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Darkness was bad. Darkness was the enemy.

That's what Ventus kept telling himself.

But then…why did he feel so drawn to it?

Ventus was pure light, and Vanitas pure darkness. Vanitas was his enemy. And he was Vanitas' enemy. They could never be anything less—or more—than enemies.

So then…why was he drawn to Vanitas?

Every time he was near the masked boy, Ven felt drawn to him. Like his body wanted to be right next to Vanitas—which was a bit hard, seeing as they were always fighting when they saw each other. He knew Vanitas felt it too—during one of their confrontations, the masked boy had taken several involuntary steps towards Ven before regaining control of himself.

What was drawing them to each other?

There was this emptiness within Ventus that only Vanitas seemed to be able to fill. The closer Vanitas was to him, the more complete he seemed to feel. It was like being reunited with a long-lost family member. It felt so good.

But darkness was bad. Darkness was the enemy.

His mind couldn't seem to convince his body, though. It still felt the need to be close to the enemy. But he still had the willpower to resist. As long as he reminded himself who the enemy was, he could keep fighting.

At least…until they touched.

It felt like drinking a glass of water, after being parched for weeks. Like taking a breath of fresh air, after holding one for hours. The touch felt like liquid sunshine. And he wanted more. Willpower was no longer strong enough for him to stay away. When Vanitas left, it was like half of his soul was being torn out.

And so Ven went to find that missing piece of his soul. Even though he knew he shouldn't.

Because darkness was bad. Darkness was the enemy.

But his mind couldn't stop his body. No matter what Ven told himself, he couldn't deny his body's wish for that wholeness. It didn't matter that darkness was bad. It didn't matter that darkness was the enemy. He was willing to do anything to feel that happiness he had felt before. To feel that liquid sunshine he could almost taste.

But darkness was bad. Darkness was the enemy.

That didn't seem to matter anymore. Nothing else mattered but getting his fix. He wanted Vanitas more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. Ven knew he had felt it too. Vanitas had felt the desire when they had touched, and the agony when he had left. They both had. They both wanted to feel that entirety. That sense of completeness, only they could give each other. It didn't matter if they were enemies.

But his mind refused to give up. It didn't want to accept the fact that feeling whole was good. It only knew that darkness had to be defeated. And so it fought.

But it was outnumbered, two to one. His body had finally won the fight. They would finally get their fix. They could finally feel…whole. And it felt so good.

But this wasn't right. Even defeated, Ven's mind was still objecting to this feeling. And his body was finally listening. He couldn't be one with darkness.

Because darkness was bad. Darkness was the enemy.

And so Ventus broke away from Vanitas. He destroyed the only thing that had ever made him feel truly complete. The long-lost family member was killed. And the liquid sunshine was lost.

But that was okay. Because no matter how good it felt...

Darkness was bad. Darkness was the enemy.

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