Naruto sat in his garden the sun shining above his head with a felt tip in his hand scribing on a sizzling busty blonde. For the past five minutes he tried to think of everything he could to write on her. He thought of some good ones such as; the hills have size which he thought was quiet funny, chief slut, whore, cum bucket the list continued but his mind dried up fast.

In just five minutes he ran out of ideas and was starting to write ramen flavours afraid that he wasn't putting enough effort into thinking which could hurt her feelings. As he continued to scribble down his favourites flavours Tsunade picked up on what he was doing, after all she could feel what he was doing.

"Ran out of ideas?" asked Tsunade

"Umm, yeah I have sorry. I just can't think of anything else but I did write some good stuff, here look." Shouted Naruto.

"I know I can feel what you are writing its ok, I have one idea that I haven't been able to get out of my head for the last couple of days. Could you right cum queen for me?"

"Cum Queen had a nice ring to it, you're not as innocent as you look."

"Judging by what you wrote both of us are too far to adult to be called innocent. I just think that the hills have size is quiet funny how did u think of it?"

"It came to my head what about yours?"

"Same, so are you done?"

"Yeah, shall we go?"


As both of them got up a cool breeze came brushing past causing Goosebumps to cover their skin. Smirking Naruto took off his orange jacket and placed it over Tsunade's shoulders. Walking into his house and continuing to his bedroom, on his journey he held Tsunade's hand and he could feel that she wasn't holding him as tight as she normally did.

Turning the corners to his room he looked at his side, Tsunade looked tired a bit worn out, her delicate features seemed to be slightly worn out.

"She must be tired. Well anyone would after what she's been through today. Might be better if I just let her sleep. Tomorrow is as good as today so she might as well just get some rest before then."

"Come inside Tsu-chan." Naruto said as he entered his bedroom holding the door open for her.

Tsunade walked in with her eye lids wearing her down, allowing her blurring vision to take the sideline as her ears took over. Listening she found her way to the bedroom and as if she was autopilot she went straight for the bed ignoring Naruto and lied down.

The moment her head fell on the pillow she was out cold, Naruto moved towards her pulling the blankets from underneath her and then placing them over her. Giving her a kiss on her fore head before he left he looked down on her once again. She really was worn out, not giving him a kiss or anything which did annoy Naruto but only in the lowest possible scale.

It was 6 in the afternoon and he was no ware near tired, getting dressed and taking the back exit to his house he headed to some new sweet been place that everyone was going crazy for. The place was booked around the clock but he bought a VIP pass before it opened and booked himself in every week or so.

Making his way there he wondered if they were handling the whole Sakura business the best way that he could. He could just talk to her he didn't need to kidnap, threaten for prove something to her. She did mean something to her but she didn't mean so much that he wanted to ruin his relationship with Tsunade.

If he talked to her it would be more humane; feelings would be hurt, could take longer but then the process of telling her would just be awkward. Kidnapping her would make her angry and if she was angry she would just stay angry until she would get what she wanted. They could simply ignore her until she got the message and left but the chances of that happening are so low. He would never leave Tsunade no matter how long he couldn't have her.

If he talked to Sakura alone that would just make things worse ... they would just hype each other up. If Tsunade talked to her then she would make a move and then when it failed she would feel like shit. So many options so far and he still wasn't done listing them. He sensed that no matter what he chose to do Sakura would be left hurt.

"I could split with Tsunade and let them be together ... I ... I ... Fuck her."

Arriving at the new hit restaurant in Kanoha and he saw just how many people were trying to book a place or try and get one now. Many of them were making their way out after realizing if they didn't have a place then they would never get in at this rate. Striating his back and putting on a smug smile he strolled past the crowd allowing everyone to know that he was going to get in.

Taking the VIP pass out of his pocket he presented it to the closet employee he could find.

"Sir you have to show that man over there, I'm on a brake."

