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They weren't able to stop it.

The first generation Vongola stared at the now ruined village, guilt mixing with regret and despair. It was one of the more peaceful villages under Vongola's protection, and a rival Famiglia, somehow, got wind of it and launched a full scale attack.

And with such a quiet, happy village that fully trusted their protectors, they didn't stand a chance. Everything was obliterated, houses crumbling and dead bodies littering the ground, dried blood staining the dry, coarse earth.

But nobody regretted more than Giotto himself, the leader of Vongola, who now stood amidst the carnage and violence, sorrow, pain and agony etched in his young face of twenty one, his sunset colored eyes taking in the damage their carelessness had caused.

He was the only person to blame for this. Why didn't he arrive sooner? He could've prevented this from happening if he got to the village quick enough. If he had been faster, more trusting of his instincts…!

"Giotto." A hand was on his shoulder and he turned, seeing the remorseful face of his Storm Guardian and his best friend, who was just as regretful as he was. "Don't blame yourself. We couldn't have known. There was…" His voice cracked, and the magenta-haired man stopped, not finding the right words to say at the moment.

"G…" The blond understood how he felt right now, but couldn't help but blame himself still. "We swore to protect this village and we failed. Can you really blame me?"

"Well, instead of standing here, why don't we look and see if there are any survivors?" A calm, patient voice broke through their conversation, and both men turned to the speaker. Asari Ugetsu was the very epitome of his element, the Rain, his tranquility not shattered by the deep grief he felt. "They may be hope yet, Giotto."

"That's right. God will never abandon us." Knuckle was subdued, his normally bright disposition dampened with the events that happened, and yet still managing to cheer their leader up with his words, like the Sun he was always associated with. "I'll go with Asari and we'll search the northern part of the village."

"Knuckle, Asari…" The blond gave them a wan smile of gratitude, trying to pull himself together. "Thank you. G and I will go to the southern part. Daemon, can you and Lampo search in the western part?"

"Ehh? Why do I have to do with Daemon?" The youngest, their Lightning Guardian, whined at the blond, half-hiding behind Asari. "Why do I have to go in there anyway?"

"Nfufufu…" Daemon Spade chuckled and glanced at the younger man, who meeped and tried to make himself disappear from the Mist guardian's sight by hiding in the folds of the Rain Guardian's clothes. "I also don't want to babysit a brat, Giotto. Why don't you make him accompany Alaude instead?" He suggested with a slight smirk.

The look the Cloud Guardian gave him could crumble stone. "… Giotto, I'm going." And just like that, the skylark disappeared, presumably to search for survivors on the east end, the only direction the blond hadn't mentioned.

"He… He ran away…" Giotto chuckled a nervous laugh, watching a tick form on Daemon's head at the thought of babysitting Lampo. Without another word he summoned his trident, the spikes pointing at the green-haired male, who shrieked in fear.

"Now then, Lampo…" The Mist guardian looked positively dangerous at the moment, a murderous glint in his eyes as he surveyed the trembling man with something akin to sadistic amusement. "Let's see how fast you can run…. Nfufufufufu…"


The rest watched on in slight exasperation as the duo took off, Lampo running as fast as he could away from the other man, who was walking in a sedate, almost bored pace, his tips of his trident glinting menacingly.

With a grunt, Giotto pushed away the massive beams of wood and rock that surrounded what used to be a house. They've been at it for almost an hour, and, so far, there was still no word from his Guardians. Ignoring the bodies that littered the place and forcing down the bile that threatened to escape his throat, his pushed on, the dying will flames helping him shift some of the big boulders that would've been impossible for a normal person to move. It would've been easier if he were to blast the rocks away, but he didn't dare risk the possibility of hurting anyone who might still be alive.

It was simply inhumane the way these people were killed. Some he could see were gunned down to death, while others were scorched so badly they were nearly indistinguishable. Men, women, children, it didn't matter if they were old or young; all of them were murdered brutally. He felt white hot rage fill him, his anger bubbling and writhing inside of him as he suddenly punched a standing wall, shattering and making it come down, the rock almost disintegrating as the flames touched them.

Have they no heart? How could they do this to innocent people? They had nothing to do with the Vongola, trying to live their lives as peacefully and as contentedly as they could. To be killed like meek lambs for slaughter… it was too much!

