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Chapter 2

Artemis walked down the grand staircase from his room, his hand running along the polished banister as he held his head high. This meeting needed to be held with utmost care as well as needing to be executed with expert precision.

This meeting with the wizard in the waiting room was crucial as Artemis needed to find out as much as he could about this new magical world, this was essential.

The male found himself slipping into his old self, the excitement of a whole new civilisation making his fingers tingle, the reminiscence of his twelve year old self slipping into his mind.

Pausing before the mirror against the wall to check his appearance once more, Artemis walked towards the correct room where this Mr. Dumbledore was waiting for him, calming his nerves and slipping his game face on.

Opening the large oak double doors, swinging them in almost dramatically as he stood in the doorway, looking around the room before his gaze landed on the most peculiar man he had ever seen.

Butler had followed Artemis from his room, and although he stood behind his charge, he too was able to see this man who was seated in one of the plush armchairs. Butler was shocked by his appearance, and he quickly turned to Artemis he was amused to see the cringe on his face.

Artemis was appalled by this man's overall appearance.

If Artemis was any other normal human, he might have let his jaw drop but then again, Artemis was far from normal. He had far too much dignity to pull such a foolish and comical expression so he just settled on cringing.

Who on earth wore turquoise bath robes outside in public let alone grew a beard which would have given Mulch Diggums a run for 'how many different types of food I can find inside my facial hair'.

That added to the fact that the man was smiling at Artemis. Smiling at him.

Artemis Fowl the Second, the boy known around (and under) the world for his evil mastermind plans to potentially take over all humanity (and haven).

Now he had an old man smilingat him. Artemis couldn't help but think of how far he must have sunk if an old man was being friendly with him. His reputation really must be falling Artemis decided as he made note to go something dastardly evil later to make up for his drop in status.

"Welcome," Artemis said, collecting himself from his early embarrassment of ogling the man's appearance.

The man stood and Artemis noted that the man's beard actually reached his waist as he felt a nerve tick in his brow at the atrocity of facial hair growing from this Mr. Dumbledore's face.

Ignoring the man's appearance, Artemis continued, "I'm Artemis Fowl the Second and I must assume that you are Mr. Dumbledore?"

"That I am," the man said in reply, his eyes twinkling.

Artemis repressed a shudder at the twinkle.

The man didn't seem to notice as he introduced, "I'm Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Pleasure Artemis. Interesting name, for the female Greek Goddess of Hunting."

Artemis felt that nerve tick again, replying smoothly, "despite the female origin, my name sake can also be masculine, as you can see."

Artemis had always been touchy about being named after a woman, goddess or not.

If Artemis ever got about to inventing a time machine (still a work in progress unfortunately), he would go back in time and give his parents a baby book with more suitable names highlighted, something like…Zeus or something.

Dumbledore merely nodded in understanding, catching the gaze of Butler as he asked, "and who is your friend Artemis?"

"This is Butler," Artemis replied, waving his hand towards the giant of a man.

"I suppose he is not your butler is he?" Dumbledore said with a chuckle.

"No, he's my bodyguard and a good friend," Artemis said simply.

As if proving a point, Butler let his hand fall to the bulge at his side where his trusty saucer was concealed.

Dumbledore smiled as he noted the gesture of the bodyguard, "ah, interesting."

Butler just smiled politely although anyone could easily see the underlying predatory glint in the man's eyes.

Artemis walked into the room and took the seat across from Dumbledore as he crossed his legs, his hands folded in his lap, "now, shall we begin Mr. Dumbledore. I assume that you are the wizard who was sent here to relay all the information about the magical world to me?"

"Correct Artemis," Dumbledore said with a smile as the crinkles around his blue eyes deepened, "there has never been a mistake like this before with the birth registry for magical children but there is a first for everything."

"So, magic?" Artemis questioned.


Artemis decided to act naïve about his knowledge of the magical world, of fairies and of dwarves and whatnot, asking Dumbledore, "Why should I believe some elderly man who comes to my manor sprouting nonsense like magic is real? That there is actually an unknown secret school where children are taught to control and wield magic to their will in Scotland which I have been invited to attend?"

Dumbledore merely smiled, pulling out a long wooden stick from his pocket.

Artemis could only assume that it was a wand from the situation, although this 'magic' seemed to be different from the 'magic' that the fairy people possessed and he too possessed.

