Title: The end of the Net

Series: MegaMan (Battle Network)

Author: 7th Scale

Summary: What happens whenhumanity decides to leave their creations behind? It happened before. When Bass' view of humans proves correct, a group of NetOps and NetNavis forms to save the net. While former friends are becoming enemies, they realize that they should have seen it coming. AU!

Rating: K+

Chapter: 3: "The base"

Genre: Adventure/Friendship

Main characters: ,

A/N: I would put more in this chapter, but I've dragged it out WAY too long already.

The end of the Net

Chapter 3

The guerilla operations of the newly formed 'Fort ACDC'

"Get ability!"

"Megaman! Megaman!"

Megaman stared in shock as a blinding light enveloped Bass' hand. It didn't hurt like he expected it to. He only felt a tingling sensation in his chest.

Bass, on the other hand, pulled out a ball of white data that seemed to glue itself to his hand.

The expression of pure satisfaction on his face was quickly replaced with a frown. - '…so familiar...'


"Well what?"

"What is this data?"

Megaman looked carefully. A blue streak of programs circled around the ball. He still didn't get what the other Navi was talking about though.

"Megaman! Are you OK?"

"Yes I am, Lan!"

A single word cut through the moment like a knife through butter.

"Still.You are still OK."

Lan inserted a sword chip, but Bass was faster and he put a 'Dark Sword' up to Megaman's forehead. His expression changed to a curious one and he spoke:

"This data… it is your strong bond with your NetOp."

In a flicker, he deleted the data with his sword, but as soon the blue Navi showed signs of getting up, the blade was back on its original spot. Megaman tried to crawl backwards, but Bass fixed him with a single evil glare.

"I had a relationship like this once. You are a powerful Netnavi and they will betray you, Megaman. Run while you can."

Megaman gulped.

"Actually, that's why I am here. Most of the authorities turned against us. We're waging a war up there. I came to ask for help."

Bass looked thoroughly surprised.

"A battle against the humans? You might actually get what you came here for…"


A single shot scorched the spot that the two Navis were standing on before they had thrown themselves off the path of it.

Materializing two cannons each, they faced a mere fragment of the full power of the SciLab and the Netpolice in the form of a very large army consisting of Officials and the tanks from before.

"Put your hands in the air and dematerialize your weapons! You are under arrest for stopping a military operation!"

The NetNavis grinned.

"So… um… we gonna comply?"

Bass chuckled darkly and Megaman burst out laughing.

"I don't think so… Hahaha…"

"All jokes aside, are you going to arrest us or what?"

The Officials didn't look so eager to fight them after seeing the outburst, but their commander was boiling out of anger.

"How dare you make fun of the Netpolice? All Officials, FIRE!"

Encouraged by the enthusiasm of their commander, the Officials aimed and shot with every weapon they had (which, if you are interested, is a lot of weapons).

When the smoke cleared and the explosions wiped the area, the two NetNavis were nowhere to be found, nor was the SpprtBm.

Satisfied with his work and knowing that this area of the Net would fall apart in a few seconds, commander turned around. He was about to order the soldiers to evacuate when several of them disappeared around him. A quick scan showed that they were deleted.

A blue figure dropped next to him putting him in a very painful headlock.

"You fool, you cannot expect to beat my troops alone."

"Nope! But that guy can!"

A single saw cut through the Navis in the innermost circle surrounding them. Then three more appeared, completely separating them from the others.

Bass appeared and looked at the trapped Official.

"What are you going to do with him?"


Megaman looked like he was searching for something and then placed his fingers on a very sensitive spot on the guy's neck. The guy twitched, screamed and finally fell unconscious as Megaman dropped him.

Bass looked at him curiously.

"What was that?"

"My NetOp's mother's Navi goes on these weird self-defense classes. I picked something up."

Before Bass could comment on the randomness of that statement, a lot of gasps broke the silence. The Officials started slowly backing away from the two Navis after seeing their commander on the ground.

