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"ERZA LET'S FIGHT!", bellowed Natsu from across the hall.

It was a normal day at the Fairy Tail guild. Natsu forcing Erza to fight against him, Erza plainly ignoring him to eat cake, Lucy and Mirajane discussing the latest designs by Heart Kreuz, and Happy...well, being happy. (bad pun)

"Give it up Natsu. She's going to beat the crap out of you again anyways", ice mage Gray Fullbuster remarks.

"Shut up! I WILL BEAT YOU ONE DAY ERZA-...", last words of the fire dragon slayer before his head hits the floor in heavy slumber.

The sound of snores fills up the guild as one by one all the members fell asleep. Except one.

"Erza", the most mysterious mage in all Fairy Tail says.

"*sigh. Must you do this every time? I've gotten so used to this already", said Erza.

"Hmph. Sooner or later someone is bound to anyways, why does it have to be you?"

Erza quickly and swiftly goes to Mystogan, grabbing his shirt before he retaliates. Their faces are centimeters away.

"Listen. I understand it's not my business to know your reasons for doing this, but it certainly annoys me that you have to act so suspicious. Trust is a Very important trait that all members of Fairy Tail should have for each other."

"Let go", Mystogan says, keeping his cool.

"Why should I?"

"Or else."

"What could you possibly counterattack to me?", Erza confidently states.

"Oh? Well, Miss Titania. How about this?"

"Wh-?", Erza says in confusion when Mystogan removes part of the cloak covering his face, revealing that he looks like a certain someone dear to Erza.

"The surprises don't end just there Erza", he says as he quickly grabs hold of Erza while she's in a state of shock and plants a kiss on her lips.

"Well, that's done."

Mystogan covered his face once more with the cloak. He only kissed her once. It was not passionate. It was a sad, irrelevant kiss. Yet, it made Mystogan smile.

He lied her down on the benches. She had a calm face as she slept.

"How's it goin' lover boy?", grinned Laxus.

"Since when have you been there?", glaring at Laxus, Mystogan was worried he might have seen his face.

"Just when you kissed her. Don't worry, I swear I only saw your back", Laxus said, "So, you put her to sleep with a kiss huh? Shouldn't it be the opposite?", he laughed


"Come on! I'm joking! But anyways, she gonna have a FIT when she wakes up!"

"Don't worry about that, I put a forgetting spell on her too. To her, this never happened."

"Hmph. You spoil the fun don'tcha?"

Mystogan rolled his eyes at his fellow S-class mage. "It doesn't matter Laxus."

He picked up a mission, and walked out of the door as everyone slowly started to wake up.

Eh...I'm so sorry if that was a bit was really unexpected wasn't it? .