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I used 3 other languages: all very minimal: French, Spanish, and Latin. Latin more than the rest, only cause I know more Latin than anything else, except English.



Here we are, standing on stage at the Graduation Ball. I still can't believe that I am a senior already. Graduation is tomorrow and then I will be joining my two best friends on a full world tour, both magical and non-magical worlds. The crowd began to cheer and I played a few notes of our number one song, "Headstrong." Ever since we started making music, we have had an following. At first, I thought it was the front man, after all he is quite the handsome man. Then, I realized it wasn't the members themselves, it was the music.

I guess I should introduce myself. The name is Ginervia Prewitt. This all started back when I was seven, nearly eleven years ago. I grew up with my mom and twin older brothers. My dad wasn't around; I didn't even remember his name, until my tenth birthday. When I was three, my parents got divorced, my mother taking my twin older brothers and me with her when she left. When I turned seven, my mom died. Leaving me nearly alone in the world, she said that I would be sent to live with my squib uncle, and his wife, in the Muggle world. It was there that I met my two best friends and I learned that I would never be alone. No matter what happens in my life, I know that they will always be there for me.

I feel like I should show you the very beginning... where all good stories start.

Prologue End

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