I sighed in contentment, I watched Edward sleep peacefully beside me. He was the most amazing man I had ever met . . . I wanted children with him but it wasn't an option at the moment, we were both still in medical school, I was hoping to become a midwife and he was hoping to become a cardiac surgeon.

I snuggled into the sea of covers, draping my arm around him waist. He shifted his weight but relaxed again, pulling me close to his side. I smiled and brought my hand up to rub his bare shoulder, tracing it with my fingertips.

I looked at the pictures around our room and I smiled seeing the ones of our wedding day and Edward with his family, I came across one and smiled widely Edward was holding his baby cousin in his arms and he looked so cute.

I knew Edward was going to be a great father, he showed me that every time we were around children. I remember being in Africa with him and he cried while seeing so many children sick with Aids or just starving to death. I frowned remembering that day, it was so hard to leave Africa after that knowing there were still so many people we could help, but had run out of time.

I felt Edward stiffen and move, I felt his breathing go from slow to fast, I looked at the time and sighed, time to get up. Edward's hands ran up and down my back, "Bella, darling we have to get ready." He told me.

I looked up at him and nodded, he hugged me tightly and I kissed his neck, cheek and finally his lips.

We both got up and I giggled as he slapped my butt, I got into the shower and washed my hair, I let the warm hot water run down my body, I shivered a little.

I then got dressed for work, putting on my light blue intern scrubs. I looked at Edward and saw that he was wearing his dark navy scrubs. He smiled at me and we both hooked our pagers and notepads to our scrubs, I kissed Edward on the lips as he handed me my tea, he drank his coffee and we left the house and got into his Volvo.

"Um, my mom rang while you were asleep yesterday afternoon." He stated, "She wants us to go camping with the family next week, you in?" He asked.

"Um can I check my schedule? I promised a patient I would be there for her c-section but I am not sure what date it's at." I told him.

"Yeah, it's no problem." He said, smiling at me. He brought my hand up and kissed it.

He parked the car in his reserved space next to Carlisle's, we both got out and I slung my bag over my shoulder and Edward did the same.

We got to the entrance and Edward looked at me, "I will see you later, have a good day." He told me, I leaned up and kissed his lips; he smiled and turned towards the elevator.

I turned around and was met by Angela, "Hey Bella." She said, hugging me.

"Hi, so how was your date with Eric?" I asked her.

She laughed, "It was okay, I don't know if it will work out, but I will give it another chance." She whispered.

I nodded and we walked up to the midwifery ward. I clocked in and went into the locker room and put my stuff away, our resident came in and looked at us, "Mrs. Cullen, Ms. Stanley and Mr. McCormack you are all working with me today. Angela, your doing charts and Lauren run all the lab tests." Angela sighed and I smiled, she glared playfully at me and I shrugged.

I followed our resident and she lead us to a room, a woman sat in a bed, her large pregnant stomach sitting out and her husband by her side.

"Hello Megan, these are the midwifes in training, so they will all be helping you through the process, basically there like your nurses in waiting." She told her.

"Oh okay, nice to meet you all." She whispered.

We all smiled and looked at our resident and she started explaining, "This is Megan Russell and her husband Paul, she is pregnant with quints and is 32weeks along, so we all need you to be on call for the rest of the week in case they don't make it full term." She whispered.

"What do you mean they won't make it full term?" Megan asked, slightly panicked.

"Well with a normal pregnancy 40weeks is considered a full term but you have five babies coming, so 34weeks is very successful but during that time there will be stress on the sack of amniotic fluid that is protecting the babies so we just need you to rest so it doesn't break." I explained as Mrs. Smith wrote down on her chart, Megan closed her eyes taking in a deep breath.

"Very good Mrs. Cullen, will you do her ultrasound, the rest of you make sure her bloods are normal and look through her films." Ms. Smith handed me the chart and walked out and I smiled a Megan, she was in her early thirties and was small.

I got the ultrasound machine, while the others ran there tests, her husband went to see there two year old little boy. I smiled at that, I sat down on the set beside her and got the machine ready.

I pulled up her top and exposed her stomach, I attached the pads and looked at the monitor, everything looked okay, the babies were a little weak but that was normal.

