My new life begins today. I am moving into the home I just bought on the la push reservation. It is a two story, three bedroom, three bath home near Forks Washington. I have slowly driven the almost 2700 miles, across the country, over the last week. Even though it was a slow drive, truthfully, I was running from much of my past.

Goldie, our golden retriever, and Blue, our Australian Shepard, really love the car, but they are wound for sound. After arriving at our new home I let them lose in the back yard. That is where they still are really enjoying being able to run around and play in the huge fenced in yard. Maurice and Pamela are currently napping in there new rooms. they are happy to be in separate rooms and even more excited that there is a secret hallway connecting there rooms. We all have our own private bathrooms. My children are five, and yes they are twins, but they are not biologically mine. I took custody of them from my irresponsible, abusive, addict of a brother.

I am currently unloading the last two boxes that belong in the kitchen. This makes me so glad that my mom is so organized. Doing this makes me realize the reality that I now live in. I moved all the way across the country, away from everything and everyone I know. Moving all the way here was a hard decision, but being on a reservation, near my Native American roots, helps. I love the life I had back at home. I also love my friends and family, but I defiantly need a break from all of it.

I sighed, and looked at the clock. Realization hit that the kids would be getting up soon, and wondering where there lunch was. I looked around the house knowing that I had no real food. I had a couple bags of junk food left over from our drive here. I knew I had to figure out what to do about food for them.

As I was thinking, I decided I would go back out to the trailer too bring in some more boxes. I was walking back to the porch when a tall and well-built guy came over, and asked if I could use some help. I nodded my head no and he said "oh come on, that trailer is full, you know you need help "he smiled. I looked at him for a minute, and was going to tell him to get lost. then decided to make it easier on myself. He whistled, and four other guys that looked similar too him came out of the house four doors down. They ran up beside him and smiled over at me. I could not get over how they all were built like body builders. I shook it off, and introduced myself and they did the same.

What I would call there leader was named Sam. After introductions He looked at the group of men with him and made a movement with his hand. within moments they all had a bunch of boxes in their arms and where following me into the house. I started too direct them, pointing to where I wanted them to put the boxes. It went by quick, because all I had to do was read the names on the boxes. Another thing I had to appreciate my mom for. When we got too the kids boxes I told them too put them at the bottom of the steps, because I did not want them up quite yet, but I found it was too late when I heard them coming down the steps.

When the kids reached the bottom of the steps, they both ran too me and wrapped their arms around my legs. "We want to stay with you" they cried. I looked at them confused, then I understood. I bent down too there level and made them look at me. I hugged them and told them "don't worry my angels no one is ever going to take you away from me ok." They both looked from me too the men standing there then smiled, when they looked back at me, I smiled and said "you are my children ok I love you so much."

Pamela the bolder of the two, marched up to the men, after hugging me, and asked "who are you guys." Sam the tallest one, who seemed like he was in charge, chuckled and bent down too her level saying "hi sweetie, I'm Sam" and he shook both kids hands. The rest of the guys took his example introducing themselves as Jarred, Collin, Brady, and Aaron. The kids played with the guys in the living room, while I put some more of the boxes away. In a little while I heard "mommy I'm hungry" I turned to see Pamela staring at me. Then she looked back at her brother and added "so is mauries." I shook my head and smiled at her "ok Hun, but Maurice" , I said slowly and clearly so she could hear the right punctuation, "and you will have to go to the store with me to get some groceries because we have nothing here ok." She frowned but shook her head yes, I knew how they hated too shop but I could not help it this time.

As I got up, too go and thank my helpers and ask them where the local store was, Sam walked into the dining room. This is where I was working. He looked at me and the kids smiled and said "there will be no need to go to the store. Jared and my wives are working on lunch and would love the extra company." I could not understand how he heard our conversation over all of the noise in the living room. I smiled at him and shook my head no, and tried to argue with him, saying "I cannot impose on your wives like that" but he insisted.

After I brought the two dogs in the house I reluctantly gave in. within minutes we were standing outside of Sam's home. Before walking into their home Collin stopped me and told me "do not stare at Emily's, face Sam does not like it when people do that." I shook my head in agreement and grabbed the children by the arm. I bent down, looked at them, and told them the same thing I was told. They said they wouldn't and we walked into the house, behind some of the guys. As soon as I got in the door Sam and Jared both walked up to us with two beautiful women walking next to them. Sam walked up and introduced his beautiful wife Emily I have to say even with the scars down her face she was beautiful and she seemed so beautiful on the inside to. Emily did not give Jared a chance to introduce his wife she said "Dawn, Pamela, and Maurice this is Kim Jared's beautiful wife." Jared opened his mouth too say something but shut it when Emily turned around and glared at him. Sam chuckled and kim shook her head then kissed Jared on the cheek.

