Percy Jackson and the darkness of life.

Chapter 1.

The howling wind woke me up with a start. My face was beaded with cold sweat. I walked out the Poseidon's cabin and headed towards the beach. I plopped myself down and let the sand slide out my fingers. Everything was peaceful. I stepped in the water. A normal kid would've said something like Oooh, ah, FREEZING! But for me, it was pleasantly cool. Then I heard footsteps heading in my direction, so I dive in the water. Chiron, Clarisse and Annabeth were coming out there cabins and started talking. Craap!

They talked and talked for hours, literally. I only caught a few words like

"Not safe" and "Can't be true."

I, on the other hand was completely shitted about what they were talking about. Me, no doubt. I couldn't help feeling, well, pissed about what they were saying. They never EVER share something important about me until "You're ready for the truth." Pah! Just then the talking stopped, and the howling sound started again. Holy Mary Mother of Gods! The howling or three howls were none other than a horde of Hellhounds. I poked my head out the water to see Chiron shooting arrows, Clarisse with her spear and Annabeth with her knife. All seemed helpless. There was forty, maybe fifty hounds, snapping and snarling. I prayed to my dad, hey, dad, this would be a good time for some backup! Suddenly, a colossal wave hurtled toward Long Island, at maybe 40 knots. It opened up, so my friends were not in the line of fire, and SWOOSH! The hellhounds turned into dust-hounds. Unfortunately, Annabeth saw me, and yelled "Percy!"

"Oh, thank the Styx you're alright!" Chiron said his bow still in his hands. "We were thinking you'd gone off to the Underworld the hard way!"

Annabeth smiled at me and nodded to me to watch Clarisse. She looked like I was a pile of dog piss on her shoe. Oh dear, Bad Things coming!