The part of the crowd that was watching him started to crack up, making jokes and his expense. Naruto walked to the man at the door that he was meant to show his VIP pass and he done so but his head lung low. The people continued to laugh at him but they would stop the moment they knew it was him; the henge had some bad points to it.

Handing the pass over he placed the same smug grin on his face and turned to face the crowd to mock them. He was doing to get in while they were waiting in the cool night air. As he laughed at them and received insults and some mad eyes he saw Anko in the middle of the crowd laughing at him.

"Hey ermm give me one minute I need to get someone, don't forget this face."

Making the way back to the crowd most got the wrong message and moved back not mentally prepared for a fight. As the crowd parted Naruto came closer and closer to Anko.

"Want to come inside with me?"

"No thanks you're not really my type."

Moving closer to her only a few centimetres separated their lips.

"It's me Naruto, just come in."

Undoing the jestu over his eyes they returned to the deep sea blue so she could use that as proof that it was him.

"Wow you should have just said that."

Placing her arm around his and walking along with him to the restaurant. The crowd started to mutter under their breath about the sudden date that he just got. Most of the women were filled with envy but the men were filling with jealousy. He got some seriously hot chick in only a couple of seconds.

Arriving back at the desk the man took them in to show them to their table. It was in the corner at the back of the room. It was one of those pots that it was hard to see in but so very easy to see out of. They took their seats and waiting for the waiter to come to take their order. Sitting in the awkward silence for a bit before they started on their small talk.

"Sir Madam what may I get for you this evening?"

"I'll have the special and some dango's on the side." Replied Naruto.

"I'll also have the special and I would also like some dango's on the side but I also want to have some sweet been soup on the side."

"Very good."

Taking the menus back he left them alone with each other. They never really talked to each other. Naruto knew very little about her and Anko knew less. Well not less just the same as everyone else.

"So Naruto how was your day?"

"It was alright what about you and Kakashi?"

Taken back by this comment she knew for a fact that no one could have known about them she made Kakashi promise not to tell anyone but if Naruto knew then who else could have told him. He could have sensed it he was really good at that right now.

"So how long have you known?"

"Well I was their when Kakashi broke up with Tsunade by the way I'm the one that's giving it to her now." Naruto said in a slightly horny tone and an evil smile on his face.

"Well that's a lot to say to someone that you don't know that well. So why tell me?"

"Well because someone is threatening my relationship right now and I think you could help. Well not that really I just don't have anyone to talk to about it apart from Hinata. Yeah before I forget I'm also with her their sharing me."

"Sharing you? You mean the Hokage and the shy timid girl that's had a crush on since she was like, like ermm some little pubescent kid?"

"Yeah I need to you to listen to my problem and when I'm done I think I might have thought of something better than what I have now."

"Yeah sure I'll listen"

As Naruto started to explain everything in their relationship since the start, the very start he went back years and when he was back to the whole Sakura business he heard a bunch of wow and ahhs from Anko. This was fine it showed that she was listening. By the time he was done he had eaten the special and only had one more dango left while Anko had eaten everything and was now just waiting for the story to end.

Taken the final sip from his glass he was done. He told Anko everything and he didn't get any new ideas. Thinking he should start again and then he could get a new one.

"Well Naruto I think you should tell her plain straight. No matter how you handle it you are going to hurt Sakura and if you make some kind of long plan it would have the same result. But if you tell her straight out then she will at least know that you cared enough for her to tell her straight which could help her. If that doesn't work then just smack her over her head until she gets it."

"Ok ... did you do that with Kakashi? You know smacking him over his head?"

Blushing "shut up it doesn't mean anything to you."

"Ok, ok fine but how are you two doing?"

"Fine, well not just fine were doing really well. Going to get married soon in three months time. Also going to have a child on the wedding night."

"Wow your pregnant? If that why your getting married?"

"No, were going to conceive the child on the wedding night."

"So you two have done it?"

"No that's not how I was raised. What about you two, sorry you three any plans?"

"Well not right now but hopefully soon."

