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Domino Effect

A One-Shot

Forever trapped into the prison that was once his safe haven, he sighed, often looking outside of the dirty, grimy windows that were his only portal to the outside world as he did so. The tower was completely empty, save for him and his droids. The Tower was in disrepair, just like him. One day the entire thing would collapse around him. He found himself looking forward to that day, looking forward to the day that everything would end.

The walls were crumbling, each day a little more worn, a little more broken. Just like him.

He had once thought about himself being one with a machine. He knew that wasn't true anymore. He was now one with the tower. They fed off one another, each hoping that the other would finally break down and would never be able to be fixed.

That day never seemed to come.


Show biz.

It sounds flashy, exciting, glamorous. In reality it is just a lie, another dirty little lie that he tells people, especially himself.

Show biz.

He should be living the high life with gleaming floors and big houses. Instead there's just a cramped, dirty, rusty cage that he locks himself in.

Show biz.

People should love him, should smile at him like he could fix everything. Instead they just sneer and mock and walking away saying, "How pathetic."

Show biz.

This is probably the closest that he'll ever get now.

One Man Zoo. The Freakish Wonder!


They come at the worst of times, always knowing precisely when she's starting to feel slightly normal again. Creeping along the edge of her mind they glide over the entrance, crack open her skull and manage to wiggle their way inside.

Once there they go to her brain, piercing it with their knives that sound like the voices of the people that she once cared about.

They follow her nervous system, all the way down to her heart, where they poison her bloodstream with memories.

It's then that her whole body aches, wanting all of the things that it thinks that she's giving it, when in reality it's all false and the intruders are laughing all the while.

And then, just like that, they're gone.

Not real. Just figments of the imagination. She thinks.

Afterwards she always, always, always just shivers, curls up into a ball, and weeps.


For her, always for her.

It's kind of sad, really, how he hasn't seen her in so many days that his heart stopped counting, and yet she's still the first thing that he sees when he closes his eyes.

Her face in the many expressions that it was known for bearing; the way she smiled at him in the way that let him know that to her, he was special. That he was somebody.

He felt, for a while, like giving up, just like everyone else. But she wouldn't have wanted that. She would have wanted him to keep fighting, to keep going. So he did.

For her.

A/N: Yeah, I don't even know what the hell this is. I wrote it with Astoria Goode (well, actually, she wrote most of it) after watching How Long is Forever? and she wanted me to post it, so I did. Don't expect anything else out of me for a while, sorry.