Okay... as you know, this fic takes place after Buu. All characters belong to Akira Toriyama and Funimation.

One Freaky Day
By Maria Cline

It had been six months since the Buu crisis ended. Oddly enough, almost everything went back to the way it was before. When Goku wished for everyone to forget Buu was a threat, it also made everyone (except for a selected few) forget that Gohan was the Great Saiyanman and the Golden Warrior.

Videl was still trying to figure out about the truths behind the lies she lived with all her life. She was also trying to figure out the odd people that are the true saviors of the world. Gohan, the Great Saiyanman, was the true destroyer of Cell. Goku, Gohan's father, was dead for seven years before coming back to life. Goten, Gohan's little brother, was far more powerful than her and could fuse with Trunks to become a much more powerful warrior. Chi Chi was the normal one of the group and she was a former warlord princess.

Videl sighed as she came home from her morning patrol. It was summer vacation and she and Gohan didn't have to worry much about school for a couple of months. Ever since that day, she couldn't help but feel so weak. Once, she thought she was the second most powerful warrior on Earth, but now she realized she didn't even make top ten. The fact that Gohan was the true hero of the Cell Games was almost humbling to her but her father still have all the credit.

"Hey, Videl." Goku said as he flew up.

"Goku!" Videl stepped back. She couldn't help but feel nervous around the super strong formerly dead alien. Goku looked almost identical to Gohan except for a slightly more muscular body and different hair. "What are you doing here?"

"I was just checking up on Mr. Buu. You know, making sure that he stays out of trouble." Goku explained as he grinned, "So, where is he?"

"He's off with Dad. Ever since everyone forgot about him being a supervillian, he fit in pretty well." Videl explained as they got in the house.

"That's cool." Goku said as he smiled at her. "So... how are you and Gohan doing?"

"Pretty good." Videl replied when the doorbell rang. Videl went up to the door and asked, "Who is it?"

A high pitched voice said, "Telegram."

Goku frowned slightly at the voice. **Where did I hear that voice before?** He thought.

The female fighter focused and felt two other beings with the telegram person. "Okay." Videl said as she powered up and opened the door. A small blue man jumped up and held out a white crystal sword in his hands. The sword was white with small rainbows radiating out of the blade. It was as tall as the blue man and was like a broadsword.

"Ha ha! You're mine!" Pilaf screamed as the crystal sword glowed. "With this magical sword, I'll sap out your soul and make you my puppet! *BWAHAHAHAHA!!!* And with you, I will be a step closer to being ruler of the world!" The sword shot out a white blast and held Videl in her place.

Videl felt her body froze. Her soul became jarred out of her body. She could feel her body numbing. "No..." She muttered as she tried to pull herself away.

"NO!" Goku screamed as he ran right into the path and held Videl in his arms. The blast struck him as well and the bright white light surrounded them both. Blasts of energy started going back and forth between the duo. No one noticed due to the irradiance of the powerful sword.

"Huh?" Pilaf looked down at his crystal sword. It started flashing and burned into his hands. "OUCH!!!" He screamed as he dropped the sword. It shattered in seven pieces on the ground and Goku and Videl collapsed.

"Oh no! It didn't work!" Pilaf screamed as he, Mai, and Shou gulped.

"We must leave, Lord Pilaf!" Mai exclaimed, "The police might come and arrest us."

"Damn it!" Pilaf exclaimed as he glared at the two. "I will have my revenge when I become ruler of the world!"

The three ran out of the house and into their capsule car, leaving Goku and Videl behind.


Goku moaned as he opened his eyes. His body felt numb and strange. "Videl?" Goku whispered as he rose his head. **Why do I feel so weak?** He wondered confused. The last time he felt so disoriented was back when Ginyu stole his body. **Oh no.** Goku thought as he looked around to see a tall dark haired man lying on his side wearing an orange gi. "What am I doing over there?" Goku muttered to himself as he sat up and looked down at his hands. They were feminent and much smaller than before. Goku looked back at the man lying at the distance and then at his hands. There was only one logical conclusion. "Oh shit... not again!" He wailed at the top of his lungs.


Gohan was flying around doing his usual patrols as the Great Saiyanman. After his father made his wish and made almost everyone forget that Gohan was the Great Saiyanman, Gohan went back to his tights. He loved saving people with his great power and helping others. The chance to show off his poses and flying around was a perk he reaped greatly.

