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Chapter 5: A New Quest Begins

My dad smiled at me, and spoke with a comforting tone. I shuddered, the only other person I know can speak like that was my mom. "Percy," my dad began. "I

have full confidence in you but, when you defeated Kronos, you couldnt have done it without all your friends at camp. When you defeated Kronos, I do have

reason to beleive that Annabeth and Grover where their to assist you in sending him back to tartarus." I swelled up in anger and retorted with "So you think im useless?!" However, my dad seemed to look through my anger, and remained his calm tone.

"Percy, you are the greatest hero of this century. But think about this long and hard; do you think, you could've single-
handedly fought the Titan War? Or defeated Kronos, bearing in mind your friends saved you many times. And I have reason to beleive that, uh whats his name..."

My dad thought for a minute, then concluded with "Nico de Angelo! Yes Nico was the one that took you to the River Styx, He is the reason you're invulnerable." dampnas, damnant ad infernum, he was good. I rolled my eyes, and changed the subject. "anyway you said the cure was at mount saint helens?"

"Yes, ever since the gods have arrived in America, there was rumors that the cure is there." I smiled at Annabeth, she knew what i was thinking and smiled back. "Hey dad, I think we have a new Quest on our hands." He smiled at me.

"Very well, but Percy, you must go to the Oracle first." I grabbed Annabeth's arm, and shot towards the surface.
"Percy," Annabeth said to me as we broke the surface of the water. "Where are we going?"

"To find Rachel!"

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