Chapter 15

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I sat in the cafeteria and watched my children; seeing them interact with the other kids took me back to when they were small:

"The mail just arrived," Alice chirped happily.

The boys all ran to meet her as she joined our family on the beach―everyone still lived on the island―to unveil her newest purchase.

"What is it, Aunt Ali?" Masen asked excitedly.

Alice pulled a smaller box from the larger one. "This is a football." She held it out proudly.

"Wow," the boys said in awe.

"Can we play, Dad?" Stephen asked.

I nodded, "We sure can, buddy. Let's get all the guys together." We rounded up all the men of the family. The woman, who could've played, chose to sit farther up on the beach while we men played closer to the water. It wasn't a real game, mostly just tossing the ball around, teaching the boys how to catch and throw. It was one of the fondest memories I had. We laughed played for hours at a time; and almost everyday until moving here. I missed it and planned to remedy the situation.

"What's got you thinking so hard?" Bella asked running her finger over my temple and cheek.

"The boys first time playing football on the beach."

Bella smiled and wrapped her arms around me. "Yeah, that's a great one. Can you believe how well they are fitting in? Look at them, they're having a blast."

I kissed her head and smiled fondly at our boys as they laughed and talked with their new friends.

"You guys are seriously weird. No one is going to believe you're their siblings, if you keep looking at them like doting parents," Charleigh whispered.

We straightened up. "So, what brings you by our table?" I asked, looking at my daughter skeptically. Her attitude had been horrible since moving here. She was the typical teenager, and even though I was practically a teenager myself, and had the hormones to prove it, I hated it.

"Well, other than the obvious reason, of breaking you to out of your love bubble. I wanted to ask if I could go out tonight."

"Where, with who?"

She took a deep breath then quickly said, "A movie, with Todd."

"Excuse me?" I asked even though I heard her plainly.

She growled, "Todd Jones, asked me to go with the movies with him tonight. I told him I'd have to ask my parents. So, since technically you are my parents, I'm asking you."

"Technically, huh?" I laughed. Although, on the inside I wanted to rip this boy apart.

"Please, Daddy, you know I'll be safe. I'm stronger than humans, but I really don't think he'd try anything. He's a really nice boy, and he's so cute." She looked all dreamy eyed. I wanted to gag, but before I could Bella elbowed me.

"That's fine, sweetheart just be home by ten."

"Ten? Nine." I countered completely shocked by my wife's acceptance of our baby girl going out on her first date.

She rolled her eyes. "Ten thirty."

"Eight thirty," I smirked.

"Ten fifteen."

"Seven thirty."

"Ugh, fine I'll be home at ten." She picked up her lunch and walked off to her friends.

Bella laughed. "You're so mean."

"Nah, it was fun." I kissed her cheek loudly.

Bella and I sat in the living room of Carlisle and Esme's home. We were just about to begin our homework. I was glad that Bella was taking this so seriously. It wasn't hard for her in anyway, but she studied and did all her assignments perfectly.

"I'll race you," she said with a bright smile.

I quirked an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yes, I know if we would have gone to school when I was still human you would have beat me at everything. Now we are even, so I want to race you." Bella shrugged.

"What do I get if I win?"

Bella thought for a few minutes then decided, "If you win then I'll give you one thing you want. No matter what it is."

I looked at her with an evil glint in my eye. "Anything I want? Those are dangerous words my love."

She smiled sweetly, "And if I win, you have to give me one thing that I want. No matter what."

I couldn't help but chuckle. "And what is this one thing you want?"

"No, that's not fair. It's a gamble, take it or leave it."

"I'll take. Ready, set, go!" I said. We were off flying through our assignments at vampire speed. It was actually pretty fun. Especially when our family came into the room and started to take side. Bella began to elbow me and push me with her feet as we worked. I gave back as good as I got. She knocked me out of my chair, I knocked her out of hers. Our parents were laughing hysterically.

"Done!" Bella shouted jumping up from her seat.

I threw my pencil at her, "Cheater!"

"You're just a poor loser." She stuck her tongue out.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. "So, what's your reward?"

She hummed as she tapped her chin with her pointer finger. "I don't know just yet, I'll let you know," she said kissing my nose and practically skipping away. I groaned. I knew it wasn't going to be anything good...well maybe good, but more than likely to get us into trouble, of some sort. I just hoped that whatever it was that she didn't end up pregnant, I really wanted to keep my junk.

Ten minutes till ten O' clock Charleigh stormed into the house, slamming the door behind her. "What happened?" I asked shooting up from my chair.

"Nothing like you're thinking, I'm sure. Todd, was a perfect gentleman, but Alicia Graves his ex-girlfriend is a complete bitch!" She flopped down beside Charlie and laid her head on his shoulder. "Did mom ever have to deal ex-girlfriends?" she asked her grandfather.

He chuckled. "As far as I know your mom is the only guy your dad ever dated."

Bella spoke up. "You're dad and I had all our first together." Charlie gagged. Bella ignored him. "But, even though I have all your father's first. I did have to put up with a stalking bitch, Tanya. She wanted him and wouldn't take no for an answer."