"Well good luck with that Naruto I have to go now its 8 and I need to get home and get a foot massage which is so relaxing. So is a back massage but the best is the whole body ones. Hope to see you soon come back if you have another problem."

Getting up she put her black fur coat making her look like some pimp, making her way out leaving him with the bill. Taking his frog wallet out he paid for their meal and ran to catch up with Anko.

"Anko what you said about marriage, children and sex. Are you still a virgin?"

"Well Naruto not for much longer and back off its sounds like your making a pass at me."

"Ok, ok sure but don't tell anyone about who I'm with I might not scare you but I'm with someone that does."

"No need for the threat I won't tell anyone as long as you don't tell anyone before I do."

"Bye, and thanks for the advice."

"Yeah bye Naruto."

Turning their backs on each other they leapt to the nearest rooftop and made their ways back home. Naruto could not argue Anko was right about the Sakura think there was no way to handle it that would cause her to be happy. He needed to sit down and talk with her but he wasn't sure that Sakura would want to be in the same room as him at this time of the day. It would just be better if he practised what he was going to say and then come back to her tomorrow when his mind was fresh.

"Can't believe that Anko is a virgin. Damn I really didn't see that one coming. Now back to home and let's see if Tsu-chan would like a message as much as Anko."

Arriving at his house he could see the light on in his room indicating that she was awake. Opening the door and rushing in he entered the bedroom and saw Tsunade still sound as well in the bed her small delicate features had started to regain their full glory. Sliding into the bed with her the cuddled her slowly the heat produced from each other transferred to each other keeping them warm under the covers.

"Tomorrow is going to be a big day for us. Get some rest Tsu-chan we have our love to prove." Whispered Naruto into her ears and as if she was awake she nodded her head in agreement.

Closing his eyes he let himself fall into his dreams wrapped in comfort.

The next day.

As the morning came to being the sun shone down on Kanoha one of the best villages in the world that had weather this good others were more for civilians which is why it wasn't the best. The sun's rays made their way through the window to his bedroom and rested on Tsunade's face causing her to awake from her dreams.

"What time is it?"

Looking around for the clock in his room which she could not found she got up to look around the house for the time. It would have been better if she just got a watch. Taking Naruto's arms off her and made her way to the living room. Walking around the house she realised that she had never been upstairs. Every time she came to his house she had only stayed on the ground floor never going up and when she spoke to Hinata she also never been up. Curiosity got the better of her she turned to climb the stairs when she knew that there was probably nothing up there. If there was then he would have taken her up and showed her and also everything that he needed was downstairs he had no reason to go up stairs.

Entering the kitchen she saw that the time was 7:30 AM this had to be the earliest she had woken up in weeks. Not sure how she was meant to spend this sudden gain in time she could either cook or have a shower. She didn't want to have a shower because what he had written on her would wash of and she wasn't in the mood for breakfast she only had a hunger for something else. Something only Naruto would be able to give her.

Returning back to the bedroom to check if he woke up and to her disappointment he hadn't woken up from his sleep yet. Crawling under the covers to and reaching for his boxers his hard dick hit her on the forehead. At his age it was normal to wake up with morning wood. Taking the tip of his cock into her mouth she sucked on it lightly causing Naruto to filch in his sleep. Brushing her tongue on the tip she continued to work on his oversized tip. Gathering saliva in her mouth to cover is cock with she took a deep breath before trying to force the rest of it down her throat. She went 4 inches down him when she felt the tip hit the back of her throat resulting on her to gag. Retreating again and forcing it down her mouth the same thing happened.

By now Naruto had started to wake up from the activity shifting his body weight to his arms he looked up at what was making him feel so good. Looking at the two large bulges under the covers which could have only have been from Tsunade's head and ass he sat back letting her swallow him up.