"Hey, you're Mrs. Bella Cullen, right?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm surprised you know me." I told her.

She giggled while shrugged, "So how does it look?" She asked.

"Not bad." I told her.

Her eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, "Not bad? What does that mean?" She whispered.

"Not bad is pretty good when you have five babies in your uterus." I said while documenting the results.

She sighed in pain and I looked at her, she rested her head against the pillow, "Ugh, Its Kate she kicks me so hard." She said while rubbing the left side of her stomach.

I smiled, "You named them already?" I asked in surprise.

She nodded, "Yep." She smiled and took my hand, placing it at the top of her stomach, "This one here is Charlotte, she is the stubborn one, now over here is Lucy, she is a bad ass if she gets kicked she'll kick back." She moved my hand around her stomach and I smiled feeling the babies heads, "Okay so here is Emily, she has the hiccups almost everyday, and over here is Julie, she is pretty mellow, every once in a while she will just turn around and then we have Kate." She positioned my hand; I smiled and looked at her.

"The one that kicks so hard." I whispered.

She nodded and I lifted my arm off of her stomach, turning to the monitor. I poured the cool jelly on her stomach and moved the rod around, three babies were fine but I saw something on Julie's heart, I highlighted it and looked at the mother.

"Can you just wait one second? I have to call someone." I told her, she nodded and looked a little panicked.

I lifted the phone up that was by the door and dialled the cardiac floor, "Hello Dr. Cullen is speaking." I heard Edward say.

"Hey Edward I need you on floor 3 room 11." I told him.

"Okay I'm on my way." He said.

I put the phone down and went back over to my seat, I moved the rod over to the babies' heart and sighed, there was something on it or wrong with it.

"Is everything okay?" Megan asked, frightened.

"Um, I just want someone else's opinion on a picture." I told her.

She nodded and I watched Edward walk in the door, "Hello Mrs. Russell, I am Dr. Edward Cullen." He shook her hand.

"Another Cullen? Are you two married?" She asked.

We both smiled and answered 'Yes' in unison. Edward stood behind me and his hand went to my shoulder holding it lightly, his thumb moving back and forward. I pointed to the screen and Edward's eyebrows scrunched together.

"Can you highlight that?" He asked.

I did and then printed it for him. He put it down and then told me to zoom in on it, I printed another sonogram picture.

Edward took the rod from my hand and moved it around, I looked up at his face and he looked into my eyes, two babies had something wrong with them.

Edward zoomed in on Lucy's lungs and printed a few pictures. Edward out the machine away and I cleaned up Megan's stomach, I reassured her that everything was okay and then a nurse came in with her lunch.

Edward walked out of the room, me on his heals, we sat at the nurse's station and sighed, "What's wrong with the babies' lungs?" I asked.

"I don't know, I will have to ask my father about that, um we need Dr. Smith, my dad and Dr. Milton in the conference room. Will you page them?" He asked me.

I nodded and did as he said. Edward got the pictures set up and as soon as all the doctors were present he told them about what happened.

"Oh crap, there is a whole in the babies' heart." Carlisle said.

"What?" I said.

"Yes, look here, the white bit is the blood spilling out, I can actually see the valves, but the question is what is keeping the baby alive?" He looked at the picture in wonder.

"Well Julie's lungs are underdeveloped, and I see fluid in them." Dr. Milton said.

"Okay so what your saying is there is a huge possibility of the babies being born this week?" Dr. Smith asked.

Edward nodded, "They aren't going to be able to deal with this much stress, and the sack of amniotic fluid will break."

I sighed, "Okay, um shouldn't we get medication to develop the babies more?" I asked them.

They nodded and I paged Angela, she said she would do it. We all walked out of the conference room and I stepped to the side, poor Megan, this will crush her.

I walked down the hall and I heard someone behind me, I knew it was Edward. "Bella, stop." He said and I did. "You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's just hard seeing that." I told him, pointing to the sonogram pictures.

He held me tightly and I heard his pager go off, his eyebrows furrowed and I looked at him, "I have been paged to the baby wing, huh!" He said.

I walked with him and saw Carlisle, "Edward, this is Zola; she is four months old and needs to be monitored."

