Title: The end of the Net

Series: MegaMan (Battle Network)

Author: 7th Scale

Summary: What happens whenhumanity decides to leave their creations behind? It happened before. When Bass' view of humans proves correct, a group of NetOps and NetNavis forms to save the net. -While former friends are becoming enemies, they realize that they should have seen it coming. AU!

Rating: T

Chapter: Prologue: "Shocking decision"

Genre: Adventure/Friendship

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Author's note: This is my first story. There is nothing else to say.

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The end of the net

"WARNING, WARNING! VIRUS BREACH DETECTED! CALLING ALL OFFIC…", SciLab's main speaker was ripped apart by the horde of viruses that passed by it.

Officials were sent on the job, and the battle was catastrophic...

Five hours later

"Status report!"

"In the last raid, we lost 8 NetNavis, 11 were critically wounded, 20 suffered light wounds and only one Navi dispatched was not hurt."

The majority of the official netbattlers and the best and most important of SciLab's scientists were having a meeting in a large hall designed especially for that. Right now a lot of muttering and whispering started at Eugene Chaud's report to the leader.

"Where do the scans show that the attack came from?"

"The Undernet, sir."

Another wave of whispering and pointing passed through the hall at the revelation.

"Exactly! And that is where we shall strike!"

Another S-class official stood up and spoke: "If I may ask… How are we going to do it?"

"We shall cut off the Net, and shut it down. Any questions?"

Chaud spoke to himself: "I thought the Undernet could not be cut off from the rest of the Net…"

The leader heard him: "The whole net, Chaud. And, sadly, we shall not be able allowed to use backup data in the case that the Undernet dwellers will use it to come back."

Chaud paled considerably. Dr. Hikari shouted: "No!" and Dr. Wily followed with: "That's madness!".

"Do you have something to say gentlemen?"

"We would lose more than thirty years of work. And to delete all NetNavis! – unimaginable."

"I already talked with your superiors and your colleagues, and they think that this is for the best."

A group of soldiers came into the room. At that, the the two doctors reluctantly complied.

After the meeting

Dr. Wily approached Dr. Cossak that recently returned to SciLab.

"Can you believe this? It's terrible!"

"I have seen what a Navi can do without an operator to control it, and intend to stop that from ever happening.", Cossak said and calmly started walking away.

Blinded by rage Wily threw himself at the other doctor, but a soldier grabbed him and whispered: "You are coming with me. I have been informed that you are trying to stop the operation. "