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A/N: A story from GiG from Ziggy's POV about the green morpher.

You must protect this morpher with your life.

Ziggy gritted his teeth as he grappled with the attack bot. That's easier said than done, Doc, he thought. Suddenly, he felt it rising up from within, and as he caught a flash of black and silver in the corner of his eye, he knew he had to do something before it was too late.

Using moves he had spent seven years trying to forget, Ziggy forced the bot to help him get the morpher around his wrist. Seconds before his darkest secret came to life, Ziggy made a dangerous choice.

As the green light faded and he struggled to accept the power he had never wanted, Ziggy uttered his first truth in four years, "I don't want to be a Power Ranger!"

When he took off his helmet back at the Garage and saw the expressions on Scott, Flynn and Summer's faces, it was all he could to tell them he didn't want to be their teammate either.

Teammate implied trust and Ziggy couldn't trust anyone.