Heiwajima Shizuo sighed as he lighted up his cigarette, leaning up against a tree in the park in Ikebukuru. It was around midnight and no one was walking around the park at this hour. No one ever did, so when ever Shizuo wanted to be alone and just smoke, he would walk to the park around midnight and smoke. But lately the flea had come to interrupt him every time. Hopefully he wouldn't come and disturb Shizuo this night.

Orihara Izaya walked smiling into the park with both his hands in his jacket's pockets. He looked around the park, but quickly laid eyes on the ex-bartender Heiwajima Shizuo. His smile got bigger as he skipped towards him while he began to whistle quietly.

Shizuo was trapped in his own thoughts for some unknown reason, so he didn't notice the informant getting closer and closer. The smoke from the former bartender's cigarette looked like a tiny cloud in the dark sky and a short wind made it disappear slowly, like it wasn't meant to be there in the first place. Shizuo sighed and finally stepped out of his thoughts, but in the same second as he did that, Izaya stepped in front of him, blocking his way to escape.

Izaya smirked and blocked Shizuo's escape way, even thought he knew Shizuo's strength. Somehow he didn't care at all. He had had this weird feeling for quit some time, the feeling of always wanting to see Shizuo. But he didn't know why. He couldn't get him out of his head. No matter how much work he did, Shizuo would always be in his mind. He hated not knowing why it was that way. He was an informant after all, so he should be able to get information. But with this kind of feelings, it would be impossible and he knew that.

Shizuo stared at the informant for a few more seconds and then got his get-out-of-my-way-face on. He didn't feel like fighting, which was the first time in years. In fact he just felt like go home and sleep. But he didn't. He felt sick, not only from the sight of the flea, no. If he moved just a little bit, he would get dizzy. Something was definitely wrong. He finally did something and slowly took the cigarettes in his hand, throwing it on the ground, still looking angry at Izaya.

"Go away.." he mumbled, not moving at all. His heart started racing, he felt super hot and suddenly he couldn't see straight.

Izaya giggled lightly. He noticed that Shizuo obviously wasn't feeling well but ignored it. He could be wrong. He took a step closer to him and they were now only a half step away from each other. He looked smiling at him and pulled both his hands out of his pocket, just to rest them both on Shizuo's shoulders.

"Now now Shizu-chan. Don't be so rude." He giggled lightly, knowing that Shizuo always would be rude. But who knew? Izaya could never predict Shizuo's actions. That's what he liked so much about him. He was unpredictable.

Shizuo could barely stand up and he couldn't see Izaya's face clearly. He wanted to say something back, hit him right in the face, but he couldn't move or talk. What the hell was wrong with him? When he finally opened his mouth to say something back, he just kinda collapsed. He fell forward, into Izaya. It was the worst that could happen. Why Izaya? Why the person he hated the most? But he couldn't do anything, just leaned up against Izaya, almost lying on his shoulder.

"S-Shizu-chan?" Izaya looked surprised at the former bartender, now lying on his shoulder, almost pasted out. What the hell was wrong with him? "Oi, Shizu-chan!"