Epilogue: Chapter 1

The door slammed open and a very enraged boy stormed in. He took one look at the bruised and bloodied girl tied to a chair on the floor and then his eyes zeroed in on her. "YOU!" he bellowed furiously.

"Me." She replied, smiling and twirling the silver gun around her finger. She thought she had the upper hand. She thought she had everything under control.

She was wrong.

He flew across the room with near inhuman speed and tackled her to the ground. He held her down and pried the pistol from her hand and threw it across the room. "What," he hissed, his voice dangerously low, "did you do to her?"

She laughed maniacally in response. "Oh, but wouldn't you like to know?" His eyes were mere slits and his nostrils flared.

"I'll ask once more. What did you do to her?" he demanded, his expression murderous.

"We only shared some girl bonding time!" she said through her deranged cackling. He snarled in frustration and his fist collided with her face almost an instant later. Blood spurted from her nose and dribbled out of her mouth. Her lips parted and she gave him a bloody-toothed smile. "She was so fun to play with." His eyes flashed dangerously. He raised his fist to deal another blow when the gym doors burst open. A girl with long, shining red hair stood in the doorway.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and glared at the blonde currently sprawled out on the floor. "You'll pay for this." She spat vehemently. The rest of the struggle was a blur of red, purple, and eventually…black.

"Guilty!" The gavel came down, creating a loud echo in the courtroom. The sound reverberated off the walls with a sense of finality.

"The accused will hereby be faced with thirty years in the county prison for the assault of a one Doon Harrrow," One slam. "another thirty years for the assault of a one Elizabeth Bisco," A second slam. "and an additional fifty years or till death for the attempted murder of a one Lina Mayfleet." A third slam. It was over.


"Case closed!"

Cameras flashed. News reporters swarmed all around. Everyone wanted to know the truth. Everyone wanted to know how she had ended up this way. It had all started out pleasantly enough, she reasoned. Everything was going as smoothly and cleanly as pouring a glass of pure white milk. But then… her bottom lip curled. She came in. All of her plans – ruined. The metaphoric glass of milk had curdled and turned sour.

Somehow, though, even after everything she had done to her…

Even though she knew that she should really, truly hate her…

She looked at the starlit sky through her small rectangular window. I just can't.

"See you after work!" She called to her husband from the doorway. He was currently lumbering sleepily around in the kitchen preparing his morning coffee in his robe and house shoes, his dark brown hair sticking out in all directions. She saw him nod in response and blink his brown eyes blearily.

"Love you, too." He said through a yawn. She let out a laugh.

"You better not make yourself late to your job," she warned jokingly.

He somehow managed to flash a smirk in her direction. "You wish." She rolled her eyes, smiling, and checked her wristwatch.

"I better head out now, otherwise I'll be the late one."

"And we most definitely wouldn't want that, now would we?" He teased.

"Ha ha, very funny." She put her purse onto her shoulder and opened the door. "Bye! I love you!" she said before shutting the door. She walked to her car and carefully got in. So what if she was leaving two hours before she needed to be at work? What he didn't know certainly wouldn't hurt him, that was for sure.

"West," a tall, bulbous officer with a curly gray moustache and balding head said as he approached her. She looked up from her sweeping. "you have a visitor."

She regarded him curiously. "Mine come on Saturdays." It was a Thursday.

"Doesn't matter much to me. Come along." He barked in a gruff voice. She shrugged, set the broom aside, and followed behind the policeman. After she had been searched, she was allowed to go. A meaty hand landed on her shoulder. "Twenty minutes, West. That's all you got." She nodded her understanding. "Just there," he said after a minute, as if sensing her hesitance. He pointed to a corner.

"Thanks, uh," she peered at his nametag before finishing her sentence. "Officer Bryant." He grunted in response and left her to her visitor. She slowly made her way over, dragging her feet with each step. She didn't get any visitors besides her parents, who only came on the previously stated day every week. She finally looked up to see the mysterious visitor once she sat down and gasped.

