This is my first fan fiction in a very long time. I would like to start off by saying i always thought that Naruto and tsunade would be a great couple, it was a gut feeling mostly and that they could both relate to each other in a way. I will be putting lemons in later but right now i want the reader and hopefully the fans to get the idea of what I'm trying to say will try to make it clear and if you all don't get it that's going to be confusing since i would have spelt it out. Also yes there is a lemon in this chapter, it's not as long as the next one.

The story is set after the war, sasuke and everyone else. One year after.

Naruto strolled around his new house, which he inherited thinking on what he should do next. He could become hokage but the whole point of that was so that people would acknowledge him and they did after he stopped the world from falling apart. He really didn't have any idea on what he should be doing he tried to become a chief but that really didn't work out, he didn't have the patience to wait for the food to be made.

But don't get him wrong it's not like he really tried hard on everything he lost most of his motivation after the war and he has just been drifting around making small talk, attending parties, done some missions, done some secret missions that only he knew about and gained some pretty damn good things. A drink that made you younger, flower that gave out every type of chakra base sword that attacked souls which would have been really useful the war and made many new friends but he never was the same around people.

After the war Naruto pretty much became a loner many of his friends had tried to help him but he just couldn't care for anything. Around this time of the day he left his house in a henge so people didn't realise it was him. He went to the hot springs and just relaxed. This is the day in naruto's life that changed everything until the point he died if he made the right choice.

He walked in stripped got ready and jumped straight in... Really hurts. Around 10 minutes into his alone time he heard a bunch of women talking no one that he knew but who they were talking about he did.

Women one "i just got another mission from the old bitch she just keeps giving me crappy child caring missions again and again. Fuck sakes it stupid that she doesn't see that i can do so much more."

Women two" just calm down, try to understand we can have mission when we have to go around and fight people because we don't have any enemies. She is just giving out missions"

Women one" i don't care i barely get paid and can't even make this month's rent i fucking hate that dumb bitch she should be retired at this age no kage has had a good death above the age of 40. She should have settled down when she had the chance."

Women two" well, i could lend you some money if you need it and also i head she was dating the white fangs son."

"What really"

"Yeah you know kazuki she was shopping out back and saw those two kissing but she says that she was really being clingy. Like he tried to move away but she wound not let go."

"Shut up. NO that can't happen."

"Yeah it did"

These two laughed like they were teens and just kept on, while making sly comments on what he saw in her and well you know how people are. Well this all took Naruto by surprise

"Sensei and baa-Chan, no that isn't right that bastard done something."

He got changes and ran straight to the hokages office and thought about bursting in and just freaking out or be a ninja and sneak around until he found what he needed to. So when he arrived he tried his best to hide in the vents while masking his chakra. It was a bit hard for him to breathe but what the hell at least they made it bigger since he got stuck last time. He hid for hours until kakashi finally came into the room. Naruto could see that kakashi was trying to smile but she sat down next to her on his knees and said something he could hear so he slithered closer.

"please don't speak until this is over i can't see you for much longer i getting stronger and stronger feeling for anko, i haven't asked her out yet but im going to. Don't feel too bad you knew that it wasn't going to work out. I have to go but i will still feel and remember everything that we done thanks for everything."

He rose to his knees and gently kissed her cheek and walked out.

Naruto who by now was so pissed out of his head by looking at the hockage his role model h=who was about to cry and thought of three options.

To crawl out and try to comfort her and see if she will get mad at her,Get out and try to forget everythingGet out circle back, walk through the front door to see her crying and help her.

He done none of these he took secret option number 4. Got out, circles around, ran to the office, stop, and knock on the door and ask to come in.

"One minute" he could hear her voice reminded him of when she was crying in her hotel room when he first met her.

"Ok baa-Chan im coming in now." Shouted Naruto wasn't really sure why he wanted to shout but had the urge. "hey are you busy Friday night i finally managed to get my hands on some pretty damn slick hypo projections and invited a bunch of people to come on over and watch the new movie created in my memory i heard that you're in it. I wonder who's going to be playing you. Yes it is at my place."

