Blueberry Muffins

It was early and by early it was late and by late it was 3:33 a.m. A time when most people are either sleeping because they have to be up to get on with their lives soon or just passing out from partying. Neither of these things was true for Heather, she was wide awake, sleep hadn't been her friend. All she could think about was a certain brunette that had fallen asleep on her couch. To which she had promptly picked the girl up and carried her to bed.

She didn't know why but she couldn't help but stare at her as she slept. She watched her chest rise and fall as the Latina hugged the pillow that her head was on. The blonde didn't know why she was watching her so intently but something in her just wanted to make sure that her best friend was okay and safe. Although she didn't know why she wouldn't be, but nonetheless she couldn't take her eyes of her.

The whole cast had been over with Ashley being out of town Heather had been somewhat lonely. That left Kevin and Telly with one option, throw a small party and watch some horror movies. One thing led to another and somehow between Chris jumping into Amber's lap and Cory attempting to cover his eyes a bottle of vodka got opened and drinks being made.

Naya had originally been sitting next to Dianna on the loveseat but after a few drinks and a couple shots later she ended up cuddled with her on the couch. Every now and again she'd feel the arm around her waist hold her a little tighter before relaxing once again after the scene was over. It wasn't like Naya to get scared at horror movie but Heather figured it was the drinks mixed with lack of sleep that had her in a mood. A mood she wasn't going to complain about, she secretly liked when the brunette got like that.

Sometime around 1 a.m. everyone had left leaving the two best friends alone on the couch. Looking down Heather noticed that Naya was fast and she almost didn't want to move her, except for the fact that she knew if she slept on the couch in the position they were in they'd both be hurting in the morning. Somehow, and she's not entirely sure how she managed to get up from her spot next to the brunette.

So now here they were, back to cuddling, except this time Heather didn't have to move. She probably could have stayed cuddled with Naya forever and she was going to take full advantage of said cuddling until morning came to wake them up. That was a little over two hours ago and instead of sleeping Heather was softly drawing patterns on Naya's back with the tips of her fingers, something she knew the Latina loved.

Finally glancing at the clock Heather knew she was becoming restless as sleep was decided to evade her. Slowly she made her way out of bed and into her kitchen. Opening the fridge she scanned its contents for anything that seemed appealing, nothing caught her eye. She did the same to the cabinet with all her snack food in it, but even the large box of goldfish didn't seem like it would do the trick. After a few more attempts at different cabinets she opened her baking cabinet. Although she wasn't sure why since she always did this, almost expecting cookies or cupcakes to simply appear from their ingredients but it never happened. That's when the small white bag caught her eye and she knew she found something. She picked up the back and read it over, before setting the back down and getting the ingredients she needed. It might be 3 a.m. but it was never to early to make blueberry muffins.

Sometime between adding the eggs and water to the mix she had a realization. She was making blueberry muffins because she was in love with Naya, she was in love with her best friend. It was a habit she had picked up in high school, whenever she liked someone she suddenly felt the need to make blueberry muffins, as if the muffins would make her feel better about it. Not that it was always a bad thing, but it was her comfort when she was feeling uncertain about how someone else felt about her. The past days events now made sense to her, which they hadn't before, it was all becoming clear.