I know I have other things to work on but this hit me like a frying pan. Seriously, I had to sit back and gather the shattered pieces of my imagination back together. I honestly don't know why I haven't thought of this before. This one should be pretty fast for me to complete so I'm looking forward to it. HOWEVER, I am going to put the disclaimer in now and say that these are going to be darker interpretations of everybody's favorite team. It's going to be skewed, so dont' worry too much. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

I don't own the Titans, or the Seven Deadly Sins. However, I know more about both than I'm comfortable admitting in polite society. ; ) – J. Mirembe

They are sinners.

Yet despite their failings, they are also incredible. Luckily, that's all anyone ever sees. All that the rest of the world really notices is how deceptively impressive they are. They achieved their place in history and legend long before most their age would even consider a future career.

No one on earth will deny the fact that they are champions in every sense. No matter the obstacle, they always triumph. They wake to assured victory every morning. So they go through their lives, uncaring for the risk or chances because they always win. Chaos does not faze them. Death does not worry them. Destruction is nothing to them. Injury only slows them momentarily. Armies and hordes make them laugh. For they are Titans, and they refuse to accept defeat.

There is no stopping them. Even when separated at the very edges of the earth, they still find one another. Still came together, united, to wreak their vengeance on those who stood against them. And when they stood as one, evil found itself without defense. Their enemies fell before them, frozen first in fear and then in time. Until they alone remained because Titans endure, strong and unfazed.

They weren't the only ones that could have claimed the glory though. There were others. Followers pulled together from every walk of life. But even they knew that they were no match for the originals. No sequel was ever good enough to compare to the first edition. So they simply stood back and watched, waiting to offer help that everybody knew wasn't necessary.

They have beaten back the end of the world, been separated by time itself. At times, they have been turned against each other. Lead astray by poisoned words, deeply laid snares, and their own desperate need to protect each other. Honestly, that would be the only way to destroy them. Separate them and then remove the smaller threats they pose as individuals. But the plan always falls apart. They are never held apart for very long. They are Titans. They always come back and they always win.

After all, they are the good guys. Good trumps evil, light burns away the dark, and the sun always conquers the night. But deep down they know it's more than that. There is more reason to their lives than a mere generalization.

They win because their city needs to be safe. They continue to fight for the people who gather in the streets just to catch a glimpse of their protectors. They are needed to keep the world balanced and ordered. Without their efforts, chaos would erupt. Only their daily struggle allows for others to sleep peacefully at night. They fight because they have to, even though the entire world knows by now that there is no stopping them.

Because they are the Titans, near perfect in every possible way. And above all else, they are sinners.