Rotton to the Core.

A collection of short stories about the students at the infamous Bullworth Academy.

All characters mentioned in this belong to Rockstar Games. I do not make money off of this.

Rated T for having the same content as the game

Italics with quotations stand for thoughts


Chapter 10: Once Upon an Edgar, Midnight Misadventure

A left foot belonging to Edgar Munsen continuously kicked an old soda can down the sidewalk. Normally we wouldn't have abided by the law and just walked down the middle of road (traffic or no traffic), but the can was there on pavement and he was bored. He bit into a rough strip of generic beef jerky, his midnight dinner and substitute for chewing tobacco. Lost in thought about this and that, he narrowly missed being mowed down by someone on a bike. He dove out of the way and flashed a rude gesture at the assailant .

" Watch where you're going, jack ass! ".

Thankfully, they hadn't heard him and they continued on their way. Edgar dusted himself off. He cussed at the brand new hole in his pants he just bought that afternoon. He knew his parents would lecture him about it. If they wouldn't be dog tired when they got home from work. That's what happens when both of your parents work two jobs. And they still couldn't afford to send him to Bullworth. He didn't need that rotten school though. The very thought of those scummy students who went there made him seethe with anger.

It also made him oblivious to the dirty toilet water someone was throwing out of their trailer window. The disgusting liquid splashed against the back of his head. He repeated his earlier vulgar gesture and was met with an angry glare from a hulking, two hundred pound muscle head. The juggernaut exited the trailer and tore after the townie clique leader. A speedy individual, Edgar took off like a bat out of hell. In the midst of the chase, he couldn't help but think ' Man , if only Bullworth offered track scholarships '.

There you have it. I just really wanted to write a story about one of the townies. – XX-THIRST