Chapter 1 defying gravity

A/N: the name of this chapter is for my best friend Tabby! And all the wicked fans out there.

Nobody's p.o.v third person p.o.v

As the flying carpet sliced through the air using all three of the Russo sibling's magic. They all had different opinion. Justin hang on for dear life, Alex laughed at Justin and made the carpet do flips to freak Justin out. And Max just put his arms in the air enjoying the city's wind.

"Guys stop! I goanna hurl!" Cried out Justin.

"Oh grow up you big baby, it's like a rollercoaster. But you can't even ride those!" Alex laughed stopping the thrilling magic carpet ride. Justin was about to retort with a long explanation that nobody cared about till Alex froze looking out into the bright city.

"Guys look." Alex said pointing out to the city with her purple manicured hand.

The two boy siblings look out into the city's blinding light and saw five figures riding on brooms about a quarter mile away.

"What are those?" asked Max.

"Witches." Growled Justin curling his lips showing his perfect teeth.

"Oh. Well I'll ask them if they want to fly with us. HEY-" Max had started but was pulled down by his siblings. "Jeez! Would you shut up! You can't do that Max!" hissed Alex. Max shoot up an eyebrow. "And why not?" Max asked. Alex rolled her brown eyes, even she knew why. "Because Max, they're witches." Said Justin looking out to them angrily.

"And?" Max asked. Justin looks over at him. "Witches are monsters and are wanted by the wizard world for crimes ever since the begging of magic." Max was silent realizing how illegal they are. Justin suddenly stood up and pulled out his wand from his back pocket. "I'm going to scare them off telling them that this is wizard territory."

Max stood up the carpet shaking a little by the sudden shift in weight. "Justin you can't do that. That's horrible." He said his brown curly hair swaying in the wind. "Max you just don't get it. It needs to be said that those evil wanna be wizards got to go." Said Justin. "And just how are you going to do that?" said Max.

"Zapping at them, duh." Said Justin. "Justin! That's against the by code magic flying laws. And just mean to shoot somebody down." Huffed Max. "Max you idiot. He isn't going to shoot them down." Started Alex then she turn to Justin unsure. "You aren't going to shut them down right?" Justin nodded and crossed his arms around his firm chest. "Justin is going to miss on purpose to scare them away. Plus zapping and missing is way better than handing them to hunter monster council." Said Alex. Max look from Alex to Justin them to the witches.

"You won't hurt them right? Nobody is going to get hurt?" Ask Max a little unsure. "Puh-lease. Justin couldn't even hurt a fly if he wanted to." Said Alex. Justin ignored his sister and put a hand on Max's shoulder. "Dude trusts me. Everything is going to be fine. It needs to be done." Said Justin. Max hesitantly sat back down and grumbled fine under his breath.

Justin nodded then cracked his neck and swiftly turn to his targets trying to be cool. Max sighed and Alex rolled her eyes. He continued to stretched being more of a dork then suddenly one of the smallest witches stood up on the tip of her broom and extends her arms out like wings. She tipped her head back smiling with her eyes close enjoying the breeze.

Both Justin and Max's breath hitched and both their eyes widen at the beautiful girl. Justin didn't notice his passion caused a deadly blue ball of energy rise from his wand and it fired out and aimed.

"Shit!" Justin cried out. Both siblings now on their feet. "Justin! What did you do?" Alex cried out eyes wide with horror as what was about to occur next. The ball didn't aim at the beautiful girl in the witch's costume. The ball was aimed at the tiniest of the witches who was a small girl about the age of six.

"Rosemary!" the beautiful girl screamed the other three older witches suddenly stop, two of them boys making them warlocks. The beautiful girl suddenly jumped from her broom and push the little girl out of the way. Why she didn't fly out on her broom like a racial person? Who knows? She shoved the little girl out the way sending her flying and twirling out of control ten feet away. The girl didn't even have time for gravity to take over and fall as the ball crashed into her.

She let out a bone cracking shriek as blue thunder electrified and burn from her from the inside out. Her body hovered in the air as she trashed against the pain blue sparks falling off her. Suddenly the light show was over and she tumbled towards the ground a hundred miles an hour.

"Guys let's go!" Cried Justin flying the carpet towards her at full speed with a band of angry witches on their tail to.

Celia's p.o.v

Me and my family were flying over the city loving the view that only we get to see. My brothers were having a race and my older sister Annabelle was practicing swirls above us. I suddenly had a feeling of love, joy and freedom consume me. I weakly balanced myself on my feet on the broom and edge towards the tip I extended my arms out.

The loud harsh wind engulfed me and I welcomed it. I love this feeling and never want to let it go. Suddenly danger strike at me and I open my sapphire eyes seeing a bright ball of blue magic flames head straight towards my little sister, the only one who really understands me, Rosemary. I screamed out her name gaining the attention of my older siblings.

I have to act quick.

Without thinking I jumped out like cat woman and push the tiny little witch in training out of the way. I froze in mid air trying to think of a hovering spell but suddenly the ball of blue magic hit me. Hard. It felt like ice covered my whole body and melted towards my heart, it felt like it left behind cuts all over my skin. When the ball reached my core it suddenly felt like I was on fire from the inside out.

I clucked my heart in pain. Finding it hard to breath.

Suddenly thunder and lightning strike at my body and I started the verge of blanking out.

