Black Cap: The End

'Why do I have to join them?' I asked my mother.

'Because I would like to help, and since I can't go myself, you'll have to do so.'

'But mother, I'm scared, what if in the end you end up alone?'

'I would have to deal with that.'

The villagers would kill The Wolf today, and mother wanted me to help. Since the last victim had been my little sister. Why didn't she go herself?

But here I was, carrying a pitchfork. I would help to kill the man who carried my biggest secret.

It was raining softly today. Gray clouds covered the sky and the forest was even darker than usual. Something bad was about to happen, I could feel it, but still I continued walking. I was walking in the middle of the group. Nobody talked and we all listened.

'Hello villagers!' a loud voice said.

We all turned around and looked at The Wolf. He looked sad and his clothes were covered in blood.

'I'm sorry for letting you go through all this pain. I've gone too far this time. It's my true nature, I can't do anything about it. I actually didn't want to kill the lovely Red Cap, yes, her charms even made me crazy about her. But I fulfilled my promise, that makes me feel sort of better.'
So he did kill Red Cap, for a moment I was afraid he didn't.

'What promise?' a brave villager dared to ask.

I knew where this was going, I slowly walked backwards. I tried to get away unseen.

'I was given the task to kill Red Cap, so I did.' Wolf said. He looked at me, giving me a wicked smile.

I knew it was too late and dropped my pitchfork. I turned around and tried to escape softly.

'I'll kill myself, but I want to ask something from you. Kill the monster who made me do this.

The girl dressed in black, who does look exactly like the beautiful Red Cap.'

Everyone turned to me. I ran away and they yelled at me.

'Goodbye.' I heard Wolf say.

I turned my head, The Wolf was lying on the ground, a dagger in his unmoving chest. I also saw the villagers, they were running after me. I ran for my life, but each time I turned around, they came closer.

Then something hit me in my back. I fell on the ground and cried because of the pain. Someone had put a pitchfork in my back. The pain was unbearable and I screamed at the top of my longs.

Soon everybody came to me, even the people who had stayed in the village. I saw my mother, she looked at me like I was the devil.

'You, my child, has done wrong. It's time to punish you for your sinful act.' my mother said.

She raised a dagger.

'Please mum, I'll be good. Please, please love me!' I screamed, but it was too late, the dagger was already coming down. When the dagger hit me I felt pain, even worse than the pain I was already bearing. It was just a small moment of pain, after that my soul left my body.

The End.