Us three girls went into the kitchen too finish lunch, but I could not believe we needed more with what was in front of me. Emily and Kim insisted we would, they then told me too make each of the kids a plate of food, and sat them at the table to eat. I could not believe the amount of food they were making. I thought maybe there was a secret party, my pride was invited to, but they told me to believe that the boys would eat it all.

A few minutes later I heard the front door slam open and a guys that sounded like he was causing a seen. That was until Sam, in an authoritative voice, yelled "Paul enough calm yourself and take a seat now." Everything calmed down after that, at least for a while, till I heard more commotion then the front door slam closed. From then on all I heard was the TV and the guys talking in normal voices. When I looked up both of the women was shaking their heads, with amused looks on their faces. When Kim saw me staring she laughed, and said "that's typical Paul." I smiled and started working again, but for some strange reason I felt like I was being pulled outide. I pushed it aside and started working on the last dishes for lunch.

Soon we heard the door open again, right around the time we were finishing up. When Emily finished, she asked in a normal voice, that I was sure no one beyond the kitchen would hear. except someone in my pride. "is everyone here and is everyone ready to eat." Sam answered her questions as he walked in. "yes, and yes of course" he said right before kissing her. All the guys I already met walked in with a group of four more guys and a woman that looked a lot like them, in body build. "Where are Claire and Nessie," Kim asked as everyone started taking seats.

Then I felt someone pulling on my shirt, when I looked down Pamela and Maurice where looking up at me. with empty plates in their hands. I smiled at them, and told them too put their plates in the sink. One of the new guys that looked as big as Sam answered Kim's questions "they are playing with Sammy in the back yard." "Can we go play too mom" Pamela looked up to me with pleading eyes I sighed "ok you two can but back yard only and no fighting understand." "Yes mom "I was answered in unison and then they went running out the back door.

The other four guys and the one female introduced there selves as Jacob, Leah, Seth, Embry, and Quill. "Where's Paul" Emily asked "I thought I heard him come in." Sam looked like he was ready to blow and Jacob spoke up" he left he went for a run too cool off." The way he said run made me think there was more going on but I did not understand what. We all sat and talked for a while they asked me some questions like where I was from and why I moved all the way here I gave them general answers I did not want to give too much info out too early to people I barely knew. I almost laughed a couple of times when someone would start a scene or an argument. with just a look from Sam, Jacob, or Emily there would be silence. The last one was when Jared reached for the last chicken leg on the plate at the same time as Leah, when they started to bicker over who it belonged too. Then Jacob finally spoke up and said "Jarred give it to Leah" Jarred started to whine and Jake said in a more authoritative voice "Jared now" and he handed it over too Leah.

I thought back to the stories my grandpa used to tell, of his pride, and how as the king he could make them do anything he wanted. I then thought back too when I took over running the pride as queen and how the girls and guys would have to do whatever I ordered, if they wanted too or not. I was starting to wonder if these guys and Leah where part of a pride. I thought better of it because there was no way there would be two kings. I also never heard of a pride having only one woman.

I did not know how Sam and Jake had all of these people listening to them so well and Emily too but if I could learn maybe my pride and my own two children would turn out to be respectful adults. I started to get up to go check on my two angels. As I stood Jacob and Quill told me too relax they were going to go out and play with the kids. I took that as a sign too take a break and talk so I did.

A while later I heard Maurice screaming "put me down." I ran to the back door and opened it, and seen Jacob swinging my son over his head. "Jacob put him down now" I yelled out the back door. It was instant my son was wrapped around my legs, Jacob and Sam where standing in front of me staring in awe. I picked my son up in my arms and leaned against the counter, holding him and telling him he was ok. "Why are you two staring," I asked looking at both of them, with my eyes in slits. The guys stood there in front of me looking puzzled and confused. Then Sam said in a hesitant voice "no reason, nothing." A few seconds later him and Jacob walked into the living room.

After my son was calmed down I sent him back outside, too play with Quill and the other kids. I was not using my acute hearing before, but now I was interested in what they were talking about. "Dude what was that," Sam asked Jacob. "I have no clue. but as you know no one can order me like that, did you feel the authority" Jacob sounded amazed. "Do you think she got wolf in her" Sam asked. "I would take it so, and she must have alpha bloodlines" Jake responded.