Through the sheet of soundproof glass was none other than her. Her ebony hair was cut shorter these days, now just below her shoulders instead of her mid-back and she grew her bangs out. Her fair skin was clear as always besides the freckles along the bridge of her nose and beneath her eyes, and her blue eyes were done up with a touch of brown eyeliner and mascara. She couldn't help but admit that she thought it looked nice on her. Pretty, even. But the biggest surprise wasn't even the fact that she was there at all but the silver band on her left hand with a small glittering diamond on it. Her eyes traveled a little farther down and widened at her waist. A large, perfectly round bulge was protruding from her mid-section.

She fumbled for the phone and spoke into it. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd drop by."

"But…don't you hate me? I did terrible things to you that night."

Her naturally rose-colored lips smiled softly. "I forgive you."

"Why?" She had to know. The thought had been bugging her for a while.

"It's been long enough." The other woman said simply. Her expression changed slightly. "How long has it been, again?"

The girl called 'West' frowned a little. "Three years."

"How've you fared?"

"Alright, I guess. Better than most." She pointed to her green and white striped clothing. "This lets me do some work around here inside, so I'm at least preoccupied and don't have to think about it as much."

"That's good." The woman twirled the phone line around her finger idly. It was quiet for a moment.

"You married him, then?" She spoke up suddenly, almost impulsively.

The blue-eyed woman looked up. "Yeah, I did." She moved her hand from the wire to rest on top of her stomach.

"Thought so." she paused before adding, "When are you due?"

"About three weeks." She admitted. "We'll be the proud parents of a handsome baby boy."

"Ah, and of course he'll look just like his father, am I right?" They both shared a laugh. "Are you scared, Lina?"

"About having the baby?" Lina asked. She nodded. "No; I'm ready to see him."

"What's his name going to be?"

"Xackary James Harrow." She patted her belly fondly. "We'll just call him Xac for short, though."

"That's a nice name." she murmured thoughtfully after a little while, letting the information sink in. "Xac…"

Lina looked at her seriously. "Ashley, how have you been? Honestly."

"Ten more minutes, West!" the police officer called. Ashley looked over her shoulder at him and back at Lina.

"Some days are better than others." She sighed truthfully. "But I know that I deserve every moment in here that I got, so I guess it doesn't really matter."

"Why'd you do it?" Lina asked quietly after a short pause.

"I was jealous." She replied. "Now, I wish I hadn't gone to the extremes that I did." Her eyes watered slightly. She looked at Lina guiltily. "I am so sorry for the pain I caused you. I nearly…I could have killed you that night."

"You could have," Lina agreed, "but you didn't. The damage is done and I'm all healed up now."

"Five minutes left!"

"Got it!" Ashley exclaimed in irritation back at him. Couldn't he see that she was having an important phone call? She turned back to her fellow twenty-one year old, her expression broken and her eyes hardened. "The scars will never go away."

"Maybe not," Lina said. Her voice lowered. "or maybe they could."

A few precious minutes ticked by in silence before Ashley spoke for the last time. "I wanted to be a model, you know." She whispered into the receiver.

"You would've been great." Lina said.

"Time's up, West." The cop said, walking up to stand behind her. "Wrap it up already."

"Yes sir." Ashley replied. She looked at Lina. "This is it, isn't it? I'll never be seeing you again, will I?"

"I'm afraid so." Lina affirmed quietly. "It wouldn't do."

"No," Ashley agreed quickly, laughing to try to mask the tears that had just sprang to her eyes. "I guess not."

"Goodbye, Ashley." Lina murmured.

"Bye, Lina." Ashley said back. "You'll make a great mom." She added hastily.

"Thank you." Lina nodded to her and hung up the phone. The line went dead. Ashley watched as she stood up and walked out of the little room on the other side of the soundproof glass.

"C'mon," the policeman said, poking her in the back. Ashley stood up and walked back to the hallway where she had been working and picked up the broom from where she'd leaned it against the wall. She took back up her sweeping, though her mind was far, far away from the task at hand.

Author's Note

So, I was thinking about my stories while I was going through deleting some of the totally cheeseball ones (I can't believe some of the stuff I wrote! Oh my goodness!), and I thought about how totally ridiculous it was that I posted the epilogue as a separate story for just three measly little chapters. My logic when I did that was obviously faulty. The good news is, I found the screws I lost (how could I have missed them when they were rolling around on the ground right in front of me?) and put them back in, so all's well. :)