This is a one shot from my "New Experiences" universe. I'll probably do a few more... sort of snap shots of Maura and Jane's life. I like this universe, but I don't want to do another long series on it. So, you'll probably get one shots here and there.

This one is set after "Snap Shots: Getting Older"

As always, the characters aren't mine. I get nothing from this but the satisfaction of writing a fun story about two of my fav characters.

I would love reviews on this. Thank you for taking time to read this!

"Who was on the phone?" Jane called out from her spot on the sofa where she was trying to watch the Sox game.

"That was Alessandra. She called to tell us that she'll be home for summer break in two days." Maura joined her wife, settling with her legs draped across the other woman's lap.

"Yeah? Good. I miss her when she's not around. Janie called this morning while you were at yoga class. She said she'd be in tomorrow. I guess we should get the guestroom ready first."

"It would sound that way, yes. I take it Janie's parents are out of town again?" The doctor frowned, eyes full of empathy for the young woman.

"France. She said she'd rather deal with Frankie and Talia than spend the summer in France with her parents." Jane shook her head in amazement. "I can't believe it would be that bad. I mean, it's France."

"I believe it."

The smallness in Maura's voice caught Jane's attention, and she finally pulled her eyes from the television set to regard her wife. "Hey," she held out a hand, which the honey blonde took, "I love you."

A weak smile played on the doctor's lips. "I love you, too. I'm sorry, Jane. All these years, and it still bothers me how emotionally separate I am from my parents."

"I know. But… you know what? It doesn't matter because you are loved. Ally, Janie, and I love you every single day, my little ME, and we're not going to stop." At Maura's look, Jane stopped her soothing speech. "What?"

"You just included Janie in our family." The doctor's eyes twinkled with amusement.

"She is family. We both know it."

"The question is: Does our daughter know it?"

"If she's anything like me…"

"Which she is."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Right. Well, as I was saying, if she's anything like me, she knows it in the back of her mind somewhere, but she's going to have to do a few things first before she decides she wants to deal with that. I just hope she doesn't run Janie off before she gets it all figured out."

"Janie's not going anywhere, I'm certain. She'll wait, just as I did." Maura shifted to sit next to the salt-and-pepper brunette.

"Why did you wait anyway? That had to be hard." Jane wrapped an arm around her wife.

"Because I decided the moment I met you that you, my wonderful detective, are worth the wait. I was not wrong."