Elves are the most wonderful-est beings ever to be found in Arda.
We are immortal, which means we won't ever die (unless we get
hurt really badly in battle or Erendil accidentally hurts you with his
horrible archery lack-of-skill – he nearly shot me and I was standing
behind him! – or unless you die of grief like Nana said she would – at
least she says that whenever I put blue colouring into her hair wash –
I should try pink next time – or unless we drink too much of the special
thing from the Dorwinion region that Ada won't let me have any more
of). But basically, Ada says that we're immortal, which means we've
to learn how to build ships.

Elves are also the only ones who speak Quenya and Sindarin, and the
best-est of all languages, our own Silvan dialect, which is especially
close to standard Sindarin. Funny why we need so many languages
when it's not as if there are other people who understand Quenya
only or Sindarin only, for example. Everyone else speaks in some
growling language called Common Tongue and they curse in a
language called Dwarvish. Ada also says that when I grow older,
I'll pick up Dwarvish naturally.

And we love shampoo and silky hair. And we fuss all over whenever our
braids turn unruly and we have been known to scream whenever we
chip a nail.*

*Translator's note: This paragraph appears to have had been edited by an unknown hand.