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"A wizard…"


"Like… a wizard?"

"Uh huh."

"Do you have a wand?"


"Does he have a wand?"

"Err, no, I think not. Do you, Harry?"

Harry looked up from his seat on the grass where he was watching the tiny dancing flowers that Draco conjured for his entertainment while he process all of the questions he wants to ask. "No."

Ritsu Kasanoda woke up before they could even transport him to the clinic and Draco was quickly bombarded with questions that he wasn't prepared to answer. In agreement, though, they all went far away from the school building for a sort of privacy for their conversation. They ended up sitting in the middle of a huge maze from within one of the school's gardens. It was quite secluded so Draco wasn't worried about anybody stumbling upon his little charms work on the grass in front of Harry.

The small teen was absolutely enlightened with the little daisies, it was adorable. That, and it calmed him somewhat from his earlier state of demanding answers. Draco had a feeling that Harry was very easy to please.

"This is amazing!" The blond turned to their only muggle companion. Ritsu was grinning widely as he was looking at both wizards. "That means you guys can do whatever you want, right?"

At this Harry looked at Draco and patiently waited for the boy to answer.

"Sadly, no." The Malfoy heir shook his head and he sat down beside the raven-haired teen. "We are bound to be tracked with our magic, especially us minors."

"But you just did that." Ritsu gestured at the dancing flowers with a confused frown.

"I didn't use any wand." Draco smirked. "They can only trace us through our wands; a spell that was placed there so that any adult would be able to keep watch of the youth while they are still… careless."

"By your smug expression, I'm guessing only few know about this?" Harry asked tentatively.

The blond couldn't help but chuckled at the question. Of course, not even his father knows about his ability of wandless magic. He would never give himself away for the Dark Lord to use.

"No, Harry. Only a few of my friends; Blaise and Pansy, now, you and Ritsu as well… I expect you guys to guard this secret well." He gave them a dark look.

Ritsu nodded eargerly, his grin back on his face.

"We shall have to keep this very secret, okay?" Draco sighed. "There is a law against us wizards telling non-magical people about our existence. If it was to be revealed that disregarded that rule, I'll end up in wizarding jail…"

Ritsu nodded again, this time in determination to keep his friend and his new friend's secret.

The green-eyed boy mumbled from his seat as he picked a small yellow daisy, which proceeded to hug his thumb.

"What was that, Harry?" The red head asked as he sat down in front of the two wizards, being mindful of the little flowers.

Harry looked up meeting their gazes with his own fearful one. "Azkaban is where Dementors are."

Kyouya returned to the third floor music room with an air of triumph. His plan for the shoot today was a success. Though he didn't expect Renge to switch crushes from him to Haruhi today, it was just a bonus for him. He saved the film reel that was used for the taping and was planning to make some merchandise out of it after editing out the violence on Tamaki's part. It wouldn't do well for them to have their president's reputation in ruins after all.

Reaching their club room, The Shadow King opened the door and calmly walked-in expecting to see Harry sitting on one of the room's couches—only to find the room completely empty.

Instead of calling out, walked-around the room to search for any evidence of Harry's presence… He couldn't sense any 'off' feeling, so he guessed that the teen was safe.

After 5 minutes of searching, all he found the teen's bag—inside was Harry's wallet, phone, pens, and notes. It didn't worry him though, knowing the boy, he probably was bored out of wits and decided to make a little adventure for himself somewhere near. All Kyouya could do was wait.

Harry was having a blast playing with the two teens. Kasanoda taught them how to play kick-the-can, and they were enjoying every bit of them game. He found out that Draco was every bit as protective as his Uncle Severus when he tripped and fell flat on his face (much to his embarrassment). There was a small cut on his cheek and it stung him a bit, but it was alright with him. The blond promised to tell him more about the wizarding world after school, and exchanged numbers with both Ritsu and Harry for communication. That's when Harry realized that he didn't have his phone with him and began to panic.