Feeling his cock slide into her warm and wet mouth, he felt the familiar feeling of her teeth lightly tickle him as he passed though her and then when the tip was about to reach the back of her throat he felt the temperature rise higher than in her mouth and then he waited for the his favourite part. Waiting for him to feel his dick touch the back of her throat and while touching it slide down and all he could do at that time was try his hardest not to come. But when he did finally touch it he felt her suddenly tighten around him which was fucking amazing and then spit him back out.

Under the covers he could hear her coughing and again Tsunade picked his cock up and swallow him. The same thing happened again just before he was going to slide down he felt her gag, pull out and then he waited for her to couth. Taking the covers of them Naruto looked at a teary Tsunade it was kind of hard because his cock took up half her face.

"What's wrong Tsu-chan?"

"I don't know just before you hit my throat I gag and pull out because I feel like I might throw up on you. I think that Sakura might have done something o me. When I was with her last time he did do something to me. I think she restored my gag reflex."

"You can do that?"

"Yeah you can get rid of it as well and placing it on someone."

"Ok... so you can't swallow me anymore?"

"No I tried to reverse it but it won't work only Sakura can undo this one."

"Ok... could you get on you back?"

"Why I can still make you cum with this" she demonstrated what else she could use to pleasure him." I could also just suck you of like so many other people."

"No it's ok so you going to lie on your back?"


Lifting her and resting on her back she made her way to the top of her bed and waited for whatever he was going to ask next.

"I went shopping yesterday and I got something for us. I know you are too embarrassed to actually tell Sakura that you're with me and I bet the thought of having sex in front of her didn't even cross you mind did it?"

"In front of her?"

"See I know you quiet well now. So I bought this a camera. It's meant to be able to record anything and then you can watch it later. So if we make a tape for her then we won't have to do it in person. What do you say?"

"So it's like a TV you can just put something in and watch it for latter?"

"I think you mean a recorder don't feel bad you are older than me so you might not get it at first bit don't worry I will make sure that you do."


"ok we just say how we really feel about each other to this camera and then we'll send it to her and we don't have to do it in person what do you say to that? Huh it cost a lot but I think it's worth it."

"Ok so shall we put on cloths then?"

"No then how will she be able to see what I think about you?"

Feeling slightly annoyed at how she was the dumber one in this situation she took a seat and crossed her legs so that he pussy wasn't on show as she tried to get her message across to Sakura. Naruto sat beside her as they were being filmed and he also gave his thoughts about her. Both poured their hearts out to this message so that she would understand what they had meant more to them than anything else in the world.

Tsunade said her part in an absent mind she knew the words where leaving her lips and she knew they were the ones she chooses but what she didn't feel was joy. Tsunade didn't feel the joy about this whole thing being over, the feeling of her disciple being crushed was weighing her down. Focusing most of her mind on a way to find a better way than this. If she spent the rest of the year she believed that she wouldn't have thought of something this good but she had to give it a try.

"Naruto I think I should just tell her. Let me speak to her and when it's over I'll come to you."

"So what we going to do with this camera? Don't get me wrong I'm not angry about what you decided. It's just that I had to go into some shop and stand there for a couple of minutes just waiting. Shall I come with you?"

"No its ok I'll talk to her alone that way it might not that much of an effect on your relationship. I still want you two to try and be friends after this."

Getting of the bed Tsunade walked out of the room to the shower. Naruto sat down facing the camera that was top of the line. Wondering why he didn't think of asking her to talk t Sakura. He heard the shower spring to life and pour hot water out.

"Do you have any idea on how I should bring this to her?" called Tsunade as the water rolled down her body. It was a refreshing change having water glide over her skin. Feeling her muscles loosen up and her whole body relax was sensational. The sex was great but her body had to unwind.

"Ermm tell her that Anko is a virgin. No shit she is I had dinner with her the other day."

"Everyone knows that."

"Wait what. Everyone know that Anko the crazy snake women is a virgin. Her out of everyone in the world?"

"Yeah well all the women know. Well not all of them but all of the ones close to her it's just the men. When is the last time you ever heard of her dating anyone or anyone sleeping with her? She's a virgin she doesn't act like one when it comes to sex. And how she dresses."

