The final sin! Another group chapter based on the definition: "A feeling related to one's perception of having been offended or wronged and a tendency to undo that wrongdoing by retaliation." I think this is a lot different stylistically from the other chapters. But I still like it. The final chapter… I've really enjoyed writing this. Thanks for reading, please enjoy!

I don't own the Titans. I don't decide what's right, wrong, or rather questionable. - J. Mirembe

They are sinners.

Actually, no they aren't. They are heroes after all. They deserve what they have. They have been dragged through the dirt by the world. They have been cheated, hurt, used, insulted, and lied to. But they have risen far above the filth that threatened to drown them. Now they are Titans.

He fights for a slaughtered family. Once he was helpless, forced to watch in horror. Now he stands fearless, ready to fight to his last breath. He fights to save others from the nightmares that still haunt him to this day. He will not fail this new chance at a family.

She fights for her home. Not her first one, but so close to being her favorite. So much sweet potential for greatness, it leaves her head spinning and her heart racing. She fights to protect her new mismatched family. She knows many would enjoy ripping them from her.

He fights for himself and his friends. He lost it all, only to gain better. Everybody gave up on him, except for four strange people. Now they are all he really needs. He would rather die than lose his world again.

She fights for her soul. It's her fate to destroy, so for now she saves what she can. Maybe if she tries hard enough to bury that dark side of herself, she can find some semblance of redemption. Even if she cannot save herself, she will save these four. If they can be protected, she will die happy.

He fights because he must. He can't lose this team, this family. Nature seems to enjoy tormenting him with survival. Forced to continue and watch as the ones he loves fall away. No longer. He will keep them, no matter what torture the world uses on him.

They fight for each other. Each moment of the day, every breath in their lungs is dedicated to each other. No one will come between them because they are one. They are the Titans, and nobody can stand in their way. Especially when it comes to the well being of one of their own.

Their names are spoken in mixed reverence and horror. They achieve the impossible with ease and commit the unspeakable without hesitation. They are the stuff legends are made of.

Some people say they are violent and unpreditable. A destructive force that will someday consume the entire city. They do not stand trial for the damage they leave on their enemies. Nobody can order them to do anything. They chose who they will save and when they will fight. No one controls the Titans but themselves.

If only their critics and condemners knew the real reasons they fight.

They are sinners. And somehow, they are justified.