He growled, letting his fury overtake him completely. He didn't care if his enemies would come after him, but to involve people who were living in bliss… They will not get away with this. He won't let them.

A faint cry suddenly reached his ears, and his intuition suddenly jumped, telling him that there was someone trapped under the rubble. He quickly started into action, digging into the debris, all the while shouting to the person under, whose words he now could discern.

"Someone… Mama… Papa… Help me… I-It hurts… "

"Don't worry, I can hear you! I'm almost there!" He was working against time, he knew. Pushing the bits and pieces of material behind him, he could finally see am arm twitching, feebly, but alive.

Someone lived through the massacre. A ray of hope. The situation wasn't as bad as he seemed it to be.

"I'm here! I'll save you!" With one final grunt as he heaved off a large block of stone, Giotto stared down, breathless, as his eyes took in the injured person before him.

It was a child. A boy no more than five years old, streaked with dirt and grime, tears of fear and pain in his eyes as a pair of bodies, Giotto saw in horror and comprehension, as the boy's parents, covered their son protectively, risking their lives so that their child will live.

Immediately he turned off the dying will flames, not wanting to scare the boy more than he already was. He gently removed the corpses aside, swearing to give them a proper funeral, before turning to the young boy, whose dark brown hair was matted down to the side of his face, sobbing quietly.

"Are you all right?" Giotto asked softly, kneeling beside the boy, eyes scanning for any major injury the child might have. He can't see anything, but that might mean that the injuries were internal. "Does anything hurt?"

The child wouldn't answer him, continuing to cry quietly, further curling into himself as wide, caramel colored orbs looked at him full of fear and distrust. "G-Go away… Y-You're going to h-hurt me…"

This was bad. The child was completely traumatized. Stamping down the initial rage he felt for making an innocent child fear for his life, Giotto quickly backed down, showing his hands up, desperately trying to let the boy see that he won't hurt him.

"Look, I don't have anything. I won't hurt you, I promise. I'm here to save you." He said earnestly, trying to make the boy trust him. He could simply grab the boy to be treated physically, but he would be damaging the boy's frail mental stability, and who knows what effect it could have in the long run.

"R-Really? Y-You won't hurt me?" The boy was wavering, clearly wanting to trust someone and cry his heart out. The blond smiled as gently and as softly as he could, stretching his hand out for the boy to take. But before the brunet child could do so, he slumped over in unconsciousness, startling Giotto who immediately caught the young boy and pressed him close.

"Thank God…" He muttered as he felt for the boy's pulse, faint, but there. There were bruises and cuts littering the child's body, but nothing broken as far as he could tell.

This child was lucky, he thought as he carried the small body out of the debris. He clutched the frail child close to him, hearing his shallow, difficult breathing, and he could only pray that this child will live a happy life despite what happened today.

"G!" He called out, searching for his companion. He had to find Knuckle, or saving the boy would have been for nothing. Giotto was definitely not going to give another life up for this tragedy. "G! Where are you!"

"Giotto! I found a survivor!" He heard the Strom Guardian answer back, and hurried over to the sound of the voice, trying not to jostle the child in his arms. "It's a child!"

Another one? Giotto didn't have time to think about it as G surfaced, holding a silver-haired boy in his arms. "I found him under a trapdoor. Apparently, his sister shielded him from harm by covering the trapdoor with a carpet. He's the only one left, not injured, only unconscious." He shifted the boy, not the first time noting the brunet that was tucked under Giotto's chest. "What about him? Is he injured?"

"This one wasn't so lucky." Giotto replied grimly. "I found him under his parents who used their bodies as a shield against the gunfire. He's not critically injured, but he's in shock. Traumatized."

"Shit." G swore, his magenta colored pupils darkening in rage as he stared at the pitiful child shivering in fear. "When I find those guys, I'm gonna kill them." He growled. "I won't forgive them for what they did."

"Come on, we need to find Knuckle." Seeing as Giotto had his hands full, G managed to raise a hand and shoot his own crimson flames into the sky, signaling to the rest that they found some survivors. "That boy needs to get treated." He nodded to the petite brunet.

"Check if that one's also in shock." The blond gestured to the silver haired child. "Let's see if Asari and the rest had also found others."


