Rotton to the Core.

A collection of short stories about the students at the infamous Bullworth Academy.

All characters mentioned in this belong to Rockstar Games. I do not make money off of this.

Rated T for having the same content as the game

Italics with quotations stand for thoughts


Chapter 1: Johnny's great idea .

" You wanna do WHAT Johnny?" exclaims Peanut. " Just hear me out on dis".

The Greasers sit in the school garage. Johnny's called a clique meeting(and they're cutting morning classes as usual).

" Ya see, we've been Greasers for a long time, right? ". Everyone nods.

" I was just think'in maybe, just maybe, for a day or two, we could try being someth'in else".

The Greasers mummer in low voices to each other. Johnny's never been wrong…at least other than in taking Lola back.

Lefty asks "Well what kind of clique are we gonna be? "while raising his hand.

Johnny shrugs and scratches his head. He hasn't gotten that far. " Uh…anybody got any ideas?". A long silence passes until

Hal says " We could be the cheese burger eating clique. Who doesn't like a good cheese burger? ".

They look to each other for a moment. "Naaah". Vance, who's combing his hair for the millionth time, speaks up.

" We could always join the Jocks, I mean, we're just as tough and good at sports as they as they are ".

" Not a bad idea Vance…".

The Greaser leader scribbles it down on a notepad. But Lola however groans.

" No way, if I have to be in the same room as Mandy, I swear, I'll claw her eyes out!".

Ricky grumbles " Eh, the Jocks ain't so great. They're a bunch of brainless d-".

Peanut interrupts him with " Hey Lola, just what's your problem with Mandy anyway? 'Cause she's tall? It's cause she's tall isn't it? ".

" Oh go blow it out your ass, Mr. Napoleon Complex ".

" Alright, alright, let's get back on topic".




After an hour of debating , Johnny has a few ideas jotted down.

Cheese burger eaters – Hal

Join with the Jocks – Vance

Cool nerds – Lucky

Beach bums- Nortan

Hippies- Lefty

The We Hate Mandy Club – Lola

So far, Ricky hasn't offered any suggestions. He simply sits in a corner and pouts . Johnny asks" What's eating you man? ".

" Eh, nothin's wrong wit me. Aside from the chick I was swing'in with broke my heart, but really, I'm fine Johnny, just really f-ing fine. OH WHY! WHAT DID I DO WRONG? ".

Peanut cringes and says " Geez, stop being so emo". Johnny snaps his fingers." Dat's it! We'll be emos!".

All of them turn to their leader, everyone one of them looking confused. Peanut, raising his hand, asks " Just how are we gonna pull dat off? What exactly do emos wear anyway? ".

Johnny pauses. "Uh…..well first off, see, we gotta wear tight jeans. Real tight. Some striped t-shirts then…um..oh yeah, we gotta sweep our bangs in front of our eyes and dye our hair weird colors. Oh, and don't forget to be REALLY angsty. Like…be sad all da time".

The greasers scratch their heads. An awkward silence passes.

" Come on guys, let's give it a shot. What's da worst dat could happen?". " I don't know Johnny, those emos are kind of tall…".

He rolls his eyes at Peanut's comment. " It'll be fun. So is everyone agreed dat we meet in my dorm room tomorrow, same time,

dressed in emo gear?".

They all nod a yes in response.




It's a bright and sunny Wensday morning in Johnny's dorm room. He has the blinds pulled down to not let in any sunlight. He guessed this is something an emo would. Lola, who arrived only a few minutes ago, is lying her head on his chest. She has pink streaks in her hair, which looks odd with her auburn locks .

" Oh Johnny! You always come up with the best ideas".

"Yeah…I guess…"he answers. But he isn't speaking in his usual Elvis impersonation voice. He's sounds rather bored and depressed. Lola notices right away.

" Hey, what's up with your voice?".

" Huh? Oh…I'm just trying out….you know…my new emo voice". " I don't know, it sounds kind of weird ".

The door swings open and in pile the former Greasers, now Emos. Each and every last one of them looks ridiculous. Nortan's wearing an unbelievable amount of black eye liner(which is starting to run already), Vance's visage is completely concealed by heavily moussed bangs, Peanut's still wearing his leather jacket but has smoothed a few bangs over the right side of his face, Lefty's sporting small rectangular glasses, Hal has on a pair of jeans far too small for him, Ricky's drawn a picture of a razor on his left shoulder and Lucky's hair is dyed purple. And of course, all of them are wearing typical emo clothing, tight shirts with stripes and tight pants. At least that's what they think emo clothing is. Hal sits on Johnny's bed and let's rip a long and loud fart. Everyone springs to their feet and flee to the far ends on the room to avoid the putrid stench.