Suddenly, a strange feeling came over him. It was a deep instinct that often tells him that something wrong. "Oh no." The warrior reached out with his mind and sensed Videl and Goku. But, there was something off about their power signatures. It wasn't quite what it should be.

With speeds that would rival lightning's, Gohan rushed to Videl's mansion and knocked on the door. "Videl? Dad?" Gohan asked as he knocked on the door.

"G-Gohan?" Goku's voice asked through the other side. "Is that you, son?"

"Yeah. I had this crazy feeling that something was wrong." Gohan admitted, "Is Videl okay?" Gohan asked as he tried to open the door only to find out it's locked. It would be so easy to just break the door down but he didn't want to do any damage, yet.

"We're both... fine." Videl hesitated for a long moment. "Is there anyone else with you?"

"No." Gohan replied. He was getting worried. He had never heard of either Videl or Goku sounding so nervous and secretive. Neither are the type that would hide anything unless it was something deadly serious. "Are you really okay?"

"No." Goku said, "Look, something happened to us and well... we don't know how you or the others will react."

"Dad, I'm a grown man, I think I can handle anything now." Gohan insisted, "Can you let me in, please?"

After another long moment, Goku sighed and unlocked the door. "Okay." Goku said, "But, I did warn you."

Gohan focused his power and slowly opened the door. Carefully, he walked in to see Videl and his father standing next to each other. A normal person who have only five senses would believe that everything was normal. However, Gohan can tell with his sixth sense that there was something wrong.

Videl slowly came up, almost in small steps. She stumbled slightly like a two-year-old child learning to walk again. Gohan's eyes widened as his eyes told him that it's Videl but his other senses told him otherwise. "Gohan, it's me Goku." Goku's voice said from Videl's mouth.

Gohan's jaw dropped as he looked at the man who looked like Goku. "Videl?" He guessed.

"Yeah." Videl's voice came out of Goku's mouth.

"Oh no." Gohan moaned. The last time anything like this happened was way back when he was a little boy and a nasty man swiped his father's body and put his father in a hideous purple body. This was different since Goku and Videl were both good people and reasonably normal looking. Still, the shock of having a girl as a father, especially a teenage girl who he liked very much. "I... I need to sit down." Gohan said as he went to a recliner and put his head in his hands. "How can I explain this to Mom? And Hercule?! Damn... oh damn..."

"I don't know." Goku confessed as she put her hands on her chest curiously. "I just hope she won't get too mad."

**Note** From now on, Goku will be refered to as 'she' and Videl as 'he'.


"WHAT?! VIDEL AND GOKU HAD SWAPPED BODIES?!" Chi Chi screamed as she, Goten, Gohan, Hercule, Mr. Buu, Piccolo, Vegita and his family, Krillian and his family, and Master Roshi where standing in Hercule's living room. After a series of phone calls, the group got together for this unexpected emergency. Chi Chi slumped down on the couch and sobbed. Hesitantly, Goku reached up and held her wife.

"It's okay." Goku said as she put her arms around his wife, "Don't worry, I'll get back to being myself again as soon as I can."

Chi Chi moaned as she put her head on Goku's shoulder. "It's not fair! You just came back to life and you already ended up in another body!" Chi Chi wailed at the top of her lungs.

Videl clamped his hands over his ears. Chi Chi's loud screams was much louder than before. While before, her screams were peircing now, it was like a group of rockets launching at once. "Ow! Ms. Chi Chi can you please lower your pitch?" Videl asked as he glared at her. "It hurts."

"Huh?" Chi Chi looked over to the person who looked just like her husband. "I'm sorry." Chi Chi whispered as she lowered her voice.

"That's okay." Videl said as he released his ears. "It's just that everything seem so much louder than before."

"It's those saiyan senses." Master Roshi said as everyone looked at him. Many people have considered him to just be an old perverted man but he is far more than that. He is also a sagely man who had lived 300 years as a powerful warrior before Goku and his friends came around. The old master nodded once and said, "Goku's old body has senses that are far sharper than a normal human's. Of course, Videl would feel somewhat overwhelmed and is very sensitive and Goku would feel less."

"That's right." Goku agreed, "I do feel... like everything's dimmer to me. Even my sixth sense is duller, but we should get used to it soon."

"Hold it!" Hercule boomed as everyone glanced at him. "Shouldn't we worry about something more important... say... getting them back to normal! I can't have my princess be a man forever! What about those... ah... Dragon Balls?"

