Hellos! And welcome to the newest edition of the PucKurt Shuffle! :D

This one is for everyone who hails from the same city as this particular, namely because it's the same city as this particular author! ;)

So I will most definitely *try* to update this one twice a day, I make no guarantees, because I am working on other things, but I will *try*, and there will be 20 drabbles in this, as opposed to the ten that the others had.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!

Let's Play – Kristina Maria

Puck watched the pair as they danced.

They were so comfortable together.

He was a little bit jealous.

He sighed and went to get another drink.


'He's watching us again,' Blaine whispered to Kurt, who shuddered as Blaine's lips brushed his ear.

Kurt pressed himself against the other boy, getting a soft moan, 'he still thinks we're virgins.'

Blaine's hand traveled to Kurt's ass, and he gave it a squeeze. Kurt moaned, pushing back into the hand. They had done a fair share of experimenting and they had let the other take their virginity. Kurt had enjoyed bottoming a little more than Blaine had... well, okay, he was a little bit of a cock whore.

'Can we please invite him?'

Blaine was embarrassingly hard at the thought of being with both Puck and Kurt.


Kurt was practically bouncing as he ate dinner with his father, Carole, Finn, Rachel and Blaine.

If anyone noticed, they didn't say anything.

'We'll see you guys later!' Kurt blurted as he and Blaine made their way out. Finn and Rachel had already left for their movie.

'Have a good night!' Carole called back from the kitchen.

'You too,' Kurt giggled as they hurried to the car.


Puck pulled the door open, and was delighted to find Kurt and Blaine standing on his door step.

He had been expecting them but part of him had been convinced that they wouldn't show.

Kurt fairly launched himself at Puck catching him in a hungry kiss.

'I need you in me, now!' he moaned.

Oh, yes, this would be fun.

Baby if I tie you up
It don't mean I tie you down
I just like it to play it rough baby
and if you wanna bring a friend
He's more than welcome to join in
We'll have triple times the fun
Yeah, this night has just begun

I will be trying to get all the requested songs in, unless it's already been in Glee, or it's just way too depressing... like Whiskey Lullaby... that's just... depressing. So if you have any happy songs or ones that can be spun to be happy... let me know about it!