"Don't worry about it Harry, I have your number anyway, I'll send you a text message later tonight, okay?" Ritsu grinned at the smaller boy.

"I'll do the same." Draco smiled at the boy he's quickly coming to know as a sort of little brother.

Call it desperation on his part, but in a country where he thinks he's the only wizard existing, it's something to keep him going.

After one more hour of playing the game, the three of them finally called it to an end. Draco and Ritsu accompanied Harry to the third floor music room with laughter and a lot of playful shoving.

Reaching the door, Harry stopped and motioned for the two others to hush as well. He didn't know what made him do so, but he trusts his instinct—it hasn't failed him yet. That was how he caught Sirius 'ig in the Dancing Queen'.Good black-mail material, that one.

Draco and Ritsu pressed close to the door with the other boy.

"What are we doing?" The red head asked in a whisper as his face took on a slight apprehensive look.

"I don't know." Harry grinned at the annoyed look that passed by the older teen.

Draco rolled his eyes at the two and was about to straighten up when he heard the commotion inside the room.

"WHY ARE YOU BEING SO NICE TO HIM? WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT FROM HIM?" Haruhi's clear voice vibrated along the walls as she nearly screeched at someone.

"Why do you ask, Fujioka-kun?" A stony voice replied.

"SHE'S A BOY?" An unmistakable female voice sounded that could only belong to one Renge Houshakuji.

"Renge-san your voice hurts." Two voices joined as one in complaint.

"Ne, ne, you shouldn't talk about him when he's not here. It's very rude, you know. Right, Takashi?"


"LOOK—," Haruhi's voice returned. "I know you can make me disappear or whatever! But don't include Harry in any of your sick games! He doesn't deserve any of it!"

"And what makes you so sure that he doesn't?" The stony voice replied calmly, making Harry's stomach plunged with dread. "You've been with him for how long exactly, Fujioka-kun? What can you possibly know about him?"

Harry would have listened more, but Draco's hand prevented him from hearing the rest.

Green eyes turned to look at grey ones in sadness. The blond nodded solemnly at the smaller boy and led him away from the corridor. Ritsu and Draco shared a look before they parted ways.

Gathering his wits, Ritsu Kasanoda knocked sharply at the door making the occupants hush-up instantly.

"Is he the one that gave you that journal?" Draco asked as they sat on the steps of the entrance hall.

"Yes." Harry smiled at him, but his eyes were contradicting the gesture.

"Give him a chance, then. He can't be all that bad." The blond returned the smile encouragingly.

"Let's hope not. I kind of like him." The smaller of the two nearly whispered.

The blond bumped him playfully on the shoulder. "Oh, do you, now?"

Harry gave him a confused look before the hidden meaning of the words hit him like a tomato in the face. "I-i-it's not like THAT! Draco!" he fumed at the peals of laughter that the other produced.

"You, my dear friend, are SO easy to tease, did you know that?"




"Oh, so true~"

The two of them laughed so hard that they ended up leaning against each other.

Harry sent a text message to Sirius so that anyone from home could pick him up from Ouran using Draco's phone since his was in his bag, which was in the third floor music room. He didn't particularly want to go there to get it, not that he need to since Draco told him that Ritsu was getting it for him.

"But seriously though, I think you should think about it. He may like you back for all you know~" Draco piped up, making the other groan in annoyance.

"Draco!" Harry whined hitting the blond with no real force in it, making the other boy laugh again.

A moment of comfortable silence passed, Harry shifted so he was slightly leaning against hi new friend. Draco stiffened for a quick second before he relaxed and let the other boy lean on him.

"You're taking this entire magic thing quite well… You and Ritsu, that is." The blond stated.

"Don't get me wrong, I was freaked out." Harry confided. "But I remember my dreams…"

"Dreams?" The Malfoy heir asked as he leaned back on the railing for more comfort.

"I had a dream, back when I was—I don't know, about eleven, I think. I never forgot about it, it was so… real, you know?"

Draco nodded and stayed silent making it a signal that Harry should continue.

