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The sunlight hit Izaya's face. His eyes slowly opened, only to get blinded by the bright sunlight coming from the window. A small annoyed sound escaped from him, as he pulled his thin legs out from the covers. When the sunlight finally got away from his face, his crimson eyes slowly opened. His feet touched the cold floor, but the cold he really didn't care much about. It was the fact that he wasn't wearing pants that he cared about.

Izaya remembered the entire night before as being extremely long. The endless apologizes from his beloved blond brute and himself trying to stuff food in the former bartender, not only to make him shut up, but also to not risking him passing out and lose all his memories. That was something he really didn't want. It was like Shizuo had become... sweet and less violent. And Izaya didn't like it. Not at all. He wanted the old, violent, aggressive and angry Shizuo back. But it was all because of the sickness and memory loss, and there was nothing he could do about it. Or so he thought, right up until he saw the blond stand with his back to Izaya, his arms crossed. "Shizu-chan?" His voice was low, almost a mumbling.

Shizuo slowly turned around after a few moments of not moving at all. His expressions in his face wasn't at all calm anymore. They were... angry. Like they used to be before he lost his memories about the raven haired. "Flea..." was the only thing he said, before he stopped talking again.

Izaya's eyes quickly widened, as he noticed the angry expressions on the blond's face. "What's wrong, Shizu-chan?" he asked in a nervous tone, as he slowly started walking towards Shizuo.

"What the hell have you done to me?" Shizuo quickly walked to the small raven haired, his fists clenched tightly together. It was like he was back to normal. His memories about Izaya was returned throughout the night. But something had changed in him. It wasn't hate that was pointed towards the informant. It was... something else, the complete opposite.

"I... haven't done anything!" Izaya said quickly, his eyes slowly starting to get a serious nervous expression. But at the same time, he was happy to see the blond back to his normal self.

"Yearh, you have!" That was it. Shizuo just lost it. He grabbed the smaller male's shirt and pulled him close roughly, before he smashed their lips together. Something was definitely changed. Though he pulled away only after a few seconds.

Izaya's eyes widened quickly, as he felt the other male's lips against his own. A light pinkish color quickly appeared on his cheeks. Even though he probably knew, that Shizuo was back to his normal self, he couldn't help but think something had changed.

"See? I would never have done that, if something wasn't changed!" Shizuo's voice was loud, almost like a yell. His expressions showed nothing but confusion. A long, deep and frustrated sound escaped his lips, before he sat down on the couch with a heavy sigh.

Only a very few moments later, Izaya slowly sat down close to the blond. "Shizu-chan... maybe that's not so bad..." His voice was in a mumbling tone. His eyes slowly trailed up to Shizuo's face and a small smile grew on his face. "I mean... I... love you..." His cheeks quickly burned up to a dark red color and he quickly looked away again. He knew he had said it before. But never when the blond was his normal self. Not when he wasn't sick and didn't had lost his memories.

Shizuo turned his face to look at the man next to him. "I know you do..." He paused for several moments, before he slowly leaned close to the raven haired, like he was going to kiss him. But he stopped just before their lips met. "And it's weird... I think I actually like you... maybe a little.."

Izaya's blush only grew darker, as he felt the other male's breath very close to himself. His heart quickly started racing fast and his eyes slowly drifted half closed, before he looked at the blond. "Only... a little..?" he whispered low.

Shizuo's eyes did the same as Izaya's; they slowly drifted half closed. "Maybe... a lot.." He very slowly leaned a bit closer to the man, almost making their lips meet, when he was interrupted by his cellphone. He let out a disappointed sigh, as he slowly pulled away from the raven haired and grabbed the still ringing phone. "Hello...?" he said in a mumbling and annoyed tone.

"Good morning, Shizuo-kun! Are you feeling any better?" Shinra's voice only made Shizuo sigh again.

"Yearh, in fact... I'm feeling great, Shinra," was all Shizuo answered in another deep sigh, before he finally looked away from Izaya.

