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Prologue . . .

"Prongslet, are you ready?" Sirius Black, free-man at last, called loudly from the hallway, making a certain potion's master cringe—in turn, making a little babe squeal in delight.

"Bloody hell, Black, must you be so loud!" Severus Snape snarled.

"Oy, language, you greasy git!"

"It's not like he understands!" a burst of loud baby babble interrupted the two before anymore could be said. Severus turned to the baby he was currently holding his lips twitching upward subtly before it was replaced by a scowl. Sirius watched this with bitter amusement.

It was already two months after the death of his best friends—and he's still a long way from forgiving Severus for ratting out on the Prophecy to Voldemort. But what's done was done. He had surprised everyone, including himself, by being mature about it. He only ever lost it when they implied that he betrayed James and Lilly Potter's location. He knew Peter was the secret keeper, therefore he knew Peter was the traitor—but no one listened to him, not even Dumbledore! He bore Snape's company because it was he who believed him.

They were currently situated in 12 Grimmauld Place. He was planning on adopting Harry as his own via blood-adoption and he was planning on making it official by going to the Ministry for the documents. Dumbledore originally wanted to place Harry under blood-wards through his last remaining relatives, The Dursleys.

When the Order thought that Minerva McGonagall went to observe said muggles alone, they couldn't be more wrong. He was there as well—not to mention his dear friend, Remus . . . and maybe Severus, but he wasn't so sure if the man's animagus form was indeed a bat. The Dursleys were nothing short of despicable. He vowed never to leave Harry there so long as he still has breath in his very being.

Sirius trained his piercing blue eyes on the potion master who was holding his godson.

The black gaze held softness to it as it watched the babe's concentration on tracing the man's face while mumbling more baby babble. 'Like a scientist observing a specimen.' Sirius snorted internally and continued to watch. The babe, Harry, was tracing the man's cheeks with his chubby little hands.

Severus was trapped in a Trans as he allowed the child his little amusement. Completely forgetting about the other man, he sat the child on his lap, bending slightly as he did so that the child would be able to continue with whatever he was doing and reciprocated the child's action with his right index finger.

"You look more like Lily . . ." Sirius was about to object, but wisely kept quiet. He had never seen 'Snivellus' be so gentle to—well, anything, let alone anyone. It was scary. Harry sneezed suddenly after some of Severus' hair flew to his face, making Snape chuckle lowly—simultaneously giving Sirius a heart-attack.

The moment was destroyed completely when the fireplace suddenly burst into green flames and a panicked werewolf stumbled in. "SIRIUS, YOU NEED TO LEAVE! NOW!"

Sirius jerked awake from the sound of his muggle alarm clock. He growled as he reached over and threw it across the room; smirking in satisfaction as the room grew quiet. Not long after that, a shy knock was heard before a face of a youth poked-in. "Dad, are you up yet?" Green eyes smiled at wide-eyed look of his godfather's face. When Sirius merely stared at him, he grinned. "Uncle Sev said it's your turn to take me to school~"

"W-what?" but Harry was already gone.

Severus Snape stood indifferently after eating his breakfast, which Harry cooked (to perfection, might he add). "You know I can just go to school on my own—" It sounded more like a question coming from the teen. Black eyes soften considerably when he watched Harry fidget on his seat.

"You know that 'that' is not an option." Shy lad, he always was, their little Harry. His hair had grown long, reaching the middle of his back—green eyes clear and vibrant as a pair of emeralds. They had fixed his vision using a potion (Snape's proud creation)—sadly, the scar that Voldemort had left was never erased. Severus sighed internally as he watched his pseudo-nephew eat half the portion of his already worryingly small breakfast.

"But, why?" The green-eyed teen pouted (unaware, it seems).

"Because, Harry, someone out there is out to get you—and we want you safe." He explained as he subtly added more rice on his nephew's bowl (via waving a wand under the table). The teen was quiet for a moment grabbing the pitcher of orange juice and pouring a bit of it in his glass. Nervously, but masking it without difficulty, Severus wondered if Harry noticed what he had done.

It was a hard feat, but they had decided that Harry needed to experience the normal life. Sirius was all for it, Remus as well—he was more than not persuaded to agree with the notion. Being the 'Boy-Who-Lived', Harry walks with the whole Wizarding World upon his shoulders. But being a boy—a mere teen, he was entitled to experience a semblance of normalcy as well. They had decided to tell him when they deemed him ready.

It doesn't help that the boy was emotional, slightly vertically challenged, and feminine in more ways than expected. But it does help them drive themselves up the wall in determination to protect the youth.

"Harry, love, if you're ready to go—" Sirius walked-in.

The Dark-haired potion's master glared daggers at the other man as the boy hopped off his seat and zoomed out of the room. "What?" The Dog animagus frowned at the look he was getting. "I was trying to make him eat more!" the other scowled. Sirius had the grace to look sheepish for a moment before grinning. "You're such a mother-hen, Snivellus."

Sirius ran out as fast as he could all the while laughing (a good thing too, since the wall he was leaning on was now impaled with a chopstick).

"Dad! You shouldn't tease him so much." Harry pouted as soon as Sirius reached the garage.

"But it's so much fun! You should try it!" the older man ribbed. The green-eyed boy laughed quietly as he opened the car door knowing that his godfather unlocked it as soon as he entered the garage. He always wondered how he did when sometimes he forgets the key inside the house—and as if on cue: "DAMN, I left the key in the house!"

"I'll get it." The teen volunteered as he closed the car door and jogged to the house only to be met by his uncle on the front door holding said car keys. He grinned at the man, receiving a 'fond' scowl in return.

Severus handed the key to the boy. "Have fun in school." He drawled.

"Wish me luck, Uncle—" Harry turned to leave. "I heard Ouran is filled with rich brats."

The potion's master snorted before going back into the house—hearing the muffled sound of their car pulling out, before driving away.

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