This is a collaboration piece with gargoyleslady. Neither of us own Gargoyles, but the basic plot is gargoyleslady's and the OC's are my creation. Also, I do not speak Latin or French, and my Spanish is not what it used to be. If I have made any mistakes, I apologize ahead of time. If you let me know where I've made a mistake, I will go back and fix them. This story is the sequel to Rainbow Eyes, so those who wanted their questions about Iris answered, here you go! Expect delays since there is still editing to be done. Please enjoy and review.

It had started out as a quiet night. The island of Manhattan was strangely peaceful. The gargoyles who patrolled the city could not complain; it made their work easier. Tonight, they had split into two teams. Broadway, Lexington and Angela took the upper half of the city and Goliath and Brooklyn the lower. Hudson and Bronx stayed at the castle as usual.

"Goliath, down there," Brooklyn said, pointing to a rooftop to his right. "What is that?"

Goliath turned. There was something on top of the rooftop in question. It looked like a winch of some sort. There were two men on the roof.

"I do not know," the leader growled. "Let's investigate."

They circled around and saw that it was a robbery in progress.

"Only two?" asked Brooklyn. "This should be simple enough."

"Yes. Too simple." Goliath narrowed his eyes. "Proceed with caution, Brooklyn. They may have a surprise in store for us."

Against us? Brooklyn thought with an inner chuckle.

The two gargoyles swooped down and dispatched the two men on the roof. The skylight was open and the winch was being used to haul something through the window. Goliath and Brooklyn easily dropped down and began their search.

"You go that way," said Goliath, pointing to an exhibit wing. "I'll go this way."

"Okay," Brooklyn said with a nod.

Brooklyn silently moved into an exhibit wing. He heard a crash and whipped around. He could not find the origin of the noise. Lowering himself to the floor, he began to walk on all fours.

"Will you hurry it up?" hissed a voice.

"I'm trying!" came an exasperated whisper. "This thing won't break!"

"Then bring it with. We are running out of time."

"All right."

Brooklyn came around a pedestal and saw two men dressed in black. One of them was shoving a gold stick into his bag. With a growl, Brooklyn came out of hiding and stood to his full height, eyes blazing white.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" he asked darkly.

One thief pulled out a laser gun and shot at Brooklyn. Brooklyn, accustomed to being shot at, easily moved out of the line of fire. The laser put a fist-sized hole in the wall behind where he had been standing.

Goliath heard the noise and turned back the way he came. Something struck him from behind, sending a stabbing pain up his spine. He fell to his knees and looked over his shoulder. Two humans were behind him. One was holding a mace from an exhibit. There was blood dripping from the spikes. With a roar, Goliath pounced on them, adrenaline numbing the pain he was feeling.

These men were well prepared to fight anything stronger than a human. Goliath quickly found out that the thieves were wearing some sort of armor. He bruised his knuckles when he punched one of them in the stomach. The other came at him brandishing a combat knife. Goliath backhanded him away, sending him crashing into a glass display case, triggering the alarms.

The struggle continued as the other thief slammed his fists into Goliath's ribs, each strike feeling like rocks being thrown at him. Goliath was shot in the chest by some sort of lightning gun one of the thieves possessed. He fell to the ground. He looked up to see the thief he had knocked into the display case standing over him with a gun.

"Hurry it up!" shouted his partner.

Goliath flicked his tail and knocked the gun from the thief's hand. The thief cried out and went for the gun.

"Leave it!" the other said. "We gotta go! That one's as good as dead!"

They ran off.

Goliath got to his feet and gave chase. He saw them hurry up the rope along with two others. Unable to stay on his feet, Goliath fell to his hands and knees. He looked on to see if he could find anything he could use to distinguish these thieves so he could tell Elisa. He saw a yellow patch on each of their sleeves, the letter I with a circle cutting through the stem and a red flame.

As his sight began to become blurry, he saw two of the men hook up something to the winch, a red form with stark white hair.

"Brooklyn," breathed Goliath in horror. He reached out to his second-in-command vainly before blacking out completely.

Goliath gasped and sat up quickly, vaguely aware of his surroundings. However he was well aware of the pain in his body and was forced to lie back down.

"Lad, you're awake," came Hudson's voice.

Goliath turned to his old friend. "They took Brooklyn."

"We know," said Broadway. "Elisa told us."

The others had gathered around. Goliath saw he was lying in the infirmary. His hands and chest were bandaged. The skin between his wings throbbed terribly.

"Elisa?" Goliath was confused. Everything had just happened. How could Elisa already know? "How long was I asleep?"

"Not long," Lexington replied. "We carried you back here an hour ago. You were unconscious when we found you."

"You had us worried," said Hudson. "Frightened Elisa quite a bit, ye did. She thought you were dead at first. She's the one who found you."

"I have to find Brooklyn," Goliath said, trying to get up a second time.

"You're in no condition to glide, Father," Angela quickly said, gently pushing him back onto his pillow.

"Then you must find him," Goliath struggled to say. The pain was beginning to become almost unbearable.

Angela turned and said something to someone standing out of Goliath's field of vision. She stepped aside as Owen Burnett moved to Goliath's side. The majordomo was holding a single use syringe, Goliath guessing filled with a powerful tranquilizer to make him sleep.

"Wait," he said. "I saw something. . . on their sleeves, they wore an emblem resembling the letter I with a circle and a flame. They all wore it."

Goliath swallowed the moan of pain that willed itself into his mouth. "Broadway, you lead. Just until I'm healed."

"Okay," Broadway said quickly.

With that, Owen pressed the syringe into Goliath's arm. Within seconds Goliath's eyes fluttered closed and he was asleep.

The others turned to Broadway, their faces asking him what their orders were. Broadway apprehensively turned to Hudson, looking for some guidance.

"It's all right, lad," the elder said. "I will be here to help you."

"Where do we start?" asked Lexington.

"Where else?" asked Broadway. "The scene of the crime."

Brooklyn groaned. He was lying on a metal floor. Raising his head, he found he was in a cage. "Terrific," he muttered, looking at the metal bars of his confinement.

"So," came a voice near Brooklyn, "they're after gargoyles now, too."

Major cliff, I know. Like I said, there are going to be some delays. Hopefully Chapter 2 will be up by next week.