Izaya watched the taller male talking in the phone. The dark pinkish color still filled his cheeks, as he slowly leaned back on the couch, not taking his eyes off of Shizuo. He stayed silent and listened to the conversation between the underground doctor and the former bartender.

"Really? Well, I'll come over to check if everything really is alright with you," Shinra said in a rather confused tone, like he really didn't believe that Shizuo was alright.

Yet another sigh escaped Shizuo's lips before he talked again. "Fine, just come over." He hang up quickly after, not letting the underground doctor answer back.

About 1 hour later...

"Well, everything seems to be fine with you, Shizuo-kun," Shinra said, before he slowly stood up from the couch. He had just checked the bodyguard and everything actually seemed fine. "You don't have a fever, you don't seem dizzy and... well, everything looks great. But what about your memories about Izaya-kun? Do you remember something about him?"

Shizuo stayed silent for a few seconds, before he answered. "Yearh, I think I remember everything about him, to be honest..." A short and silent sigh escaped his lips, as he shortly glanced in the direction of the bedroom, the bedroom where the informant was.

"Really? All the fights and all?" Shinra asked, and all he got was a single nod from the blond bodyguard.

About 1 hour later...

The underground doctor and the blonde bodyguard talked for a while, before Shinra finally decided that he would leave. "Well, you're not sick anymore, you remember everything, so I don't see a reason for me to keep checking up on you." Shinra opened the door, but turned around to face the blond again. "And since you're not sick anymore, I don't see a reason to stay with Izaya-kun." He paused for a second, as a smile spread across his face. "Unless you want to." And by that, he turned around and left.

Shizuo closed the door and turned around in a silent sigh. His eyes quickly drifted in the direction of the bedroom, where the informant still was. Without even giving it a single though, he walked to the bedroom. Though the only thing his eyes met, was a sleeping informant lying on the bed. He smiled shortly, before he walked to him, slowly sitting down next to him and lightly placed one of his hands on the other male's thin shoulder.

Izaya mumbled in his sleep, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He slowly moved closer to the bigger body next to him and slowly wrapped his arms around the body. He knew who it was, even though he wasn't awake. A small smile spread across his face, as he moved into the blond's lap, sleeping lightly.

They stayed like that for only a few moments, before Izaya finally opened his eyes. Though what his eyes met, was the bodyguard's bare chest. He quickly drifted his eyes up to Shizuo's face, before he finally noticed the strong arms around him.

Shizuo quickly trailed his eyes down to meet the raven haired's. A smile slowly grew on his face. "Good morning," was all he said.

Izaya looked both shocked and surprised up at the blond. He smiled shortly and snuggled closer in the former bartender's arms. "Morning..." was all he answered back.

A short silence was between them, before Izaya finally spoke. "I heard... what you and Shinra was talking about..." His voice was in a mumbling tone, though his eyes didn't leave the ex-bartender's face and eyes. "Aren't you... going to go back to your own place again..?"

"You want me to leave?" Shizuo looked down at the raven haired and slowly tightened his grip around the smaller body, like he really didn't wanted to let go. And he didn't.

Izaya quickly shook his head, before he almost yelled "No!". Though he lowered his voice and repeated the word. "I just though you wanted to leave the second you weren't sick anymore. And since you got your memories back about me... I just though you would kill me, not... kiss me." He mumbled the last word, as he felt his face getting hotter and a red colors appeared on his cheeks. But he couldn't help but smile lightly.

Shizuo watched the raven haired and slowly leaned closer to him, until their lip almost met. "I thought that to, but... after I talked to Shinra, I found out that..." He paused, only to make their lips meet in a soft and quite long kiss.

Izaya didn't even think about it, he just quickly kissed back and slowly wrapped his arms around the blond's neck, pulling himself closer at the bigger body. Though it didn't take him long, before he needed air, so he slowly pulled his head back, breaking the kiss. "So... you want to stay?" he asked, his face in a dark red color.

Shizuo nodded lightly and smiled at the raven haired. "Yes. All I want... is you."

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