"Fucking hell are you sure that she's telling the truth? I think she is but really her no sex?"

"Yeah no sex at all. She still hasn't had her first real kiss."

"That's fucking bullshit. If that's the case then Madora was born from a jar of jam ok, there is no that Anko crazy snake women is like a 12 year old girl. Are you sure we're talking about Anko the same one?"

"Yes she is really pure. Talk to sex about her and she leaves the room or lashes out. If you ever give her a mission make sure there are no possible sex situations. She's killed 21 people because she thought she had to have sex with them. That why I make kurenai go around everywhere with her. She can set out a genjestu to make people think that their doing it with her."

"No ... no way. No it can't be. Fuck this has to be a lie. Are you fucking with me her no sex, oral, kiss or anything?"

"Yes and please no matter what you don't try to corner her about it and ask about her sex life she's going to try and kill you. I asked once ... for a week she was obsessed with killing me and Shiznu."

"You know what I'm gone I'll shower in my old place. You asked for a conversation starter with Sakura maybe this is one you should open up with and then dive straight to the point."

As Naruto got up he saw a pink blur pass him and run to the shower. Reacting like every shin obi he chased after the blur and barging into the bathroom and a scream erupting from Tsunade.

"Fuck Tsu-chan what's wrong?"

"Why the hell are you hear?"

About to reply when his eyes focused on the person standing in the shower with their arms around Tsunade's shoulders. Realising who it was he took an offensive stance, he knew her all his life and never thought that he would have to stand like this to her.

"What do you want Sakura?"

"Well I have to tell you three things before I go."

"Well were listening and could you move your hands off her."

"Make that four things now.

I won't move my hands because you wouldn't do the same thing would you?

The second thing is that I won't be bothering your relationship anymore. Actually I wish you great luck and a happy life together.

The third thing was to ask for you forgiveness. If you're wondering why the hell is she giving such a lazy response it's because like Tsu-chan said I was just confused? I was asked out by someone and I dint know how to react so I went with the most dramatic one sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

The last thing is I'll be going now no hard feeling just write thing whole thing off as some kind of experiment that went fucking out of control. Wait not experiment rather a situation. I am sorry I was being a bitch and a brain-dead one at that. Hope you two have a happy life and the rest of that stuff."

Jumping out of the shower and onto the damp bathroom floor she made she way past the two confused adults before turning back around.

"By the way I'll be leaving the village for a bit will be coming back going to go travel with Sakuke. And Naruto Madara wasn't born out of a jam jar you baka. And Sakuke says something like wait one sec let me get this right. "Naruto I'll be back no out brakes". Ok I'll be of and Tsu-chan I knew how he felt about you no need to prove it but you should keep that on until you tell Shiznu. No take it off or Naruto is going to die. Also Naruto this is a communication scroll they cost a lot so don't mess it up. Bye you two."

"Just wait one fucking minute there."

"Wow Naruto a lot of cursing in the morning? A bit angry no sex?"

"Doesn't fucking concern you for fuck sakes? It's hard to stop when you start and why the fuck does Sakuke thinks he's leaving I told him to stay here and not leave.

"Well... Naruto... he's gone already this is a clone. Sorry."

"Wait one more fucking minute there."

"Your sounding like some old angry man now Naruto."

"What the fuck do you mean by I wish you luck? Ermm? Do you think we need it? No we fucking don't and I'm fucking angry because you ran in without ringing the fucking bell."

"Ok Naruto I want to dispel this clone."

"Were going to grow old together and have 10 children minimum just me and Tsu-himi. And to you it's Hokage-Sama to you."

"Naruto 10 children is a bit of a stretch considering."

"What you don't think we can FUCKING do it? Is that what you're saying?"

"This might take a long time. Why the hell does he think Tsunade-Sama can have children?"