"I was in another world; I met you at that clothes shop, Madam Malkin's. But there was something different about you in my dream…"


"You were all kinds of bratty and nine kinds of snooty to everyone."

"THAT IS SO NOT ME!" Draco squawked indignantly.

"I know, but that was just in my dream." Harry giggled.

"I don't get it though…"

"What?" Harry sat up straight and looked at the slumped figure of the other teen.

"These dreams that you were having had been exposing you to the Wizarding World all along… And you're a wizard, too, though you still have to train your magic… Didn't you ask your guardians about this?"

"Well, no." At Draco's look, he continued. "I thought they were just dreams! I didn't even know that I was a wizard!"

"What's your last name?"

"Huh?" Harry looked at his new friend stupidly at the random seemingly out-of-the-blue question.

"It's Po—"

"Harry, Draco! I got the bag!" Ritsu's yells were heard, making them look up from the stairs.

"Oi, what took you so long, Mr. Blizzard?" Draco teased making the redhead laugh at him.

"I was interogated but I survived because I lied!" Ritsu grinned proudly.

"I see my Slytherin traits are rubbing off on you." Draco drawled making Harry snicker beside him.

"Huh?" The redhead asked making the other two teen grin at his expression.

"It's a house in a school in—bah, nevermind. I'll explain it to you better later." Draco nodded seeing Ritsu's eagerness for information.

There was a beep that interrupted their conversation making them look for the source, which was Draco's phone.

"Bloody hell, I need to get home." The blond quickly stood and ruffled Harry's hair making the younger teen pout.

"None of that, now—we'll see each other tomorrow, remember?"

The two teen nodded in agreement before saying their goodbyes.

As soon as Draco was out of sight, Ritsu sat down and gave Harry his bag. The other boy nodded in gratitude before placing the black journal he kept in his hands the whole day inside the bag.

"What took you so long, Ritsu-niichan?" Harry asked looking at the teen with curiosity.

The redhead's knees began twitching.

Earlier in the 3rd floor Music Room…

There was a sharp knock on the door that prompted the occupants to fall quiet.

"I'm sorry but the club is closing now, please return tomorrow when it opens." Tamaki called out, but Kyouya stood up and went to the door. Surprise was written in the Ootori's eyes when he was met with the feared Yakuza heir. If he was honest enough, he was expecting his charge—who was VERY late for some reason. He admitted to himself that Harry's absence is slowly making him anxious. Now seeing Ritsu Kasanoda didn't make it fade any.

"How can I help you today, Kasanoda-san?" he asked politely, contradicting his internal battle to search for Harry. Being with the Host Club isn't helping him. Not with Haruhi being so… protective of the young Black.

"I'm actually here for Harry-kun's bag. He's currently waiting by the front hall with a friend; we'll be heading home together." The redhead lied obviously.

"And if Harry is not by the front hall?" Kyouya challenged with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

"He is, you can check if you like." The Yakuza heir shrugged.

Grey eyes narrowed. "Why can't he get his own bag then?"

"Because he's resting, we played kick-the-can the whole day and it wore him out." A half-truth, Kyouya figured.

"I'll give it to him—"

"Kyouya-sempai, we'll be having a club meeting now. You can just give the bag to Mr. Ugly so we can finish early!" Renge demanded, making everyone cringe irritably.

Ritsu scowled at the girl. He remembered her from his first meeting with Draco.

Before any of them can make any moves, Haruhi was already giving the redhead Harry's bag. "Tell him to call me when he gets home, okay?"

The twins piped up this time, making the redhead back up a step. "Haruhi! What are you doing? What if he's actually going to steal Harry's things? Or kidnap Harry? Or sell him to the black market! Or use him for a ritual!—"

Every suggested reason placed the Ootori one step closer to the very edge of sanity.

"He won't." Haruhi stated confidently.

"What?" The whole club except Hani and Mori exclaimed in incredulity.