When he got a better look at her face he felt like there was a pit in this stomach like a part of him was just hacked out he felt so very empty he really didn't know he would feel this way about here and now that he is starting to realize his feeling he felt an uncontrolled urge to help her he then done something that he didn't know he could do. To him it felt like he stopped time and then started to brainstorm ideas, literally think of a mass amount if thoughts so that he could help his...his...whoever she was to him she was going to be someone that is going to be happy and pleasured. In every aspect. He then noticed that she was about to speak and formulated a plan and by the im he left this room he would have date.

"just wait one moment I'm the hockage i can't just take the day of to watch a movie so just get out i need to do so much paper work and half of it is meant for you."

"Please baa-Chan i really need you to come i feel like i can finally put the past behind me now and just want to start my life with my close friends." "Ha-ha oww you are so going to come now this guilt trip thing is what i love about my bad side of my life."

"Ok, but i won't be able to stay until the end. By the way is kakashi going to be there?"

"Yeah i think he is but he might arrive near the end so that ok since you would have left by then. So does this mean that you're going to come?"

"yeah but don't spread it around too much i don't want those elders breathing down my neck now hurry up and get out of here before i hit you for coming me the B word."

"Kk, btw baa-hockage-sama i wanted to say that you look really different, it's like your eyes are brighter and well your lips seem to be more pouty-ish thingy. Well i git to go but you better be there." "lips and eyes that's all i cold think off i fucking suck, need i get better if i wan to help here, no i need to go and buy the movie and what not."

"Wait" tsunade said"i might also be a bit late im going through some stuff right now...I'll be there for you." "At least someone knows something good when they see it."

Three days later.

"ok i think i have everything booze, cake, ramen, water, snakes, steak, wine, movies, candles-scented and so much more even some fancy toilet paper that cost far too much."

Naruto was really nervous about his little get together with the hokage and wanted everything to go smoothly, ever since he saw how troubled she was. The door bell rang and he sprinted towards the door to great his... still not clear to him yet but will be soon.

When he opened the door the was greeted with the greatest slight that he would ever lay his eyes on, not really but damn she was not what she normally wore didn't compare to this she wore mascara, bright red lip stick that perfectly shaped her lips and her checks were red from the pervy look that his blue orbs were giving her. As he scanned the rest of her body what she was wearing was tearing at him, a cream crop-top, tight blue jeans with black high heels. All these combined were a great combination but on here they were godlike.

"How Tsunade you look amazing, please come one in." "Wonder if she walked over here like this, it's like the opposite side the village damn i would love to have been behind her as she jumped from roof to roof." "Can i get you anything? Drink, maybe a snack?

"No Naruto I'm fine but i we need to get this over fast because I'm meant to be going back in like 2 hours so hurry up." "Strange seems like there's no one else apart from him here."

Naruto took her towards his living room and sat her on the coach and poured her a drink. It was one the 15 best that you could get your hands on.

"Here have some this has been aging for like a couple of decades, im not really much of a drinker but we all know how much you like to drink."

He handed it to her and to his surprise meant he went deep into his own mindscape. He stood before the kyubi.

"Yo what do you want? Im in the middle of something."

"well now i just want to ask you how far your willing to take this, i can enhance some of your senses like smell thought sight and so on but if it leads to where you want things to go then it's just going to be harder for you to keep in control."

"What do u mean harder for me to keep in control? I can control you just fine or have you forgotten that? I will be willing to show you that."

"well i can't really explain it right now, you will understand in the future so just remind yourself to lose yourself, by the way you should have at least cleaned to room up a bit it's messy."

Back to reality.

"So Naruto when are you going to put the movie on or are you going to wait for the others to come?"

"Yeah about that there not coming, it's just going to be me and you. All the other decided not to come because i might not have mentioned it to them and also i rather send my time with you. You know i really like to choose my family well."

"Oww...ok well im going to use the restroom start the movie I'll be back soon." "He seems t be acting kind of weird, like he's setting up a date, tehehe well this is going to be fun, wonder how far i can push him."

She came back a few minutes later and saw the movie already on and a whole bunch of space besides Naruto so decided to cuddle next to him. She pressed her G-cup breast up on him which did make him excited, and then let out a small sign as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Holy shit baa-Chan is pressing one me, does she know what i done or is she messing with me. Ahhhhhhh this is fucking scary. She could also m=be messing with me or falling for me. I'll see how far we can take this."

