This is actually my first proper fanfic for Damon and Stefan lovers :) It's kind of like a continuation of TheFictionist's 'Blood Brothers'. - By the way, they are amazing, so after if you haven't read them, if you like this, READ THEM! :D A lot of thanks to The Fictionist for supporting me, (don't let your head swell up too much or it might pop :P)
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Chapter One:

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan sat, lounging against the sofa, while absentmindedly flicking through channels on the TV faster than human eyes could follow. His mind wandered towards the scent of lavender, wafting down from Damon's room.

No, it wasn't Damon's. It was Marian's. Damon's supply for tonight. Although Stefan wasn't repulsed to the idea of human blood anymore, he usually kept to his animal diet, only once in a while indulging in the pleasure of a treat. However, he didn't think that they both needed the unnecessary problems that Damon's one-night feasts brought along. Like, who was going to take said girl home after the night? Stefan. Obviously. Damon was always too drowsy to get up off his behind, after satisfying his hunger.
Which is why - after hearing loud shrieks (of delight) coming from Damon's open door - tonight was going to be no different.

665...670...673... Catching a few of the channel numbers, Stefan had an idea. Why not go from Channel 1 to 999? He vaguely remembered that Elena once told him it was something of a game for children. Well, he wasn't getting any older.

He'd already started, so he would just carry on. Instantly dragged into the simple task of finishing this, he was on 950 when someone flung themself onto his lap, startling him.

"Ooh Meester Salvatoree, am so sorry!" And the bundle on his lap started giggling hysterically. Stefan sighed. Looks like his brother was done for the night.

Struggling under the heavy bundle, he gently lifted Marian off his lap and placed her on the floor - standing, mind you. It wasn't his fault she was too woozy and toppled into him again, laughing like a hyena.

Making sure to keep the channel on 950, Stefan switched the TV off and turned his full attention on Marian. Damon always seemed to like the foreign types. Something to do with their blood? He didn't have a clue, he never really chose the human specifically. This woman was chubby and, by the looks of her, a prostitute. Her make up was smeared across her face and she seemed to have the irresistable desire to kiss him.

Every way he turned his face, she smooched his cheeks. Argh. Knowing his brother, Stefan was pretty sure Damon had probably compelled her to do just this. Stefan thought about complaining to Damon, but then thought better of it. It might not have anything to do with him, and he wouldn't ruin his brother's slumber.

Carefully extricating himself form Marian's limbs, he strode forward, calling her to follow. When he heard no sign of her, he turned - only to be pushed roughly back into the door and, before he could get away, kissed. On the lips. By slobbery Marian. Caught by surprise, he could do nothing other than weakly try to slide her face away. As time ticked on and she showed no sign of stopping, he gathered his strength and - none too roughly - grabbed her face and pushed it apart from his.

Stefan changed his mind; DAMON! WAIT 'TILL I GET BACK!

He heard Damon groan upstairs. Feeling pleased with himself for getting back at his brother, Stefan opened the front door and gently tugged Marian after him.

As he was closing it, he heard a chuckle from upstairs as Damon got his senses back.

Was she better than Elena?

Growling under his breath, Stefan slammed the door.