"Eight children." Giotto exhaled a breath and pressed his fingers against his temple, his elbows propped on his desk while his Guardians situated themselves in various parts of his office. "Only eight children survived that attack." He reclined back in his chair, feeling the mental and physical exhaustion toll on him as they all returned to Vongola Mansion later that afternoon. "I can't believe it."

"Apparently, they were saved because a family member protected them, or that they were hidden carefully during the massacre." Asari was sitting on the chair across Giotto's desk, a sad look dominating his features. "The child I discovered was trying to protect his dead father from me."

"Seven boys and one girl." Alaude announced in a monotone, which betrayed nothing of his feelings, leaning against the wall farthest from the Guardians. "Ages ranging from one to eight years of age. The girl and boy twin were shot in their right eye, and girl's stomach was slashed deeply. It's possible that they might've lost their eyesight from that. And the baby was barely breathing when I found him."

"What are we going to do, Giotto?" G asked from his position near the window, staring at the blond who was deep in thought. "Those children won't have anywhere to go after what happened. Every person they know is dead. We just can't cast them out there after this. The Famiglia that targeted them might go after them again if they realize that they're alive."

"I know, G." Giotto laced his fingers together, trying to think of a solution. "They might have seen the people who did this to them. As much as possible, I want to keep them safe and to forget what happened today. But…" His brow was furrowed, silence dominating the entire room that was broken with a rapid knock on the door.

"Come in," Giotto looked up and saw Knuckle, who was tending to the wounds of the children. "Knuckle, how are they?"

"All of their injuries are healed. But…" The priest looked exhausted, having been the person to heal all of the injured young ones. He was unsure and a little confused, causing the blond's hyper intuition to act up again.

"Knuckle, what happened?" He stood up, willing himself not to panic. It intuition told him that the children were safe, but there was something clearly unsettling the Sun Guardian.

The raven haired man looked undecided for a moment, before flickering his eyes up to meet sapphire blue.

"Giotto… there's something I think you need to see… with the child you rescued."


The Vongola Guardians stared in slight disbelief at the brunet sleeping soundly, unable to believe their own eyes.

"G-Giotto…" G hesitated, before turning to his best friend.

"You… you had an illegitimate son!" He hissed, trying not to wake up the child. He glowered darkly at the blond, who was just as stunned as he was. "Why the hell didn't you tell me! You could've introduced me to your woman first you know!" He grouched crossly, taking a step towards the blond, who was raising his hands in surrender.

"I-I…" What else could he say? Ever since he had founded the Vongola he never attached himself to anyone romantically! He can't even remember a time that he had a one-time stand with someone! So it's entirely, completely, impossible that the boy lying on the bed was his child!

But he had a feeling that if he were to voice his protests aloud, he would make the situation much worse.

"The resemblance is uncanny," Daemon noted, taking a closer look at the unconscious child. "Apart from the brown hair, he looks exactly like a younger you, up to the style of the hair." He gave the man a half-smile, half-smirk. "Nfufufufu… Taking after his mother I suppose, Giotto?"

"D-Daemon…!" He can't deny that the boy was a splitting image of him, right up to the wild, spiky hair. He didn't notice it before because the boy was dirty and grimy, but now cleaned up, though bandaged, the resemblance was very much noticeable. The man was clearly teasing him, but as he felt G's aura darkening behind him he winced and dragged the irate Strom Guardian out of the room before hearing the devastating blow.


The walls rattled, and Giotto's ears ringed from the sudden explosion, heaving a sigh of relief that the room's walls were thick enough to muffle G's shouts.

"G, hold your temper for a while! You're misunderstanding!" He pleaded. "You're going to wake up the children!"


"I didn't knock up anyone!" The Vongola Primo protested his innocence. "I swear!"

"It's a consensual relationship then?" Asari spoke up, the pain of betrayal evident in his eyes, laying a hand on G's shoulder to calm him down. "Giotto, did you not trust us enough to tell us of your relationship? You know that we will always accept and support you in no matter what you choose."

"No, Asari, I–" Giotto tried to explain desperately that what he's thinking was wrong. For god's sake, he doesn't have a woman and a child! Why wouldn't anyone listen to him!

