"The summer should be interesting," Jane commented as she slid into bed next to her wife. "Janie's not marrying that idiot, and she's interning with you. Ally'll be here, and she broke it off with Dan months ago, thank God." She settled on her back, waiting for Maura to curl around her per their usual sleeping arrangements.

"I liked Dan. He grew on me." Maura smiled as she breathed in the scent of her wife.

"I never liked him," Jane shrugged, "He was not the right one for our little girl. You think this summer will be the summer?"

"Do you?" Maura hummed a bit as she relaxed against the lithe form below her.

"No. Man, this is worse than some soap operas. The suspense is killing me."

"Jane, our daughter's personal life is not a television drama for you to watch for entertainment purposes."

"It should be. It's more interesting than half the crap on tv right now." The detective chuckled. "But, yeah, okay. I just hope they get it figured out before we're too old to enjoy grandkids."

"Jane…" The warning in the doctor's voice was tempered with amusement.

"Yeah… yeah…"

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