"Megaman, quick, before they log out! The secret technique! 'Invis 3' Battle Chip - Quintuple download!"

Now, to understand the following moment, you must know how the 'Invis' Battle Chips work. They slightly alter the frequency of a Navi's body so that he doesn't like, fall through the floor, but enough for him to actually dodge most attacks.

5 such Chips, downloaded in a row, would create a 25x25 blocks wide energy field that would rapidly change frequency, disrupting any signal coming in or out of the area.

That's why the officials found themselves unable to log out. Realizing that it was some kind of a haphazardly made short range energy field, they started to run for their lives.

"'Dash', Battle Chip in!"

Megaman and Bass caught a ride on the bird that flew their way and speeding above the other Navis, logged out just in time.

A few more Officials got out before the Network destabilized and took them along with it.

The base of the newly formed DenCity Network Resistance was made to be a truly magnificent place.

Thus we begin a tour around it.

There was a gigantic castle like object in the middle, completely made out of rock ('Rock Cubes', to be exact). Every NetNavi in the Resistance was a part of the project and they were all equal in it. To see what they could do united, greatly boosted the moral of the group. It, of course, was Protoman's idea.

Unfortunately, this was too:

"What do you want me to do! To work for you like some kind of a mule? DO I LOOK LIKE A MULE TO YOU?"

"Well… now that you say so…"


Megaman and Protoman had to duck to avoid a 'Rock Cube' thrown at them by Bass.

"Oh, come on! We only asked you to help!"

"Yeah! Everyone is doing their share."

"UGH! OK, I'll do it."

When the rumors about Bass getting brought here appeared, everybody laughed at them and told the others that they were silly for believing such a thing.

When such rumors didn't stop, they were annoyed and angry.

When Bass was officially introduced to them, they were terrified.

The crowd murmured as Protoman, Megaman and Bass climbed on a small stage-like platform and tried to explain the reason for bringing the latter here.

Protoman tried first.

"Please, be quiet and don't interrupt me."

So far, so good.

"As you know, we aren't really on best terms with the humans and Bass is here to help us. Actually, we hope that…"

He was interrupted by the crowd when they all started boo-ing and yelling at the red-clad Navi.

Megaman sniggered. Bass just stood there, a ghost of a smile on his lips.

"Oh, shut up!"

The blue bomber approached the rest of the people smiling.

"Watch and learn, rookie."

He continued, raising the tone of his voice.

"Everyone, calm down. Think straight for a second. He has done bad things, but…"

To Protoman's amusement, his voice got lost in a cluster of shouts like 'Get lost!' or 'Just go!'.

"Haha haha haha, hahahahahahaha!"

"Did you do any better?"

The ex-official muttered a faint 'yes' in between his periods of laughter.

Between the two Navis' behavior and the crowd's arrogance, Bass snapped.

A smug guy that seemed to shout the most was surprised when he found the brim of his hat around his mouth, rendering him unable to talk. He scanned the room to find the top of it slowly fragmenting into data (de-rezzing? - is that how it's called?) on the flat side of Bass' 'Dark sword'.

Soon the sounds of yelling died out except for some sobs that a glare in that general direction took care of.

All that done and the hat completely ruined, the Cyberworld's God of Destruction spoke clearly. Making long pauses between each

"Trying to distance yourself from those who you rely on to survive, however tempting, is never a good idea."

After sparing a second for the crowd to understand, he continued.

"Right now, you might feel sad about the humans' betrayal. Over time, it will…

He conjured a fireball in his hand.

"…be replaced with a burning hatred. I should know."

Bass took a small pause before continuing. The Navis listened, hundreds of eyes trained on him, without a sound.

"After hearing your story, I have joined of my own free will. You are weak... but a long time ago, I was too. Right now…

He turned around and started walking away.

"You should be happy I'm on your side."

Nobody moved or spoke a long time after he was gone.

"What do I even need to do?"

"You need to help us!"


The two heroes looked at him blankly.

"To help us destroy an enemy fraction."

Over one and a half thousand words – YEAH!