"Let me guess, I will be watching her vitals, making sure she has fluids and pretty much baby sit?" He chuckled as Carlisle nodded.

I went to the nurse's station and looked at Edward playing with the young infant; she was laughing and smiling while holding onto his scrubs.

I smiled, I wanted a baby! I wanted Edward's child growing in my womb, but I don't know what he would say or react like, I knew he wanted a family but I also knew he wanted to wait until he was a surgeon instead of a resident.

I continued to look at him with the infant, he was feeding her and she was lying in his arms falling asleep. I sighed and watched as he placed her in the crib.

He came out and handed the bottle to a nurse; he checked her chart and wrote something down.

"You okay? You seem to be deep in thought." He said.

I nodded and hugged him; I got to go home early that afternoon because they didn't need us. I took Edward's car home; he said that Carlisle would give him a lift later.

I lay in bed and sighed, I wanted a baby!

I looked across the room and saw pictures of Edward and I, we had been married for three years and I was twenty-six, I was ready to have a baby. And money wasn't an issue, we lived very comfortably.

At six-thirty I heard the front door open and I made my way to the kitchen, I got a glass and poured some orange juice in it. I felt Edward wrap his arms around my waist. I smiled and placed a hand on his, I lay my head on his shoulder and he whispered that he loved me in my ear.

I smiled and looked up at him, "Edward can we talk about something?" I asked him.

He nodded, "Sure."

"Okay, well I want to have a baby; I want to start a family with you." I told him.

"Uh, here we go again." He whispered, he sighed and shook his head.

"Edward come on. I want us to start a family, we have been married for three years, and we are ready."

He looked at the ground and let out a deep breath, he looked at me and his expression was unreadable, "I don't want to start a family yet. We both are still not out of med school; I don't want a baby yet because we aren't able to handle that much of a responsibility right now."

I felt tears come to my eyes, "Why don't you want to have a baby with me?" I asked him.

"Bella, sweetheart it's not that I don't want to have a baby with you it's just that it isn't the right time for one." He said.

"Well what if I am pregnant now? What would you say to that?" I looked at him.

He looked to be deep in thought; he couldn't come up with an answer. "I don't know." He said.

I shook my head and walked down the hallway to our room. I locked the door and lay in bed crying, Edward knocked on the door but I told him to 'go away'.

I lay in the sea of covers and sighed, I have wanted a baby for so long and I have waited two years for Edward to say yes and the answer is still no. I was just frustrated, he was making me wait and wait, I was sick of waiting!

I got up and unlocked the door so Edward could get ready for bed. I lay there and watched him undress, his expression was sad and I just turned over. He got into bed after his shower and I stiffened.

We both didn't say anything, we just lay in silence. I sighed and played around with the rings on my finger, turning them slowly. I felt the bed move and fought trying not to look over my shoulder. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and I stiffened, I didn't know why there was tears in my eyes but there just was.

Edward lay his head just where my shoulder and neck met, pressing a soft kiss to it, I shrugged him off; no way was he going to soften me down with sex. I felt the bed move and he got up, walking around to my side of the bed, he sat down beside me and his right palm cupped my face lightly, he saw my tears and his head bowed.

"Bella, sweetheart don't cry." He whispered.

I wiped my tears quickly and looked at his face, "I want a baby with you." I said.

"I know . . ." He said in a soft voice, "I want one too but it's a big responsibility and right now I am still in med school and so are you, adding a baby to that when you don't know what schedule you have in a years time isn't the smartest idea, sometimes we are both going to be on call and then who would the baby be left with?" He said.

He made a valid point and I sighed, reaching up and wrapping around arms around his next, he hugged me tightly and we fell back on the bed together. I giggled as he planted little kisses on my face. I smiled up at him and just as I was about to say something, my pager went off.

I sighed and looked at it, it was Megan, oh god. I looked at Edward and he nodded, his point made about not the right time for a baby.

"I'll drive you." He whispered.

"Thanks." I kissed his lips and got out of bed, putting on my scrubs.

I got ready and Edward got his stuff putting it in the car, he drove me to the hospital and just as he parked, his pager went off, he groaned, "I want to sleep." he said under his breath.