"Naruto I'm sorry we can talk latter as long as you don't lose that scroll. See you soon."

"Fucking wait."

And with a poof of smoke the pink hard teen was gone from plain sight leaving an angry Naruto and a shocked Tsunade. Tsunade was so shocked that she wasn't able to even speak during their little discussion. Her jaw hung loose wondering on what she had to say next.



"I'm fucking hard down here and as my personal nurse you should fix this."

"Bring it here."

"I want you to swallow I don't mind if you puke I'm too pissed to give a shit."

The dominating tone in his voice put Tsunade on her tip toes. Her pussy moisten and her mouth began to salivate. Knowing that he wasn't going to be gentile he was going to force and completely own her this time. A couple of thoughts ran through her mind whether or not he was going to force it down or let her swallow him, if he was going to spank her or just rub her tight pulp ass. Thoughts ran across her mind and each of them related to sex and all of then had slight fear beside them. Wondering how rough he was going to be.

About to get out of the shower when Naruto leaped behind her and pushed down on her shoulders forcing her onto her knees and pulling down his boxers causing his dick to hit her square on the forehead.

"Yeah he isn't going to be going easy on me today."

"Spit on me and then swallow me whole I want it down before I'm fully hard."

"Sure Naruto-Sama"

Taking his order to heart and complying with his command Tsunade licked the tip of his cock and rolled the rest of her tongue down his shaft. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and his toes curled, no matter how many times he got head from her it was just a fantastic feeling.

"Ok take a deep breathe now Tsu-chan."

Following his order the Hokage took his head out of her mouth and taking a long hard breath she waited for him to take a better grip on her pony tail. As she thought of him forcing her down Naruto moved his cock further into her hitting the back of her throat and the first signs of her gag reflex appeared. Not waiting for her to get used to him invading her he pushed in further and when her felt like her couldn't push any further her pulling down on her head closing the distance between them.

What Tsunade was feeling right now was completely new to her, it was the first time in her life that she was feeling her throat being stretched and her insides moving to make space for him. Naruto's pole moved further down and finally the tip of her noose touched his stomach and the effect of deep throating caught up to her. Trying to pull away from him to breathe again was a failed attempt; Naruto was holding her firmly in place. Taking a few steadying breaths himself he started to move back and forward slowly, since he wasn't used to having her throat contract and relax around him.

Pulling out until he was just at the end of her lips he allowed Tsunade to take a much needed breath and continued to move back into her. The sound of her gasping under his dick could be heard and the cold feeling of her saliva rolling down the corner of her mouth could be felt by both of them. Her eyes were closed tight probably trying her best not to through up. Even if she wanted to Naruto wasn't moving and inch back anymore her continued to plant himself further in her. Her shoulders shock the way they did just before she was about to be sick and noticing this Naruto grabbed her attention.

"Tsu-chan look up."

Struggling to open her eyes she left them tightly shut. Naruto called again and this time moved further in implying that if she didn't look up soon then she was going to be a lot more uncomfortable. Summoning the last of her courage she opened her eyes to a tiny squint and looked at him.

Her teary eyes and ruined make up was a sight that bought Naruto over the top, her large light amber eyes poured tears out which rolled down her cheeks along with her mascara. Coughing out small amount of carbon dioxide Tsunade held her gaze with Naruto.

"Relax Tsu-chan ... ahh ... you know how long I take to cum ... just ... get ready."

Panting Naruto slowly began to for himself back in but this time he took more consideration since he made eye contact he could see that she was happy to do it but what uncomfortable in this position. Reaching the back of her throat Tsunade shut her eyes tight and creased her face in concentration trying not to be sick. Taking the lead she forced herself further in. Since he forcing himself this far and her taking the lead made it slightly more easer, just slightly easier to swallow him whole.