"This is my wand," Dumbledore explained.

Youbetitis Butler thought to himself with a mental snort of amusement.

In reality, Dumbledore continued to speak, "this is what I channel my magic through to perform various spells or charms."

"Show me," Artemis all but ordered.

Dumbledore merely stared at the young raven male before he pointed the wooden stick towards a cupboard pressed up against the wall behind Artemis's chair.

It burst into flames as Artemis just stared on with an unamused expression as he raised a thin brow, "and? Is that all?"

"You have some things that don't belong to you hidden away there I think Artemis," Dumbledore said with a kind smile to which Artemis just stared back neutrally.

"Sir, if you are to burn everything which has something stolen in it I'm afraid you might have to burn down the entire estate," Artemis stated.

Dumbledore let a frown mar his face as Artemis continued, "besides, something like that even Butler can do."

Waving his hand towards his trusted friend, Butler understood the unsaid order as he walked over to a wall, tapped a hidden switch which was concealed within one of the tapestries as a section of the wall rotated to reveal a hidden armoury.

The bald man walked in, searching through the various weapons before he grabbed a rather large looking machine and walking back out.

Aiming the end of the barrel at the cupboard which stood beside the still burning wardrobe, Butler pulled the trigger, a ball of flaming red bursting from the end as it hit the aimed target as it was engulfed in fire.

Artemis smiled politely at Dumbledore, his eyes showing the smug emotion which the young boy was feeling, the hazel and blue contrasting so vastly together.

Dumbledore just stared at the machine which the bodyguard held within his hands with fascinated interest.

"I see you have already found a way to complete the same task," Dumbledore conclude from the observation.

Dumbledore flicked his wand towards the wardrobe as it ceased burning and was once again in its' original state.

Artemis glanced at Butler who nodded, walking over to the hidden room in the wall once more as he grabbed another gun and walked out, this one shooting out a jet of water which put out the fire effectively although it left a charred mess of burnt wood on the carpet.

Dumbledore smiled to himself as if he had won.

Artemis almost laughed. The man was underestimating the name of Fowl.

Slipping out his cell phone, Artemis clicked his speed dial, calling up a black market dealer who happened to have a debt to be paid to the Fowl family.

Speaking into the phone, Artemis said, "Mr. Hansel, I want you to get me a 1864 Lobiel Kristian design wardrobe…yes, the same one I had bought of you…no, I don't have any interest in the fact that the only other known person with such an item is the Queen of England…it's the only other one? They were constructed as a pair you say? Well, I want the other half now I'm expecting the delivery, no exceptions."

Artemis snapped the cellphone shut, cutting off the man on the other end's ramblings which could be heard through the speaker before it died when it closed.

Artemis smiled at the elderly male, saying, "well, I can have that replaced in no time."

"How about I do that for you," Dumbledore offered as with one quick reparo later the closet had reverted from a pile of smoking ash to its perfect polished cherry red wooden cupboard.

Artemis just stared, his brain calculating all the possibilities of magic and what assets he could gain in return.

Lacing his fingers together under his chin, resting his elbows against the arm rests of the high back chair he sat in. Pausing for a moment, Artemis had to organise his words carefully as he spoke, "what else is there you can do?"

"You will learn much more high level magic later on," Dumbledore replied with an amused smile.

The young boy contemplated this as he sat there, finally nodding his head.

"I understand…"

"Smashing," Dumbledore replied.

Artemis's mind was whirling with all the thoughts of further advancement for Fowl's enterprise and the gain he could have economically with magic at his aid.

He had for so long relied on technological advancements, even with the knowledge that magical beings lived under the crust of the earth, he still did not possess their magic which healed, controlled and destroyed.

He was thrilled.

Nodding once towards Butler, said man closed up the room and let the dead lock slid back in. Standing back behind Artemis, Butler folded his arms across his chest, his face blank.

"Now," Dumbledore continued, "even though you haven't gone through the first four years of schooling at Hogwarts, you will be entering with the other fifth years who will all roughly be the same age as you. You will need to catch up on the past four years of work by being tutored by the Professors in additional classes as it will be essential for your schooling."

"I don't think that is necessary sir," Artemis stated, "I'm sure that if you provide me with the learning materials I can teach everything myself in time for the start of the school year.