We both got out and he changed in the car, I ran into the hospital and into Megan's room, nurses were there and she looked at me, wanting help.

"Oh God." I whispered under my breath, "Okay, tell me what's happening." I yelled and got her chart.

"She is contracting and complaining of pain also one of the babies is pushing into the birth canal, Ms. Smith isn't answering her page, how would you like to proceed?" She asked, that was the scariest thing she said yet. I looked at the bed sheets and saw blood.

"Um the placenta is tearing crap. . . Okay book and O.R and page everyone, we need all the hands we can get." I said, the nurses nodded and I looked at Megan.

"Everything will be fine." I told her.

"Nothing about this is fine." She whispered.

I sighed, "Yes it is, we are going to deliver the babies and everything will be fine." I reassured her.

"Bella, O.R 2 is ready." I nodded and looked at Edward.

They took her down and prepped her, I sighed and was shaking, could I do this. I shook my head, what if I did something wrong.

"You will do great, just go. I will be standing behind you and just give me the babies okay?" I nodded and we both ran to the elevator.

I scrubbed in and so did Edward, there was twenty people in the room and five incubators. I sighed and stood at Megan's stomach.

"Ten blade." I said to the scrub nurse. She handed it to me and I cut deeply into her abdomen.

"Okay, baby A is coming out," I said while cutting the cord, I gave her to Edward. He brought her to the first group of doctors. "Baby B is out," I said while cutting the cord, I gave her to Edward and did the same with the other three babies. They were all girls which we already knew.

I cleaned up Megan and stitched her, just as Ms. Smith ran in. "What are you doing?" She looked at me. "You should have waited for me." She said, she moved me out of the way and I rolled my eyes, I wasn't going to stand by and watch each baby die, I thought to myself. I scrubbed out and sighed; Ms. Smith brought me out to the hall and looked at me.

"That was irresponsible." She yelled. "What were you thinking?" She said.

"I wasn't going to let the babies die, you weren't here, the textbook says that if a mother is in pain, the baby is making its way into the birth canal and the placenta has ripped, to perform a c-section and that's what I did." I told her.

She looked at me, "Your on call tonight, watch over those babies and if anyone of them dies by tomorrow morning, I am holding you personally responsible and you can tell Megan." She said, "Also for the rest of the week you are going to be running labs and doing charts, no patients, understood?" She said.

"Yes ma'am." I said, my arms were folded and I was glaring.

"And don't think that the chief wont here about this." She told me.

I sighed in relief as she walked off, I turned around and went to the incubator room, the babies were all lined up and I looked at each of there charts, putting medication into there IV bags.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and smiled looking to see Edward, "You did great, I am so proud of you." He said, kissing my cheek.

"Thanks, but it looks as if I am going to be punished for it." I sighed.

His eyebrows furrowed, "Why? You did everything from the textbook." He said.

"I know that, but Ms. Smith is putting me on chart duty and if any of these babies die, I am being held personally responsible, plus I will have to tell the mother." I said. "And she is telling the chief." I sighed.

Edward chuckled, "She is just pissed, because you kicked ass in there." He said, "Plus, the chief is my dad, nothing will happen."

I smiled and fixed up Emily's wires, "That makes me feel better, and Edward I am sorry about earlier, I just wasn't thinking-" He cut me off.

"Babe, its fine." He kissed my lips and checked on Kate.

I looked behind me and saw Ms. Smith; she had a stack of charts. "Bella these are for you to do and come with me, meeting with the chief and me now." I looked at Edward and he nodded.

I walked behind her and she knocked on Carlisle's office door, there was a faint 'Come in'. I sat down and Ms. Smith was standing.

Carlisle looked at me for a moment with a stern expression and then smiled, "Well done, the mother and babies are safe and stable, I think you did wonderfully, I was watching from the gallery." He said.

"Carlisle, what she did was wrong." Ms. Smith said.

"Ms. Smith you were not there, Bella was right not to just stand around and wait. I congratulate her. You should be proud." He said.

I smiled widely and she exited the room, "Don't worry Bella, she is just jealous that you got to deliver five babies and she didn't. You coming camping this week?" He asked.

"Um, yeah if I can get the time off work." I said.

He nodded and I stood up going back down to the maternity ward.