they weren't able to catch a single member of the Dark Army was a disgrace.

"I'm dead meat," he groaned in dismay.

"It's been three days… But you did great, Harry! We actually know who to look for now. Faces, names, descriptions, numbers. We have a lot to go with here. If you don't get a commendation, I'd be surprised."

"Please, stop talking about work," Ginny pleaded.

That brought the matter of Ginny and Blaise to mind. "Could… I have a moment alone? With Ginny?" he asked the well-wishers in the room. Everyone vacated without argument. Ginny looked relieved now that Harry was turning his attention to her. He waited until everyone had left. He flicked his wand at the door, tripling the privacy charms, more for Ginny's sake than anything else. "Tell me everything he did to you," he said, looking at Ginny unblinkingly.

"Wh-what?" she stammered, taken aback. "No! Are you just-no!"

"I'll blow his damned brains out for what he did," Harry hissed, his expression so savage that Ginny had to physically stop herself from scrambling away.

"It's not like that," she said, tears quick to pool in her eyes. "He didn't… it was… it was me, Harry. Not him. He didn't do anything."

"What?" Harry asked, returning to his sane mind. "You?"

"He wouldn't hurt me, Harry. He couldn't! He loves me," Ginny said, trying to make Harry understand.

"Loves… you?" Harry repeated, weak as the words hammered into him.

"After I… I broke up with you, he… he helped me. He was there for me. Don't-he-the way I feel is… I just confused him. I think I was too much for him. But you… You always know how to handle me. It's why I can't get you out of my mind, Harry. It's why I love you. Because you…"

Harry didn't hear anything else she said. Draco loved Ginny? What? That's… it was part of the act, right? Just sex. That's what he had said. It meant nothing to him. Then…

Did Harry mean nothing to him too?

Of course.

Harry was a means to an end.

"Did he hurt you, Ginny?" he asked quietly, interrupting her profession of love.

"I… wh-what do you mean?" she stammered.

"Did he… hit you? Hurt you? Ever?"

Ginny shook her head quickly. "No, I already told you. He isn't like that, Harry. I mean, before… but now."

"Before?" Harry asked.

Ginny winced. "When we first… started. We were both overly enthusiastic. But, the past few weeks, he's been… different. Because he loves me. Don't you see? Don't hurt him, Harry. He didn't do anything. It was my fault, okay?" she explained.

"He never hurt you," Harry echoed, looking through Ginny.

"He was as gentle as you. He was as sweet as you," Ginny assured him. "Don't be angry with him, okay?"

"Okay," Harry said because his mind simply refused to work now. "I'm… tired. I think I'll sleep for some more time. Is that alright?"

"Of course!" Ginny said hurriedly, pushing Harry onto the pillows. "Sleep as much as you want. I'll be right outside, okay?"

"I know," Harry murmured, closing his eyes and turning to the side.

Thinking back to Draco, all he could see was the defeated expression and weary body that was struggling to breathe. Draco had just… given up. Right before Harry's eyes, the man had pulled his injured hand close to his chest and simply given up. It was as though he was done. As though he really didn't have anything else left to do in the world.

A single tear slid down and disappeared onto the fibers of the pillow. He wondered if Draco was dead. Had Draco actually given up on living?

"Three days," Draco whispered, sliding the cloak off of him. "I thought you had managed to die before me, Potter."

Harry stared at Draco who was kneeling beside the bed. Draco with the signature smirk and calm grey eyes. Draco with coifed hair and alabaster skin.

"You aren't supposed to stop looking for me, remember?" Draco murmured, pressing a kiss to Harry's teary cheek. "I've been waiting for sixty hours already."

"Do you love me?" Harry asked in a whisper.

"What do you think?" Draco asked with an impish jerk of his brows. "And this," he added, fingering the Invisibility Cloak, "I'm keeping. Because you damn near killed me."

"You're going?" Harry asked.

"Hmm… I'm the bane of your existence, right?"

Harry nodded.

Draco gazed into Harry's clear green eyes for a moment longer before sliding his hand across the stubbled cheek, fingers sliding into thick hair. His sleeve fell back, revealing a bandaged forearm. Both their eyes turned towards it. Draco attempted another smile, this one weaker and less sure. "You did that," he murmured, feeling a sudden lash of pain in his arm. "It's going to scar."

"But you don't mind, do you?" Harry whispered.

Draco did mind. "It's going to scar over my Dark Mark," he murmured.

Harry looked at the white bandages again, imagining the burnt skin underneath. "Good," he said, turning his head slightly to nuzzle against Draco's hand. "I'm glad."

Draco tilted his head, inspecting Harry. "Remember how I told you I've never killed a man?" he asked.

"You were lying?" Harry mumbled.

"I won't be if you ever let that bitch touch you again," Draco threatened.

"She's my girlfriend," Harry frowned in reproach. "Don't call her a bitch."

"No one touches you but me, understand?"

"Says who?" Harry snubbed.

Draco kissed Harry with so many unsaid words, it was almost unbearable for both men. They prayed for the kiss to never end. It was incredibly soft and safe. Harry pulled his hand out from under his head, reaching forward. Draco moved away from the advancing fingers with a flighty peck. Not yet. "Stop sleeping and come after me," Draco whispered. He threw the cloak over himself, disappearing into the shadows.

Harry smiled, slowly sitting up. He rolled his neck, cracking the kinks and relieving the muscles. "You're just looking for trouble, Malfoy. That's my cloak," he grumbled, pushing the sheets off of him and getting out of bed. He heard a disembodied laugh as the window flung open, the only indication that Draco had just left.

"I want all teams focused on Azkaban gates and any exits that you can dig up."

Harry panted heavily, his hands splayed possessively against the pale chest as he moved.

"Compile the floor plans and find any and all entry points into that building."

Draco's eyes fell shut and he arched his back, drowning in ecstasy.

"All guards must be crosschecked and wanded before allowed entry."

Harry clenched enticingly, drawing out a soft coo. He slid his fingers into the damp flaxen hair.

"Get a couple of our men into the security detail any way you can."

Draco tracked his hands over the taut abs, causing uncontrollable shudders and whimpers to rise from above him.

"No visitors without express permission."

Harry bent down and licked the streak of sweat from Draco's neck, savoring the tangy flavor.

"Make sure all our equipment are precise and accurate."

Draco nibbled on Harry's shoulder, tasting his salt and warmth.

"Don't let Malfoy make a fool out of you again."

Harry clutched Draco's hands, entwining fingers.

"Like hell I'm letting Potter get his hands on me."

Draco jerked Harry down, plunging into him with all his strength.

Harry let out a trembling cry, heat spreading through him like wildfire. Draco groaned in response, his orgasm running into Harry's.

Potter raised his wand at Malfoy, playful smirks on both their lips. "I'll win this time," Potter slighted.

"Not if I can help it," Malfoy retorted.

"I love you," Harry breathed urgently.

"I love you too," Draco said, kissing Harry with conviction.

"But not really," Harry sighed.

"But not really," Draco murmured as they fell asleep in their tangled mess of sheets and breaths.