"How'd you handle it?" our daughter asked.

"Well, my situation was completely different than this one. Carlisle got involved. I don't think this is as serious. His ex is a human." Bella shrugged.

Charleigh nodded but didn't offer any more explanation, and we didn't press her. We had learned long ago that if we wanted our daughter to talk that we had to let her be. She was much like her mother in that respect.

Bella and I had decided a few years ago that since our children grow so rapidly that no matter how many we had that we would take a day every once in a while and spend the whole day together, doing anything of their choosing. Charleigh was next up on the schedule; it would be good for the three of us to have some bonding time.

"Do I have to go?" Charleigh asked.

Bella looked a little heartbroken, but didn't let on to her daughter. "No, I don't guess." Her voice was soft and timid.

"Ahh, shit, now you're upset," Charleigh whined kicking the rock that was by her foot.

"'s just...since we moved here you've been distant. I was just looking forward to spending a day with you. I miss you." Bella shrugged bitting her lip. I could tell that she was trying to suppress her tears. Not that any would actually fall, mind you, but she was resisting the urge to let her eyes fill with venom.

"Mommy," Charleigh sighed wrapping her arms around her mother. "I love you, I do. I just feel so out of control. I want so badly to be normal, but I know it's impossible. I know you and Daddy have to go to school to keep up appearance, and you've been really laid back and not embarrassing, but I'm confused here." She pulled back and stared at her mother. She was just barely taller than Bella, so they were practically eye to eye.

Bella smiled. "That's how all teenagers feel, sweetie. I'm still a teenager in body. I still feel that way at times. It's normal. All humans go through what you are experiencing. Maybe not exactly, but to some degree. You should let us take you out. We'll go visit Ben and Angie or something. Get far enough away so that you won't see anyone you know. It will be fun."

"You'll treat me like a grown up?" Charleigh asked skeptically.

"Yes," I answered.

She nodded. "Okay, I'll go, but can we wait until this weekend?"

"Sure, honey." Bella rubbed Charleigh's arm then kissed her check. Charleigh ran off to her room while Bella and I sat down on the porch swing.

"Time moves too quickly," Bella sighed.

I tried to reassure my bride of eleven years. "I know, but we have all of eternity; she won't grow any more physically."

"I know, but she will have many milestones mentally. I want to be there for them all. I just wished she'd let me in. We could be friends. I wouldn't act all mom-ish."

I chuckled. "Bella, if Charlie wanted to be your friend and he promised not to be all dad-ish would you believe him?" I asked.

"That's different Edward. Charlie is old. I'm seventeen."

"Hey! I'm not old, I'm only thirty-five!" Charlie gripped as he stomped up the stairs. My mom followed behind him laughing.

"If you're old so am I. I have a year on you, sweetheart." Mom laughed.

"You don't look at day over twenty, my love," Charlie cooed kissing her softly.

"Not possible. She's had me and I'm twenty." I picked playfully.

"Whatever. Why are you talking about how old I am anyway?" Charlie asked with an eye roll. We explained the story to him and he laughed, telling Bella that I was right. No matter how young she was, she would always be Charleigh's mother and right now, she didn't want her mom as her friend.

"It's just sad is all. I want nothing more than to be her friend, or at the very least her sister, but she pushes me away. It hurts," Bella said sadly.

I wrapped my arm around my wife. "I know love, let's just give her time. You know we have a lot of that." I winked. She nodded but her mood didn't lift.

"How about the four of us go out and do something, Bells," Charlie suggested.

"And do what?" She asked.

"Let me be your friend," Charlie said reaching his hand out to Bella. He laughed at the sour expression on her face, then said, "Eat, what else? Unless you want to go shopping." Charlie laughed again as Bella grimaced.

"Well, since I'm the only one that can digest human food, I'm assuming you mean to hunt."

Charlie ruffled her hair and pulled her into his side. "That's exactly what I mean, kiddo. So how about it? You, me, Beth, and Mr. Sex Offender."

"What!" I shouted. Charlie burst out laughing.

"You said your twenty; my baby is barely seventeen, that makes you, in many states, a child molester."

"You're sick, Charlie, just sick!" I grumbled as my mom wrapped her arm around me trying to sooth me. She was very unsuccessful in trying to hide her giggles.

After everyone stopped laughing, at my expense, we took off into the forest to find our prey. After a few deer and elk each we had a seat on some falling trees in a small clearing. Charlie built a fire and we snuggled up to our partners. It was nice to just spend time in nature together.

"Have you heard from Alice and Jasper?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, I spoke to Alice the other day. They're going to come for a visit as soon as there classes end for the semester."

"They could come home anytime, it's only an hour run," Bella said.

"I know, love, but Alice wants to be like any other college student." I kissed her temple.

"Yeah, yeah," Bella dismissed. She didn't begrudge Alice for her choices, but she loved her sister and missed her terribly. "Lets go home I need to see the kids." Bella jumped up and took off running. We all laughed and followed after her.