"I used them to get everyone to forget about Buu." Goku replied, "I... don't know when will the Dragon Balls be active again."

"One year." Piccolo answered as he came in the door. "Dende told me what happened, Goku." Piccolo said as he faced Videl.

"Piccolo, I'm over here." Goku said as she rose her hand.

"Oh." Piccolo muttered as he faced Goku. "The Dragon Balls will need one year to recharge."

"ONE YEAR?!" Everyone exclaimed in shock. Gohan held his head as he tried to picture he and Videl as Goku. *flash* Image of he and Videl both posing in the Saiyanman costumes. *flash* Gohan and Videl standing in graduation robes. *flash* Gohan and Videl dancing together in matching tuxes with everyone else gawking. "I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!" Gohan wailed.

"Is it me or did I have a sense of deja'vu?" Krillian wondered.

"One year?" Videl repeated, as his face became filled with shock, "I can't be in this body for one year?!" Videl grabbed his hair as he paced back and forth. "I have the prom! Graduation! How can I go like this?!"

Hercule got up and tried to calm down his daughter. "Now, Videl... everything... will..."

The distraughted former woman let out a scream and flung back his arm sending Hercule flying through several walls.

"Ouch." Gohan muttered as they saw Hercule lie outside feet up.

"DAD!!!" Videl screamed in shock.

One senzu bean later...

"I'm so sorry." Videl said as Hercule was holding his head.

"That's okay..." Hercule sweatdropped and kept his distance.

"No." Goku said as she got up. "This is bad. Right now, we have three problems; 1. Getting our bodies back. 2. Keeping this a secret since Videl and Hercule are so popular. And 3... Helping Videl adapt to her- *his* body. No offence, Videl, but our bodies are very different and yours is much weaker than mine. Your new body is somewhat weak since you are still adapting. But, the longer you stay in there, the more you adapt and the stronger you are."

"Wait, you meant to tell me that Videl is still weak in your body?" Hercule asked almost dumbfounded.

"Yeah. You were fully unprepared and you were lucky to be alive." Goku said, "We have to get organized. Piccolo, you, Master Roshi, Krillian, and anyone else have to work on getting Videl and me back to normal." Goku got out a plastic bag and got out the crystal shards of the sword. "Here's whats left of the sword that did this."

Piccolo reached in and got out a crystal shard of the sword. Despite its broken state, it was still radiating great mystic power. "We can do that." Piccolo said, "If this sword is responsible, then we can figure out a way to repair it and recreate the accident." Then, the Namekian looked over at Mr. Buu and asked, "Hey, can you find a sword like this?"

"Hmmm..." Mr. Buu pondered as he picked up a shard and nodded. "No problem!" The demon reached into his cape and pulled out something that looked like a dowsing rod. "I'll find it!" He got up and walked out the door.

"Do you think that Mr. Buu can find another crystal sword?" Krillian wondered.

Then, from out of the Hercule sized hole, Mr. Buu cried out, "Ohhh! A frog!"

"Maybe not." Goku sighed as he and everyone else sweatdropped.

"My dad and me can maybe invent something to switch you two back to normal." Bulma added.

"Yeah! That would be great!" Goku exclaimed, "If anyone can do it, you and Dr. Briefs can!"

"Gohan, you, Vegita, Goten, and Trunks, you guys can help train Videl so he can get used to his new body. Hercule, you can help out keeping this thing quiet. You are great with the public and you can explain about what happened to Videl." Piccolo instructed.

Hercule nodded silently. He knew that if word of this got out, his enemies would take advantage of Goku and Videl. It could also expose the Z warriors.

"Ummm..." Goten rose his hand meekly. "I got a question. Can we help out finding a way to switch you two back? This is kinda weird for me."

"Sure! You can help out in any way you want!" Goku replied smiling her classic Goku grin but with Videl's face. Gohan shivered. That grin on Videl's old face was unsettling to him. "Now... one more thing..."

"What is it?" Gohan asked as Goku began to look uncomfortable.

"Where's the bathroom?" Goku asked Videl as everyone face faulted.

"I'll show you." Videl said as he walked to the hallway door and opened it only to see it broke by the hinges. "Oops." She muttered.

"Let me." Hercule advised as he led Goku to the bathroom.

In unison, everyone sighed and Piccolo muttered, "This will be interesting."

Then, Goku called out from the bathroom. "Hey! Do I have to sit on it?"

"Very interesting." Piccolo added.

To Be Continued...