If he started to face fuck her then she really would be sick. Wondering why Sakura had to do this and why she didn't fix this before she left pissed of Tsunade as much as it did for Naruto. Naruto hated the idea that the only reason that Sakura was with Tsunade was because of her messed but mind and not her heart. Tsunade deserved so much more than to just be used by some developing teen the idea pissed him more than he already was. Forcing himself further into her directing all his anger to him movements.

Naruto didn't know if it was the hormones, the situation, the conditions and circumstance but he was ready to blow his load into her.

"Tsu-chan I'm sorry but I'm about to cum."

Trying to nod her head in agreement Tsunade braced herself for the mass amount of cum that he was going to release. The more emotions he felt the more he came, the harder he came and she understood that quiet well. He stomach was going to be overloaded with him cum and that was going to be her breakfast.

Pumping himself slowly in an out of her at the start but the closer he came to Cumming he speed up and now he was rapidly hammering into her. Her eyes were wide open but her pupils were rolled back looking at her brain.

Naruto's cock began to throb in Tsunade's throat meaning that he was blowing him load. The first few shots come out fast and hard making the bust blonde flinch then they continued and not being able to handle the amount of cum that he was filling her up with she tried to pull out. Naruto in his own trance didn't feel Tsunade small hands push against his legs he didn't feel when she used her super strength to break free from his grasp. What he did feel was his cock rubbing over the surface of her throat and the cold air against his cock.

Naruto still Cumming shot some of his jiz on her face, hair, breasts and some even managed to slip of her and land on the floor which was going to be a hassle cleaning up. His cock continued t throb and shoot cum all over the blonde and by the time he was done Tsunade face was completely covered with his cum apart from one eye that was closed. Her hair didn't look like the beach blond that it was but rather thick white bumps around her head her breasts were a completely different story. Only a small amount of cum was on her breasts and the cum shone in the sunlight causing her breast to shine which was extremely inviting.

Falling back Naruto landed on the floor with a thump, panting her looked at Tsunade who like a goddess looked hot even under all that cum. Regaining her breath Tsunade moved her hands to her face and let the cum swim in her palm. Bringing her full hands to her mouth she drank his cum with a smile on her face. He could do almost anything to her and she would love it because it was something that he was dong to her and if the tables were turned he felt the exactly the same way. In her final handful of cum she made eye contact with Naruto.

"I have medical records for everyone in the village which means I know a lot about them even if I haven't met them. I seen Hinata's and I want to tell you something now ask I'm telling you something."

Listening at her upcoming order he wondered if she was angry at him because he just abused his trust. Well not abused he used her trust but in a way that would make her angry with him.

"Hinata does have a gag reflex and in her family the women have smaller lady parts than the average people this also included their mouths. It is rare for some of them to born without these qualities like her sister Hanabi is but she isn't so when it comes to it if you do this to Hinata you will not like what I will do to you after."

The look at Tsunade had him sent crazy signals of bloodlust and death to Naruto. Who understood well what she meant, he had to be gentle with a timid girl not just mentally but also physically.

"Calm down Tsu-chan I'm so much more interested in you than anyone else in the world; this doesn't mean that I don't like Hinata it's just that if I have to choose someone it will be you always. Don't tell her that."

"Naruto you."

"What I love you and I mean it I just have some crazy sex ideas and stuff. I love you so much the I just want to fuck you on top of the Hokage monuments so everyone will know where together. I want everyone to know that were together and we love each other."

"Thanks Naruto."

Getting up and moving closer to him she gave Naruto a small light kiss on his cheek.

"What shall we do now?"

Well you all heard what shall they do now? I finally found a way to split the chapters. I just do it when I stopped writing or when a paragraph ends. For those that are confused I was trying to end a chapter with no loose strings and that's when it came to me... that called the end. This is the last chapter that I will be uploading I have much more but it's deleted. No more chapters from now on.

Just joking I'll try to upload the next one in like 4 days I have to spell check and then I have to make sure that it's the right pick up from the last chapter so that it doesn't ruin the flow. Ermm sorry for the wait make sure you review, I want people to tell me what they think Tsunade is doing to do now.