Dumbledore seemed to pause at this though, scrutinising Artemis with his bright cerulean gaze before he nodded, replying, "Of course Artemis. If you think you can learn it all. I am worried though for the practical learning of magic. You are not allowed to practice that outside of the school grounds as you are underage, so that will pose a potential hindrance to your studies."

The old headmaster looked on at Artemis with concern in his eyes, continuing, "these are dark times in the wizarding world, dark times. I fear that you may not be able to protect yourself due to your inexperience."

Artemis merely smiled politely, saying almost sweetly, "why, that is why I have Butler with me."

"I'm afraid that he may not be able to attend Hogwarts with you Artemis," Dumbledore explained.

Artemis was about to speak when Butler cut him off, stepping in between the two chair as he stated, "I am not leaving him, I don't care for your school or whatever. I've been by Artemis's side since the second he was born and I will not leave."

Dumbledore seemed to take Butler's tone seriously as he said, "well, I'm sure that the school will need someone of your expertise within although I doubt your…weapons will work within the grounds as magic seems to interfere with modern technology."

"I assure you these weapons work just fine," Artemis said, once again taking control of the situation.

He liked to be in control.

Dumbledore only nodded with another smile and blue twinkle of his eyes.

Artemis was sure that the tick in his forehead would soon become permanent if he stayed around the elderly male any longer than it was necessary.

Forcing a smile easily, Artemis asked, "so Sir, where can I purchase these educational books as well

"Those can be bought from Diagon Alley but before that, you need to be sorted in order to purchase the correct robes and clothes for you house," Dumbledore said, standing up as he pulled out from his pocket a rather withered looking hat.

"This is the sorting hat and it will decide for you which out of four houses will be suitable for you," the Headmaster explained, "there is Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. These four houses have different attributes in which someone is sorted."

Dumbledore paused to smile at Artemis, "you must place the sorting hat on your head and we'll be able to determine which house to put you in."

The young boy only looked on in disgust at the hat, saying slowly, "I have to put that…atrocity on my head?"

"I'm afraid so Artemis," Dumbledore merely said in reply, amusement written across his face.

Artemis looked at the weathered and tattered hat, his eyes narrowing before he looked away, stating, "if you must."

"Thank you Artemis," Dumbledore said as he began to walk forward, smiling at Butler in reassurance who had grabbed at the gun holstered to his side.

Butler didn't know if this process was about to hurt his charge but if it did, Butler was sure he'd be able to pull three rounds into the old geezers forehead before he touched a single hair on Artemis's head.

Dumbledore carefully placed the sorting hat on the raven haired boy, standing back as he waited for the final answer.

Artemis didn't know what to expect as the hat was lowered on to his head, although he was sure he wasn't expecting this.

The hat was talking to him.

'Well, what do we have here hm?' the voice said within his mind as Artemis sat in his chair.

'I assume you must be what will determine which house I will be sorted into?' Artemis stated.

'That is correct childbut you are not a child, much older than I have ever sorted before,' the hat stated in an almost amused tone, 'and what a fascinating mind you have too.What shall I do with you Artemis Fowl the Second, friend of the fairies, what shall I do with you…'

Artemis sat there patiently, replying to the talking hat, 'could you speed up the decision then, I'd rather not have you on my head for longer than necessary.'

'Well, you have the ability to surpass even the Ravenclaws, so placing you there would only cause chaos within the house with a genius there,' the sorting hat had to mull this over carefully. This was essential.

'And Slytherin would be the house for you if it were not for your recent change of heart,' the hat continued, 'if I had sorted you when you were 11 then you would have certainly be clothed in green and silver…'

'Then there is Gryffindor and despite your recent change of heart and your loyalty to your new found friends, your personality wouldn't be accepted there within the lions' den,' the hat paused, almost as if it were frowning as it said, 'and Hufflepuff is unthinkable.Placing you there would never work.'

Artemis sat there, feeling the urge to tap his foot in impatience but a Fowl never is impatient, only waiting for the right time to strike.

Dumbledore sat, waiting for the verdict, something which he was most looking forward to. This sorting was crucial as it determined the fates of a handful of people, and could potentially direct the future of this world.

The hat opened its' mouth and Dumbledore tensed slightly, waiting for the hat to announce the house.