" Holy crap Hal!" shouts Nortan.

" What? I couldn't hold it in. It's not healthy to do that anyway". Vance's nose wrinkles.

"Ugh,it's not healthy for us to smell it you big butt gas bag!".

" Hey! Big butt gas bag? How about-". SHRIP! Hal's pants split wide open just as he gets off the bed.

" Uh….excuse me a minute…". He dashes from the room.




The group of Emos walk through the school court yard. They ignore the stares, whispers and giggles. At least until they bump into the Preps.

" I didn't think it could get any worse. What's the matter? They didn't have any half normal looking clothes to give away at the poor house? "sneers Tad.

Johnny responds in his new emo voice "Nah. We're the Emos now".

The Preps scratch their heads in confusion. In their minds, the Greasers must have breathed in too many of those car fumes. Or maybe those cancer sticks were finally getting to them. Either way, it's time to humiliate them. Gord is the first to do so. He goes into his boxing pose and gives Lefty a hard left hook which knocks off his glasses. In return, Lefty takes a swing. He gives Gord a nice black eye.

" That'll teach ya!".

" Oh no! I was touched by a poor person!".

The Preps go into attack formation, pouncing on the Emos. Peanut throws a punch at who he thinks is Tad. It's actually Vance. Lifting his bangs , he yells "Hey! Go ape on them! Not me!".

"No I hit Tad!...I think I did…I don't know, I can't see too good with this hair over my eye ". Hal sits on Chad.

" Get him off me!" the prep screams. And Hal farts again. Chad and everyone else chokes on the horrible smell. Then Hal's pants rip for a second time today. His faces turns red.

" Aw crap…".

In the mean time, Parker is grappling with Lucky. He grabs Lucky's hair, but immediately pulls back. His hands are covered in purple goop. Apparently Lucky didn't put the hair dye in right.

" Oh crap! Ugh! What the hell?".

He shakes his hands trying to get the liquid off. It flys into not only his eyes, but Lucky's as well. They both cry in agony as their eyes sting. Lucky rams into Norton. The two tumble into Bif which sends the three of them plowing into Peanut and Tad. Somehow in the mist of the chaos, Johnny has managed to get a hold of Derby and has him by the collar.

" Bad enough you were laughing behind my back, now you gotta laugh in my face? Well now you gotta mess with da king! King of da Emos baby!". Derby rolls his eyes.

" Oh please, you sound more ridiculous now than before. No matter how hard you try, you're still a grease ball on the inside….baby".

Before Johnny can bust the prep leader's face in, they're run over by a tangled mass of Emos and Preppies. Before long it's a complete mess with Emos roughing up Emos and Preps pounding on Preps in confusion.

Finally Johnny yells " Dat's it! Screw dis! We ain't emos no more!". Everyone stops fighting and stares.

" Da king says everybody's meet'in in my room in an hour! Ya hear me?".





It's 6:00 pm in Johnny room. The now again Greasers sit on the floor slouched or lying down.

" We took quite an ass-whooping Johnny"says Peanut in a discouraged tone.

" Yeah, but at least we gave those preps a good ass-kicking,right?".

All nod. Despite his bad temper and ignorance towards Lola's infidelity, he's a good leader, always keeping the clique's spirits up.

" So we're not emos anymore Johnny? ".

" Nah. Da Greasers are gonna stay around for awhile. Now if you excuse me, I gotta make a phone call ".

He makes his way from the school grounds and arrives at a beat up but still working pay-phone in New Coventry. He's making his monthly call to his imprisoned father's smuggled in cell phone. After a few rings, a rough New York accented voice says over the line

" Who da hell is dis? ".

" Dad, it's Johnny".

" Oh right. Hey, hows it go'in? Still with the broad…what's her name… Lisa? ".


" Right,right, Lola. Hows my boy anyway?". Johnny pauses a moment. Should he tell his dad about his failed attempt at starting a new clique? Hell, the damn thing didn't even last a day. But then he smiles. He's the only one to ever try such a thing.

"I got da bright idea to change my clique. Didn't work out, but at least we kicked major prep scum ass".

" Atta boy! Dat's what I like about you. You got my brains. Crap, guard's coming. See ya son and take care with Lindsy".


His dad hangs up and Johnny walks away feeling proud. He's grinning from ear to ear.

Please note I do not know what Emos wear or what they do and niether do the Greasers.