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Chapter 1:

I decided to move in with my father so that my mother, Renee could have more time to be with her husband, Phil. Renee seemed really disappointed. She also didn't seem too fond of the idea of me going to a new school in the middle of my senior year.

I was very curious about Alaska. It would definitely be something new compared to Arizona.

I arrived at Charlie's in the afternoon and was greeted warmly by him. He filled me in on everything that has been going on. I also found out I would be going to school the next day. Why? I just got here?

I spent the day unpacking and the night letting him know what has been happening with me.

"Do you have a 'special someone'?" Charlie asked

I chucked, "No. "

He seemed relieved. I knew he was very protective.

"Well, I think I'll head off to bed. It's getting late." Charlie said

I nodded, looking at the time. I looked outside, seeing that it was still light out. I'm not going to be getting use to this anytime soon.

I got up, deciding to turn in as well. I took my shower and I got in my pajamas and crawled in bed. I tried to shut my eyes but they instantly scrunched at the bright light shining in my eyes. I opened them and noticed that the curtains were still open. I got up, frustrated and closed them and went to bed.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock on my cell going off. I turned it off and got ready for school. When I came downstairs, Charlie was sitting at the table reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee.

"Morning Bella. Sleep well?" Charlie said with a smile

I smiled back, "It will take me getting use to the daylight."

"Sorry about that.I didn't do too well wither when I first moved here either. Was that your alarm clock going off I heard?"

I nodded, "Sorry, I didn't think you would be able to hear it."

He shook his head, "No matter. I was already up. That is an interesting choice of ringtone to wake up to, though."

I shrugged, "I love classical music. It is very calming and relaxing, filled with emotion. Plus, it's better than waking up to death metal."

He laughed, "I've never been a fan of classical but when you put it that way, I'll take classical anytime."

After my breakfast, I went to my car that Charlie bought me. How awesome is he?

I arrived at my school a little earlier so that I can get to know where everything is at. After I believed I knew where all the important places are, it was about time to go to my first class, English.

It went by smoothly as did my other classes. I thought lunch would be uncomfortable

I had one more class to go to, Biology.

I made my way to the class. I guess I was the first student to arrive. I was greeted by the teacher immediately, "Hello, there. You must be Isabella. Is that correct?"

I nodded, "Yes. Hi."

"Welcome to the class. I'm Mr. Santiago." He said shaking my hand

"There is a seat for you over there." He said pointing.

I started to walk away but was stopped by him, "Oh wait! How could I forget? This is my assistant, Miss Denali." He said gesturing to a beautiful woman.

I gasped, beautiful wasn't even the appropriate word. She was beyond beautiful. She had long strawberry-blond hair that fell in loose curls, her flawless skin was pale white and smooth, her almond-shaped eyes held the most beautiful honey-colored eyes I've ever seen. Her white button-up shirt hugged her tightly, revealing her fit body. Her knee-length skirt flowed softly from the wind coming through the window. Her long legs were shapely, making my breath hitch.

I couldn't hear what the teacher was saying. All I caught was she would be helping if students needed extra help.

I finally managed to get my focus back on track when he asked, "Okay?"

Looking back at him, I nodded, knowing I didn't hear a word he said. Hopefully he didn't say anything too important. He made his way back to his desk.

I looked to Miss Denali again and she gently took my hand, shaking it. I resisted the urge to jump. Her hands were so cold!

"Charmed." She said huskily. I didn't know which was sexier, her velvet voice or her accent. I thought I was going to pass out. Never had I imagined that a voice could sound so musical.

"H-Hello." I managed to reply back. I couldn't fight the blush that was working its way to my face.

I looked into her eyes and saw that her honey-colored eyes had turn darker. When did that happen?

"If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask." She said with a smile

How my heart was able to keep beating was beyond me. Her smile was by far the sexiest I've ever seen.

Before I could reply, a swarm of students came rushing in. It was when Miss Denali let go of my hand that I realized she had been holding it the whole time.

Miss Denali went back to her seat next to the teacher, picking up a pile of papers.

I finally got my feet to move and made my way to my desk. I could easily tell I was not the only one who was attracted to Miss Denali. The boys in the whole class were as well. They didn't even bother to hide it. I could tell that Miss Denali couldn't care less. In fact, she seemed a bit annoyed.

As the class was getting started, I noticed that Miss Denali was staring at me. I tried not to squirm under her gaze. This was going to be a long period.

She watched me the entire class time but she made sure it wasn't too obvious. The only reason why I noticed was because I was watching her.

When the final bell rang, I gathered my stuff and headed out. I went to the student parking lot and looked up at the building on the fourth floor towards a window I knew for certain Miss Denali was in.

I put my things in the car. I hoped I was stable enough to drive home and do my homework. Biology was hard enough as it is.

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