I had a feeling from when I met this group there was something different about them, now I wonder are they shape shifters. I decided not to say anything till I could call back home and talk to my mom, and the leaders, and get some advice. I stayed for a while and talked to the women. then I gathered my kids and got ready to leave. When I asked her where the local store was she told me the directions, and said it would be easy to find. She offered to watch the kids but I declined, I did not know all of them that well yet. I did not feel comfortable with strangers watching them. so then she asked if she could accompany us, because she needed to get some stuff, at the store too.

When we were done shopping my whole storage area and the rest of the seats, that the kids were not in, where filled. I chuckled when I heard Emily call home and inform everyone, except Leah, to be out front and ready to unload. When they were done Seth and Leah offered to help me, take my stuff in my home, and I agreed.

Once we sat the groceries on the counter the kids drug Leah and Seth into the play room, while I put the groceries away. When I was finished I walked into the play room and noticed something was off, but could not figure out what. I decided I had enough too think and worry about, so I let it go.

After they left I made dinner and called the kids to eat. When we were done eating I called my mom, me and the kids talked to her for a while before I told her we had to go. Afterwards I gave the kids a bath and then read them two stories. Before leading Pam to her room I tucked Maurice in. Next I placed Pam in her own bed then tucked her in.

I was not sure what to do now, because I did not want to reveal what I was yet. That is atleast until I did more research about this reservation, and its history. I wish I could find the mei mei and Pops, Sissy, Jazzy, Ed, Em, and even blondie. I know sissy could not help me much but I miss her. I was sure Jazzy and Ed could help me. Them two boys could figure out what exactly, this group, were and if me and my kids where in any danger. I also would feel kind of more protected with Em around.

Since I was alone I sat, and pondered a while about what to do next. then decided to call home, and see if I could get any advice or help. I called my mom and my best friend on three way calling. My mom, knowing me so well, said "I knew something was up, when I talked too you earlier, I knew you would be calling back." Me and Melissa laughed together "well mom, you where right, there is something I need too talk to both of you about." With that I went into detail of what had happened earlier. I explained how the guys acted and looked. Then I told about the conversation that Jake and Sam had, and anything else that seemed weird too me.

We all talked for a while, and they both told me to hold off on saying anything, until we all did more research, and mom talked too the leaders. After we talked a while my mom hung up because Melissa wanted to talk about a pride member. "Is it Erik or Mike" I asked my friend, and second in command, that was willing to step up when I left. She laughed and said "well there not making it easy but no it's your brother," we both sighed "he challenged me and lost, but is now causing problems within the pack." I growled "is he with you now" I asked. "Well yeah, they are all hear, I just had to break up another fight. This is one more he caused between Erik and Mike. It all started because of his taunting and teasing." "Put him on" I commanded "sorry I should not be bossing you." "It is not a problem, you are still our queen, and I'm just filling in, and give me a sec" she answered back. I could hear her call his name and within seconds I heard "you're on speaker."

"James get me off of speaker now," I commanded. With that I heard his voice "I guess Melissa was right you're still our queen." I wanted to growl or scream but I just put my mind in queen as I like to call it. "James you will obey Melissa she is acting queen" I took a breath and added just in case he did not catch on "and that is an order." He huffed "thanks take my will away why don't you" he huffed again "and by the way where are you and where are my kids." I did growl this time "they are not yours and it is none of your business. you are not to be out of contact with Melissa for more than six hours and you cannot be out of her site for more that twelve" I once again commanded him. I took a breath "and you will not contact me or the kids directly unless you have permission from me in advance or if it is ordered by me a leader or Melissa understand" he growled out "yes and no fair." Sometimes it was really nice having this power. He blew out a sigh and said "do you want Melissa now." I smiled and said "yes of course." once she got back on I told her what I ordered and that if he missed or was late more than five minutes she was too call me. She laughed, but agreed, then she put the two fighters on. I read them the riot act for listening to anything my brother had to say. I told them this time I would not hand out punishments for them and asked if Melissa had. they said no because she wanted to talk to me first. I told them to not let it happen again, or there would be consequences.

After that I watched a couple of shows on the TV, and unpacked boxes during commercials, and before I knew it the clock read two thirty in the morning. I left the rest of the boxes for tomorrow, I got up, stretched, and headed up the steps too my bedroom, to go to sleep. I stopped and peeked into both of the kid's rooms, they were sound asleep witch made me smile. I went from there to my master bath, and took a long hot relaxing shower, before going to bed. It took me a couple of hous to fall asleep, but eventually I slipped into the darkness.