I felt my petite body fall from the sky and tumble towards the bright city. I heard my family call out my name and I forced myself awake. I clumsily and loosely flipped my body in the air and put both my index fingers in my mouth. I sucked in a deep breath my lungs ached and burn. And gave out a loud whistle.

My broom came out of nowhere as it hovered under me trying to save me.

My small fingers tried to clutch at the broom and my I tried to put it in place beneath me. But I continued to fumble with the broom. Ground getting closer.

I felt my heart speed up as fear took over. Over and over again I tried to get the broom to start but it refuse to start with me being this freaked out. Suddenly an arm wrapped around me and pulled me to a muscular chest. I thought it was my brother Clause, the second eldest who looks like me with the same dark blue and purple sapphire eyes and black hair. And is an over protective bad boy heart throb.

I thought I was safe and let out tears. I let myself cry in his muscular chest and felt myself shake violently. "I-I w-was-s so-o-o scared!" I said in between sobs. Clause's hand robed my back soothingly. I look up in to the handsome face of a stranger about my age around my age.

"It's okay now." He said. I would have jerked out of his arms but I was entranced by him. His brown eyes, his matching curly hair, his brood shoulders, his cute face.

Oh gosh.

Max's p.o.v

As the girl tried repositioning herself on her broom we were inching closer to her on the carpet. I reached out and grabbed her and brought her to safety. I couldn't help but hold her close to me. The girl started to shake violently then broke out crying. My heart sank at the sight I held her tighter and glared at my older brother Justin who looked down at her sadly felling guilt. He should!

I turn my attention back the girl as she started to speak. Her voice was like soft happy bells. "I-I w-was-s so-o-o scared!" she chock out in between sobs. I rubbed her small back and she look up at me. "It's okay now." I managed. Her face fell as she stare at me. I felt myself get lost in her high cheek bones, her odd color wide eyes…

Oh gosh. I felt my heart speed up and I hope she doesn't hear it.

Suddenly the carpet rocked violently. We look up seeing four witches speeding down at us. All with balls of magic hovering in their finger tips.

oh shit.

Suddenly a girl with long straight blond hair let her crash into us sending us down. "Justin! Do something!" Alex screamed as she tried to steer the carpet. "What do you think I'm doing?" yelled Justin steering as well. I clutched the girl for dear life and yelled "Hold on!"

As we fell towards the city the witches were at all side now zapping us. Surrounding us. As we were about to crash to the ground Justin yelled a spell frankly waving his wand around. Soon we were zap into an dim alley near the river seeing the Carpet crash into the water.

"oh man…dad not going to like this…" Justin said pacing around his hand to his forehead. I look down at the girl just realizing I was carrying her bridal style. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she clutching on to my shirt for dear life.

I loved hw vulnerable she looked and rested my head on her. "It's okay now. You're safe. You can open your eyes." I whispered. She slowly open her eyes and look up into mine. "um…thanks…" she said breathlessly. I smiled at her loving the moment.

Suddenly the witches were in front of us.

Hovering on their brooms glaring at us.

"Let her down now." Growled a boy with spiky blond hair a year or two older than Justin. I held her tighter and press her to my chest. "From the guy who shoot at us." Growled Alex glaring.

"You started it. You shoot at us first. And at a child no less." Said the blond clutching the little girl. She had short faint blond wispy at her shoulders like her sister. "It was a mistake. But you shouldn't be here." Said Justin pointing his wand like a dagger. A boy who look like the girl only older and a boy step up.

"Put her down before I beat the shit out of you." He growled we all were shacking from that. Even the girl seems to shriek a little and hide into my chest a little. I look at her hoping she said 'no I want to stay with you.' But she nodded her slowly I hesitantly put her down.

Instantly I miss her when she slip out of my arms. She walk to the ground right away was engulfed in hug by the guy. He breathe into her hair and sighed. Right away I felt a pang of jealousy hit me. Was that her boy friend? I wish I could hold her like that.

"Geeze I'm alright Claus! The biggest danger I was in was you guys shooting us out of the sky." She said. He brought her out of the hug and held her by her shoulder bending down a little to her level. "We were trying to grab you… but…" his gaze turn a glare as his odd color eyes landed on me.

"But you're safe!" said the blond girl. They all hugged her. The little girl said "thanks for saving me." I think everybody died and went to heaven at her cute little voice. The group glared at us expect the girl being hugged o death she just look wary.

"Why did you do that?" growled the scary dude.

"Because you're witches." Growled Justin.

All their faces turn angrier if that was even possible. "Look like we got wizards for neighbors." Said the dude with blonde spikes. Alex smirked at him evilly "just tell where you live so I know which house to egg." She said.

"ok and while you're at it tell us where you live so we know which dump of a house to ty-pie." Growled the blond chick. Soon a fight broke out between the two girls and we had to pull them apart.

"just stay away from us." Growled the blond spiked boy.

"Better yet you witches leave new York or else." Growled Justin trying to keep his grip on Alex who was thrashing against us.

"Or what?"

"We turn you into the monster hunter council." Justin threatens.

The group froze. "Try if you can but you'll have to catch us first." Said the dark head boy smirking. Soon they flew away. The girl hesitantly got her broom casting me with a glance.

"come on Celia." Sad her dark haired boyfriend hovering above her. She look up then back to me. Then she was gone zipping through the sky. We all turn and saw our carpet floating towards us. Knowing three things.

1)We have to track them down.

2)we are going to have to walk home.


3)Dad is so going to yell at us for sneaking out of the house and ruining and crashing the carpet.