It was around this time Naruto started to see what the fox was talking about he could normally since peoples emotions and actions and right now she felt so a lack of a better word horny.

"Ok, im taking the dive." He lifted his hand and then placed it over her shoulder and pressed closer to him, he could now smell her. The busty hockage smelt of jasmine bath salts and he could feel her huge breast and could clearly imagine the shape, he could feel the weight and how large her nipples were and how they were going t taste and he was going to know this pretty soon.

He turned to face this woman that has been giving him butterflies fir the last 4 days, the women that stole his heart and the one that's going to take his virginity.

"Tsunade" whispered Naruto

She rotated here head too stare at his deep blue penetrating orbs, she help his eyes and before she blinked she responded to her name.

"Yes?" she whispers seductively "what is it?"

Naruto lowered his head towards hers and she mimicked his response and parted her lips. When she made contact with him it felt like she was hit with lighting, her whole body was being electrocuted and it felt better than anything that she ever felt before. Wanting this sensation to continue forever she licked his lips seeking entrance and he obliged by parting his. Then the battle for dominance began, but was quickly over Naruto had over powered her in only few seconds there wasn't much a horny teen can't do to get sex.

Naruto moved his hands over her body feeling, connecting to her, he wanted to know what she had to offer and take it for himself. His hands gliding over her body wasn't enough for this stressed, pent up hokage. She needed to be taken, used and feel loved as she once did.

Naruto now was losing himself in her hourglass body started to strip he first her top. He was going to take his time, she isn't leaving anytime soon. His hands hovered over her crop-top and then gently pulled it over her head and took in the sight before him. She had a black lace bra that did if anything justice to her globs. He went to unlock her bra so that he could message these fantastic traits.

Her bra was off, on the floor with her soon to be outfit and she waited to be pleasured by this athletic blond. She could already feel the bra slipping away and his breath could be felt on her nipples. He took one gently into his mouth and sucked, she moaned like a common street whore and just kept on.

As he moved his left hand over to the other beast he had started to massage the nipple he had made a plan on to find out what his new partner wanted and needed most, was it rough, gentle, slow fast. Did she need to be made love to like a young couple of fucked into a pile of wet mess? He was going to find out. He started his work.

Slow was what he tried first licked smoothly, set a pace a=that she had hope of changing. Grouped her which she loved. But he knew that he could do better.

Fast was next on his list, increasing his place adding more than just speed, he added chakra trying to see was it better to try fast and rough or slow and gentle. He knew the answer and her body tensed to only unwind a few seconds later and she came hard enough that a puddle was forming on the couch.

Tsunade couldn't find a word that described or even came close to what she was feeling right now. He kept on pulling out more surprises as the day went on and hopefully he would have more. H=she thought if she should try to inspire him with the filth that was building in her mind but couldn't find the strength to form words. She felt Naruto 's hands more from her Brest to her waist then to her jeans felt him unbutton them but they were a tight fit took her almost 3 minutes to put them on. She moved her own hands to help but that was futile as mentioned before not many things can really stop a horny teen. Naruto had ripped them leaving some very bright red marks on her legs.

E feasted his eyes on her crotch and thought of a better a new improved idea; he had the incredible ability to control chakra so why not use it. He bought his tongue to her pussy and placed it on her clit she came once already only a few moments ago so she was already extremely damp and hot. Using his chakra control he summoned lighting chakra which was easily at much a low level, he started to lick, flick and devour her juices.

Tsunade was now screaming in pleasure at the top of her lungs she couldn't take no more he kept launching and providing new sources of pleasure, more, more, more she couldn't take more, the second time she came was another compare to the first this one hot both and caused one to nearly loose herself.

Naruto licked her juices in a frenzy making sure not to waste any; looking up at her he could see that her eyes had rolled back into her head, heart rate 150+ he couldn't have her fainting. Lifting his hand above his head he slammed it hard down on her ass causing her to stop her frantic cries of ecstasy and stay silent struggling to gain her breath back.

Naruto had lifted her right plump ass of the couch; only thing on the couch now was her panties and head. Her back arched while her love juices ran down her back Naruto placed her on the floor and unzipped his jeans.

The pulled out his dick and pointed it towards her face. A single instruction left his mouth.