Two weeks later:

Bella and I were naked on the living room floor of Charlie and Beth's house. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence when we were all alone. Carlisle and Esme had taken the kids to hunt, something they didn't require often, but was necessary. They weren't scheduled home until after dark, and Charlie and my mother had decided to take an afternoon date. Bella was on her fourth release, I was on my third, it was shaping up to be a wonderful day.

"Again," she breathed. I kissed down her neck then bit into her. I hadn't done this in a while, it felt wonderful.

I pulled back. "Change into human."

"No, I don't want to get pregnant."

"Do it," I demanded. She relented and I went back to my drinking. I loved the subtle change of her taste when she was in human form. It was more intense, more pronounced. It was enough to drive me into a frenzy of need. I thrusted into her roughly, seeking release but denying myself. I wouldn't allow myself to come while she was in her human form. With one last long pull of her blood I whispered, "Change back, now!" I couldn't hold back. She obeyed and my thrusts quickened until I screamed in my release.

"Why don't you have a seat in the living room, while I get you a drink." I heard my mother's voice and saw our school principal at the same time.

"Damn it!" I chuckled. It had been a long time since I had been so wrapped up in Bella that I hadn't heard people around me.

"Oh, my." I heard my mother say. Bella and I grabbed for the blanket on the couch to cover ourselves. "Why don't we go in the kitchen while they pull themselves together. I'm so sorry about this," she said sounding embarrassed.

"How did she not know that we were here? Where's my dad?" Bella asked.

"Love, I think you were blocking again. It's all right. It's not like she hasn't seen us before," I said only slightly embarrassed by my mother catching us. There wasn't much to hide in a house of vampires.

"Crap," Bella grumbled as she pulled her shirt over her head roughly.

"Get caught again?" I turned to see a laughing Charlie entering the living room.

"Yep. Bella I think you're still blocking. I can't hear anyones thoughts, and I didn't sense Charlie coming close," I told her.

"Shit! Damn it, I can't shut it off. My emotions are too high right now. What's the principal doing here anyway?"

"Ahh, well it would seem that the episode with Todd's ex was a little more than Charleigh let on," Charlie said sadly.

I grabbed my shirt from Bella's hand and shoved it over my head as I stood. "What happened?"

"Calm down, Edward. We can't go in there and demand to know. We are her siblings, remember?" Bella said.

"I'm sure the man is scarred for life over seeing the two of you anyway, no need to further his torture. I'll tell you everything later, or you can go to your room and listen," Charlie suggested.

We, of course, opted for going to our bedroom. We could hear them perfectly.

"Sorry about the children," Beth said softly.

"So, you two are okay with your children dating each other?" Principal Arnolds asked.

"Well, they've not grown up as siblings and really you can't help who you fall in love with," My mother said. I could finally hear their thoughts so I could see and feel how in love my mother was with Charlie as she looked on him adoringly.

"Even so, to allow them to do...that in your home...Well it just seems extreme."

"I suppose it could be viewed in that light, but I'd much rather them be open with us than sneaking around. Although, I don't approve of their chosen place," Charlie said, his face contorted in disgusted. Lies all lies he could care less. Charlie was the most laid back person I'd ever met, even more so since finding my mother. Shit, he didn't have a wife with blocking powers and he still didn't try to hide what they were doing most of the time. It was disturbing on so many levels.

"I suppose that's neither here nor there. I've come here to speak with you about Charleigh." Principal Arnolds adjusted his tie and cleared his throat. "Charleigh is a wonderful girl and a pleasure to have in my student body. I don't want you to think I don't, however, there is a slight problem between her and one of our other students. I don't want you to think my coming into students homes and talking to their parents is a normal occurrence, but I just wanted to give you some off the record information.

Alicia Graves can be a very violent person. She's been expelled several times and all revolving around a girl that Todd Jones has chosen to court. They dated briefly two years ago and she seems unable to let go. I'm only mentioning this because the last young lady to go out with Mr. Jones ended up several injured and in the hospital. I'm trying to convince Mr. and Mrs. Graves to seek help for their daughter but it's been to no avail." The principal finished his speech nervously, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a white handkerchief he pulled from his shirt pocket.

I wasn't worried about Charleigh it wasn't like this girl could harm her physically. I did worry about he mental toll it would take on her, but she was strong. Just like her mother.

"Thank you for letting us know. We'll be sure to keep communication lines open with Charleigh," Beth assured the man.

Bella and I headed down after he left. "We'll talk to her," Bella said.

"Let us handle this one, Bells," Charlie requested.

Bella thought about it for a moment before agreeing, "Sure. Come on, Eddie, I want to go check on our babies." Bella tugged on my belt loop directing me to our back door.

"Are you okay?" I asked once we were out in the yard.

"Yes, I think Dad's right. She might handle things better if it doesn't come from us. We all know she can't get hurt physically, and Charlie is very good at dealing out advice on handling verbal situations, so I think she'll be fine."

I kissed her temple and pulled her up into my arms bridal style. "I agree. Let's go tickle some babies." I smiled. She giggled and launched herself out of my arms and ran towards the house to scoop up her babies.

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