"I didn't know that Giotto had it in him to have a woman and a kid." Lampo yawned, thoroughly bored with the conversation, though he was internally laughing, seeing the blond trying to defend himself in front of his fuming Strom Guardian and saddened Rain Guardian. Daemon was hanging back, thoroughly amused with the situation.

"Giotto Vongola." Alaude bit out, producing his handcuffs out of nowhere as he approached the Primo. "You had a child out of wedlock and a woman out of matrimony." The manacles clanked menacingly, and Giotto gulped. "Unforgivable."

"Wait, everyone!" The blond man finally had the chance to explain himself, in his exasperation. "That child looks like five years old! And I'm just twenty-one! I wouldn't have a child at sixteen! I was trying to build up Vongola's reputation at that time!" He insisted, trying to make them see sense. "G, you would know, you were with me the whole time!"

"Actually," Knuckle, for the first time, suddenly spoke up. "It's not just the boy Giotto saved. In fact," He cleared his throat as the rest looked owlishly at him. "All of the children bear extreme resemblances to every one of us! Even me!" He said happily.

Silence. And then…

"Why didn't you tell us first, stupid priest!" G rounded on the priest, seething. "And what do you mean, the children resembles us? That's impossible, isn't it?"

"That's just what I said. You could even check if you want to!" Knuckle waved him in the direction of the other children's rooms. "Keep in mind though; you just might be EXREMELY surprised!" He chuckled.

"Tch." G shrugged off Asari's hand and stalked towards the other rooms, with the others following behind. Giotto sighed in slight relief that he wasn't on the walking end of G's temper, but he was more than confused and intrigued on just how those children, some he had never seen before, managed to look like him and his Guardians.


"It's true…" Lampo observed from his position beside the bed of the youngest child, after the initial shock. "This brat looks like me."

The Storm Guardian twitched, his face paling at the sight of the child who could be an exact replica of his younger self in that age minus the hair color and the tattoo.

"Now who has a son out of wedlock." Giotto coughed and G glared him, face slightly blushing in mortification and embarrassment.

"It's quite amazing, really… " Asari was staring at his own young lookalike with something akin to awe. "I never thought it possible to see a child that looks like me without being a blood relative…"

Alaude stayed silent, his gaze centering on a young, raven haired boy that also bore his face, while Daemon cooed over the boy and girl twins who shared one bed, clutching each other tightly. Knuckle was ruffling the head of a white-haired boy that clung to his robes, mumbling incoherently in his sleep.

"I separated the brown-haired boy from the others because he had the most injuries." Knuckle explained, nodding to the twins. "But those two had the most life threatening ones. I'm afraid that the girl would be blind in her right eye. The damage done to her was just too great. And all the while I was healing her, she wouldn't let go of her brother's hand."

"I see…" Giotto said slowly, feeling sad for the young girl, who was holding her brother close as if her very life depended on it. "How about their mental health?"

"It's still too early to know." The Sun Guardian shook his head. "Until the children wake up, I can't say for sure."

All of them were silent, observing the children quietly, each immersed in their own thoughts. It was when Giotto decided to check on the brown-haired child that one of his Guardians spoke up.

"Giotto?" The Rain Guardian stood up from his position, eyes set and determined as the Primo looked at him quizzically.

"This may be a selfish request, but…" The Japanese man bowed low.

"Please… please allow these children to stay here with us."

"A-Asari…" Surprised, Giotto, as well as the others, looked at the musician. "Why?"

"I just… I just can't bear to see them outside after what has happened. And…" Asari stared at the children, particularly at his younger lookalike. "I feel a strong connection with this little one here." He patted the black hair almost fondly. "There must be a reason why they were the ones who survived, and why they look so much like us. I don't think that this could be counted as a mere coincidence."

"I refuse." G immediately took the other side of the argument. "These brats would only be a distraction to us. Maintaining the Vongola is hard enough, we don't need to look after a bunch of kids."

"I agree." Lampo concurred.

"Oh come now, would you cast these children into the harsh, cruel world?" Knuckles took Asari's side at once. "They barely survived a massacre. These children need extreme love and care!"

"Nfufu… as much as these children would be amusing in the long run, I would have to take G's side this time, as detestable as that sounds." Daemon sauntered over to the Storm Guardian's side, who only scowled darkly at him. "Alaude, your thoughts?"