"I can't sort you I'm afraid," the hat said and Dumbledore faulted, looking confused.

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore questioned.

"Well, in my opinion this boy should be a Professor if anything, his intellect outwits even yours old friend," the sorting hat explained, "I can't even begin to comprehend this child's mind, and while he fits within certain houses, his other qualities conflict with the sorting as they are characteristics of other houses."

Dumbledore almost bounced with glee. This was just perfect!

"Well then," Dumbledore said with a smile, "we'll just have to organize for something. How about this Artemis? What if you take classes with your fellow 5th year Gryffindors but dorm with the Slytherins? Does that sound reasonable to you?"

"I refuse to share a dorm with other human beings," Artemis stated, taking the hat off his head as he handed it over to the elderly male, taking a mental note to wash his hands thoroughly later, "I don't bode too well with other adolescence of my age."

Dumbledore took the hat and replaced it within his pocket, pursed his lips as the wrinkles on his face crinkled, "well…I'm sure we can arrange for something to be done."

"Thank you," Artemis said as he stared at the old man, his odd eyes scrutinising the male.

Dumbledore nodded before he said, "well, as you seem to have no house you will need to purchase plain black robes and I plain uniform. Instead of a house tie you are free to wear a plain black one in exchange."

Artemis nodded, although he was curious as to why he needed 'robes' to wear to a school.

Dumbledore stood, saying with a smile as he pulled out a piece of parchment from his pocket, "these are instructions on how to enter Diagon Alley where you will be able to purchase all of the necessary items for your schooling Artemis. I'm afraid I will not be able to attend your visit there and give you guidance as I must head back to the school but I'm sure that you will be more than capable of finding your way there."

Artemis nodded once, "I'm sure that I'll be more than capable."

The young boy stood, holding out a hand to the headmaster as he said calmly, "I appreciate you coming all the way out here sir."

Dumbledore looked at the hand in amusement before he shook it, replying with a chuckle, "oh really, it was no trouble. I wanted to be the one to welcome Hogwarts first transfer student. I hope your studies go well and I look forward to seeing you at school Artemis."

"I shall also be awaiting the day to arrive," Artemis said back.

Artemis showed Dumbledore to the door, curious as to how the man got here as he simply walked out the main gates at the end of the driveway with no car or vehicle in sight.

Walking back inside, Artemis returned to the sitting room, seating himself down in the chair he was in previously.

He folded his hands together; resting his chin atop of them as his elbows rested on the arm rests of the chair. Looking up at his companion, Artemis let a rare, real smile pass his lips as he said, "this will certainly be another adventure Butler my old friend."

Butler could only agree, this was definitely going to be one crazy year they were sure to have ahead of them.

Hearing the door open, Artemis turned his head to see his mother walked in laden with a tray of tea and cakes, the twins running in after her as they chased each other around, toy planes clutched in their hands.

"Oh, where did Mr. Dumbledore go Artie?" Angeline Fowl asked as she placed the silver tray on the small coffee table between the chairs.

"He's already left mother," Artemis said as he helped himself to a cup of tea, adding in a small tip of milk as he stirred it twice before lifting it to his lips.

Angeline took the seat opposite her son where Dumbledore had been seated earlier, picking up her own cup as she sipped at it, her small pinkie lifted into the air.

"Oh, that's too bad, I had even got out the nice china cups," Angeline said sadly before she perked up, asking her son, "and? What did Mr. Dumbledore wish to speak to you about Artie?"

"He's offered for me to attend a boarding school in Scotland mother," Artemis replied, "it's very prestigious within certain circles but it's got very high protection so you wouldn't know of it."

"Hm, well I hope I don't have to get any more calls from your teachers Artie about your rather rebellious attitude," Angeline said with a smile.

"Mother, it's hardly my fault if the teachers are incompetent and idiotic as their intelligence rivals that of a baboon," the young boy said plainly, sipping at his tea.

Angeline ignored her son's previous talks as she asked, "so what's the name of this mysterious boarding school?"

Artemis placed his cup back on the saucer, leaning back in his chair as he smiled at his mother, "it's a place called Hogwarts mother."

"That sounds like a nice place," replied the woman.

The twins ran around the chairs, making sound effects with their mouths as they zoomed around.

Artemis could only nod, shifting his leg to let his brothers run past as he replied, "yes, yes it does mother."