Tsunade moved to do as commanded and started. She wasn't good didn't live up to the name of the legendary sucker. But who could blame her she was barely awake. She tried to get her mouth to take in his cock but being 3 inches wide and 8 long it was difficult. Licking the tip she used her vacant hands and gripped his balls and gave them gentle squeezes and she struggles to take him into her throat. Pulling out you could hear her gargling on her own saliva and loud pops where heard whenever she took him out her mouth.

Naruto now thinking that she isn't in the best condition to being anything but taking it says a few words that meant allot more to this women now than they ever did before.

"Make yourself comfortable."

Tsunade tried miserably to lie on her back. Showing her swollen clit and dripping pussy. She summoned a large amount of strength to lift her beautiful legs and grabbed them with her elbows. Right now the one of the words most strongest shinobi looked like a $2 whore begging to get some.

Naruto being as kind as he is didn't want t disappoint her. Lining himself at her entrance he bought his head to hear ear and whispered and few words that felt like a huge burden had been lifted.

"I'm going to cherish you."

One swift back movement to build up speed and then pounded into her making her scream loader. Naruto because was feeling like he was in a dream but now he is ecstatic and just felt like this is a very good place to be in time right now. He pounded into here several times. Each one bring here closer to her orgasm by the tenth she came. She didn't have enough strength to stay awake but tried her best to for her new partner. She drifted in and out of her reality.

Tsunade could feel his cock grinding inside her. Tension building and fell again and again. Him speaking to her this way treating her that way made her feel loved. Being in her early 50's she thought that he would be able to fit in smoothly but he's stretching me out and this feeling is one of the best you can have. Wondering were else they could do it, knowing there were going to be more movie sessions in the future. Lying back while being fucked really was great.

Naruto who had been pumping live a dg for the last 20 minutes left like he was reaching his limit but dint want to since she was out right now so decided to play around and shift her onto a different angle. Since he was giving it like a dog she might as well have taken it like one. Rubbing her clit from behind just brought some here delightful moans back but she needed more t come back. Spanking crossed his mind as well as having to combine it with the lighting element again. So he did like clockwork every time one came down on her wide, pump, jingling, pale ass the other hand lifted to come right back down again.

4 minutes if getting spanked made her ass, bright red, swollen and oww yes no more jingling for you. The sweet intoxicating combination of pain and pleasure bought her crashing back into reality followed by her howling screams.

Naruto looked down at her back and realised that it could do with some art work flipped her over and said a few more encouraging words.

"When you wake up tomorrow use the birth control jistu, I'm going to cum streams right now." Closing the distance between them he kissed her."I love you, but I need you to beg for my cum."

"ju...plea..fuck." struggling to speak the sweaty, mature hokage gained some of her breath back. "Please fill me up Nar..."

She was cut off by the sudden powerful thrust that came over and over again. Naruto was finally coming the first time since the end if the war and his hot seed hammered against her walls. Penetrating into her womb to conquer it. Pulling out wasn't an option for this blonde while coming he needed more and squeezed down on her tits, hammered her pussy and kissed her with more lust than he thought he had.

There was so much of his seed even this him still stretching her out and him being implanted in her there were still large quantities leaking out. Never in her life would she have thought she could feel so happy, so fulfilled. However she was thanking her gods that her master had woke her up for his big final because that really did make her loose her mind. She fainted into a blissful dream with a reached smile, loose, full pussy and overall her vitality refilled.

Naruto only Cumming once wasn't enough for him but could clearly she that if he woke her up than she won't be waking up again. Just as well now he's thinking up of new ideas better ones. Tattoos, when what kind. Where was he going to train her and how was he going to it was just going to take too long.

Picking his women off the floor and broken coach he took her to his bedroom and laid her on his bed. He got changed, showered, went shopping and came back with some cloths because the ones she came in were in pieces. The cloths got him thinking maybe she needed a new faction statement, one that said my BF was too lazy to imagine me naked so has me half naked most times. Placing her cloths up on the door for her to see the next day he pulled out his dick moved over and used her breast as toys and when he was about to come he got her panties came in them and the rest landed on her face, neck and breast. Looked like a pearly necklace.

"I should tell her that. Oww tsu-chan we going to be having much more fun. Wonder who I should tell."

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