The skylark was silent, seemingly mulling over what he was going to say, skimming over the heads of the young ones, his light colored eyes finally resting on his own little counterpart, who was at the very corner of the room.

"The children will stay." He said with finality, shocking most of the adults in the room. Who would've thought that Alaude, the extremely aloof and introverted Cloud Guardian, would vote for the kids to stay in the Mansion?

Giotto sighed, somehow, he knew that his Guardians would be split on this decision, and, like always, the last word belonged to him. He gazed at the children sleeping innocently on their beds, without care or thought of the future. He felt for these children, knowing how it felt to be orphaned at such a young age. What would they do? They had no one now. There was a reason why these children looked like them, and why they survived the murders in their village. His conscience can't accept to just leave them behind. They failed to save these children's loved ones, and this was the least the Vongola could do to set things right. His thoughts strayed to his own child lookalike, seeing his fearful and hurt face, and something clenched tightly around his heart.

There was no way that he couldn't just care for these children. Asari had a point. The moment he saw that brown-haired child he felt an instant connection with him, almost compelling him to protect the young one from everything that would try to hurt him. And besides, with these children looking just like them, there was a chance that a rival family would assume the same things they did and would put these children's lives in danger. Giotto Vongola would not, not in good conscience, allow a life to suffer for their sake; especially it was an innocent, pure child who had no fault of their own.

And, to be honest to himself, he also wanted to father a child of his own. While the chances of him having a wife was slim because of the nature of his occupation (he would never allow a woman to enter his kind of life, no matter how much he loved her), he somewhat knew that this was God's way of granting him that wish.

Somehow, some way… he knew that it would all right. The road would be hard, yes, and he may be bringing more danger into the little ones' lives by entering them into his world, but he just can't let them go, especially his own little one, who was now resting peacefully on the other room without any worries.

He made his decision. And he would just have to convince his Guardians to see things his way.

"No." He said with finality. "The children will stay here with us. Asari is right; we can't leave them like this. They have no family left. And they need someone to guide them. We'll be their family." He continued with a soft smile. "We failed in saving their parents and their loved ones. This is the least we could do to atone for that."

Asari and Knuckle brightened up at that, thanking the Primo fervently, while G and Lampo looked at their boss as if he had lost his mind.

"Giotto, please tell me that you're joking." G groaned, burying his face in his hands. "We can't risk their lives in danger! We're a vigilante group, for god's sake! It's like telling our enemies our weakness!"

"That's precisely why they need to be near the Vongola mansion." Giotto retorted calmly. "They would be safer if they were near us. Just think of it, G. What if someone saw your boy lookalike and assumed that you're related? They would capture the boy to lure you out, and we would end up risking their lives even more. This way, we can protect them completely."

"But people will talk if a bunch of kids suddenly appeared our side, don't you think?" Lampo pointed out. "Besides, we don't even know how to raise kids!"

"Then we could just tell them what all of us thought. That they're our sons, or closely related to us." Asari was already hovering close to his charge. "Nobody really knows our private lives, and it wouldn't be contested since the children looks like us. We could simply tell them that we don't wish to bring our loved ones in this world, but certain circumstances forced us to."

"I extremely like where this is going!" Knuckle chuckled, clapping a hand on the sleeping, white-haired boy's shoulder. "This boy will be my nephew then!"

"Nufufufu… it can't be helped." Daemon patted the girl and boy siblings on the head, chuckling quietly. "I shall teach them everything I know."

Giotto smiled to himself as the adults gradually accepted their soon to be responsibilities as parents. He knew that he would still have to convince G and Lampo that this was a good idea, but he had faith that they would accept it eventually. He gave a startled start as someone brushed against him, but it was only his Cloud Guardian, stalking out of the room and walking into the corridor.

"Alaude," The blond called out, somewhat puzzled. "Where are you going?"

The skylark stopped, tilting his head sideways, but not turning back. "… Adoption papers. I will not accept an illicit familial relationship." And with that, he continued walking on, presumably to the office, leaving Giotto chuckling after his wake. Also going out of the room and shutting the door behind him, he went to the room where the brunet child was resting, sitting beside the bed and sweeping some of the chocolate strands away from the angelic face, before pressing his lips to the boy's forehead.

"Welcome to my family, little one." He whispered softly, smiling.

Yes, everything would be just fine.

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