"Haruhi, I know that you don't know this, but there are actually some bad people along with the good ones. My dear daughter, you have to start listening to Daddy when he talks!" Tamaki wailed when the only girl of the host club ignored him.

"I know he won't do anything to Harry." Haruhi smiled at Ritsu, making the redhead blush to the roots of his hair.

As soon as he was holding the bag, he nodded at the odd doe eyed boy and ran towards the front hall where two of his friends were waiting—unknown to him though, one of the members of the club followed, giving him enough distance so that he wouldn't be discovered.

"How… strange." Harry muttered.

"Yeah, I don't know how you became a member there." Ritsu shuddered lightly when he remembered how fierce the young Ootori looked at him.

"I'm not a member." The small teen blinked owlishly at him. "I go there because Kyou-sempai is my friend and Haruhi-niichan is there, and everyone is very kind and welcoming." Harry smiled a bit dazed it remembrance of the members of the club, quickly forgetting about the incident minutes earlier.

Ritsu shook his head at the teen but said nothing to contradict anything.

They stayed quiet for a while until the sound of footsteps broke their serenity. Harry leaned back to look up the staircase and grinned when he saw Kyouya was walking towards them.

"Kyou-sempai!" He greeted cheerfully.

"Ry, I see you're really here." The pale boy raised a dark brow at the redhead who fidgeted in his seat beside Harry.

"Yeah—," Harry stood and met him half-way. "—we played earlier! You guys should join us sometimes, it's more fun when a lot is involved in the game, right, Ritsu-san?"

The Yakuza heir's eyes went from skittish to cheerful from the mention of the game.

They talked some more about the game, more than twice did the Kyouya heard the name 'Draco' that it had him curious about who it was, but he didn't ask. He can find out about him later.

About 30 more minutes passed before Severus arrived to fetch Harry.

In the 3rd floor Music Room, where the rest of the members stayed for their meeting.

"We know that he feels something for Harry-kun, I mean, just looking at them interact is saying something!" Kaoru paced in front of the members. "We need to do something to make them realized it!" At this, Haruhi scowled while the rest nodded.

"In that, you are correct, dear brother." Hikaru joined his brother in pacing. "—but we must first gauge how deep the feeling goes, you know?"

There was silence.

"What if he's in-love with him?" Tamaki asked, and for some reason, everyone dreaded it instead of feeling hyped up to the situation.

Malfoy Mansion…

Draco walked quietly towards his father's study while he texted with Harry. Ritsu had to take care of something in their group and was unavailable at the moment.

*So, got home safely, squirt? :p* he smirked as he sent the message.

*Yea. You? Xp* Harry replied.

*Yes, just finished homework. You done with yours? :o*

*No, I'm allergic to homework. :p But I'll probably be forced to do it in a bit. T_T*

*Aw, poor baby! The INHUMANITY of it all! ;)*

*Drama-queen. =))*

Draco chuckled as he walked nearer to his father's study. *Seriously, though, I never caught your last name. :o*

*Evasive, isn't it? XD*

*So, what is your last name? :o*

"My Lord, everything is set up for our search for the boy." Draco heard his father's voice and quickly froze when he realized he was about to barge into the room which holds the Dark Lord himself.

"Very good, Lucius. Soon we'll have him in our clutches—"

"The traitor, my Lord?" Lucius interrupted, which was followed by his screams of pain. Draco cringed at the sound and held tightly to his phone, which vibrated with a message from Harry.

"NO, YOU FOOL!—" The Dark Lord growled. Draco quickly opened his phone to push the off button when he accidentally opened Harry's message. "—I was pertaining to Harry Potter!"

Draco's blood ran cold.

*My name is Harry James Potter-Black, but I think Harry Potter is easier to write in the papers. :p*

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"Severus Snape is my godfather, and he's been missing for 15 years." – Draco Malfoy

"I think I should tell him…" –Kyouya Ootori

"Bloody HELL! I'M INLOVE WITH—" – Harry Potter

"I have a very bad headache from all of this." – Haruhi Fujioka