Bonus Track #03

'I'm going out Ma!' Puck yelled to his mother, who was watching TV with his sister, who should have been in bed.

'When are you going to be back?'

'I don't know,' he replied, before he slammed the door as he left.

Puck just drove, he had no idea where he was going, he just knew that he had to get out of the house and stop staring at his ceiling, the glow-in-the-dark stars only had so much appeal.

He found himself in front of the only music store that was open after 7, it was after 9:30 so almost everything else was closed. There were a few cars in the lot, and he could see people browsing through the collection inside.

He headed inside and went straight for the vinyl's. Like he did every time he came in to the shop, to find that one album that he had to have. Well, any of the Zeppelin albums, really.

When Puck's dad had left, he hadn't taken much, some clothes, some jewellery and the entire Led Zeppelin vinyl collection. Puck had loved them; they were the only thing that could get him to sleep most nights.

Puck's mother had gone out to by the cassettes and eventually the CD's but they just weren't the same for Puck. He needed that scratchy vinyl sound.

When his hunt was over, he had found some BOC and Floyd, but no Zeppelin, he turned to look around a little more and collided with someone.

Kurt Hummel was holding several vinyl's to his chest. The one that Puck could see was Zeppelin's "Houses of The Holy".

With a longing look at the vinyl in Kurt's hands, Puck let the other boy pay for his things before paying for his. Kurt waited for him and the pair headed out to their respective cars in silence.

Giving Puck a shy wave that had the jock mildly baffled, Kurt pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.

For the next three weeks Puck was compulsive in his visits to the record store. He didn't run into Kurt again and he didn't find anything to buy either. At school it was like their run in had never happened.

And then, on the Thursday after his fourth visit to the record store, Puck was having a miserable day. He didn't know if it was because nothing was working for him, his alarm clock hadn't gone off and his truck wouldn't start, or if it was because it was his birthday and no one seemed to remember, but he stormed into the choir room like a dark storm cloud.

He stopped short when everyone shouted, "surprise!"

The room was decorated brightly coloured streamers and balloons and there was a pile of brightly wrapped packages on the piano.

Brittany and Santana were suddenly on him, kissing his cheeks and wishing him a happy birthday as they placed a crown on his head.

Puck was floored and when he asked whose idea it had been, and Kurt raised his hand, as he stuttered out an apology and excuses about Puck looking really down lately.

Puck surprised them all by pulling Kurt into a tight hug.

He saved Kurt's gift for last. He got gift cards and clothing and games from the other's though Artie had given him a guitar servicing kit, which Puck thought garnered hug for the other boy and Sam had done an amazingly detailed scene with all the gleeks as video game characters.

When he opened Kurt's gift, he was blown away. There nestled snuggly in a box that was just the right size, were all the Zeppelin albums Puck had been missing. Puck had a vague idea of how much it cost.

It was insane, he knew it was, but he was pretty sure he had just fallen in with Kurt right then and there.

He handed the box to Sam who was trying to not fawn over them, before pulling Kurt into an even fiercer hug than the earlier one.

He had no idea how to thank the other boy but he figured he could start with a nice dinner somewhere that wasn't Breadstix and didn't have their friends hanging out giggling at them.

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