A/N: This was meant for the "Theme Song Challenge" at CCOAC. My prompt was David Rossi and "How You Remind Me"- by Nickelback. I dunno, I had so many ideas for it and it just never came around the way I wanted it to. THIS is the best incarnation I could do. I hope, whoever wrote prompt enjoys this, and I hope it is coherent enough. I did not have a beta for this, so please let me know if you catch anything. Thanks and enjoy! :D

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He pours himself a drink, as he watches the few remaining people in the bullpen mull about and takes a long sip from the glass, wincing as the liquor burns it's way down his throat. He's never been one to sit and dissect his life. It's not his style. He's more of a look to the future, forget the past sort of guy; but the last few months, hell the last year, have given him cause to think. So much has changed on the team, in the bureau, that he can't help but look back and think about when it all started to go wrong, why it all started to go wrong.

They'd been damn near unstoppable. He smiles and thinks about Jack Hotchner, and his almost spot-on assessment that his father is a superhero; in many ways, they are. Were. A real life Justice League that lacked any and all super powers, except for Reid's incredible mind and Garcia's uncanny ability with a computer. He'd felt like they'd hit their stride, they were at the top of their game and then, JJ got taken away. He laughs bitterly as he sips his whiskey and realizes that it started then. The decline within the group, started with that. Then Ashley had come along, and though she'd never really hindered them and tried desperately to fill shoes that were just impossible for her to, she'd inadvertently made more cracks within the group. It wasn't her. It was the situation, the way JJ had been ripped from them with no warning, no real reason, no care to how they would feel about it. He supposed, they all liked her enough and they all saw that she was going to be good at whatever came her way; but this wasn't for her.

And then there was Emily.

Frankly, he'd already been aware that she had things in her past that she'd kept private and secreted away. The nature of that secret, though, had surprised him; that she'd been utilized in that way by the CIA was the source of much anger in him. He understood the why behind her actions to a degree, but he knew that deep down that hurt he felt, knowing she'd been too afraid to tell him anything, would never go away. And now, Aaron. The confession that there was a potential for people to be gone from the team, had shaken everyone. Uncertainty was never something that anyone in the BAU dealt with well. He sighs and finishes his drink, his eyes settling on the set of desks that belong to his team and shaking his head at their unrelenting dedication to the job. It's late and their all still here, finishing up.

He sees a lot of himself in each of them; different things they say or do that he can identify with. Sometimes he sees it with pride and love, feeling almost paternal towards them, and other times, he sees it with disdain, shame, hurt.; more often than not, he feels the pride swell in his chest. He is reminded of his successes and failures by the things that he sees happening in their own lives; Aaron's marriage, JJ's career, Emily's need to protect. Change is good, he reminds himself; change means progress and innovation. He knows that whatever the future holds, whoever the ones are to leave, they've each touched the others lives. He knows that when it's all said and done, he will be remembered there. Not only as one of the original BAU agents, or an author that had sold books worldwide, but as a man, a confidant, a friend, a mentor.