It was a cold night in the middle of leafbare, the moonlight half covered by gray clouds that threatened the Thunderclan camp with snow. Inside the camp, the medicine den, covered with ferns disturbed the quietness of the night as a young cat meowed in pain. The Thunderclan medicine cat bent down and touched his pads with her nose. Her orange eyes widened at the sudden rising temperature as the young cat began to yowl in pain and have back spasms. The old medicine cat backed away. For the first time as a medicine cat she did not know what to do. She had never seen this sickness before. Just a few days ago Brackenpaw had came to her complaining of back pain and feeling stiff. She had given him herbs and a few days confined to his nest but instead of getting better, Brackenpaw had gotten worse. He came back feeling drowsy and had no appetite at all. So the medicine cat made him a nest in the medicine den and the young cat has been here ever since, showing more symptoms and her only hope was this unknown illness wasn't contagious.

Finally Brackenpaw's back spasms stopped and she gave him some poppy seeds to dull the pain and help him sleep. Starclan please send me a sign to help save this young apprentice. She prayed to her warrior ancestors, hoping they were listening. "Yellowfang?" The old medicine cat turned around to the sound of her name. It was Cinderpaw. She was curled up in her nest of moss and bracken, her dark grey fur sticking up and her injured hind leg sticking out awkwardly. "Is Brackenpaw going to be alright?" Yellowfang looked at Fireheart's young apprentice who was just recently attacked by a monster on the thunderpath. Yellowfang felt her heart sink at the fact that this spirited young cat will never become a warrior. Yellowfang walked over to Cinderpaw and sniffed her injured leg, the fur matted around the raw wound. Cinderpaw's eyes were wide in fear for her brother and Yellowfang guessed she must have seen Brackenpaw yowling in pain. Yellowfang sighed, She couldn't lie to the young she cat. "I don't know Cinderpaw I've never seen this illness before." Cinderpaw looked up at Yellowfang but before she could say anything, two tom cats burst in through the ferns supporting a small black and white tom between them. A blue –grey she cat followed closed behind, her tail tip twitching anxiously. "Set him down here." Yellowfang meowed as she bounded towards an empty nest next to Brackenpaw. "What happen?" she meowed as the warriors laid the young cat down into the nest of bracken and moss. "We were doing a moonhigh patrol when Swiftpaw started to feel drowsy "Longtail, Swiftpaw's mentor explained, his eyes glittering with fear. "Then he started to yowl in pain and past out". "He has what Brackenpaw has doesn't he?" Tigerclaw, the Thunderclan deputy meowed. Yellowfang, who was examining Swiftpaw as the two tom cats spoke, nodded. "Longtail, Tigerclaw wake up Fireheart and finish the patrol." Ordered the blue-grey she cat. The warriors nodded and raced out of the medicine den.

Once the warriors were gone, the she cat looked at Yellowfang "Have you received any sign from Starclan yet?" She asked. Yellowfang flattened her ears at her question and shook her head. "No Bluestar I haven't received anything." Yellowfang swallowed the fear that was rising up in her throat as Swiftpaw began to burn up with fever. Tigerclaw was right, he has exactly what Brackenpaw has. Her worst fear was confirmed; this mysterious illness is contagious and will spread around the camp like wild fire.

Above the Thunderclan camp, the Starclan warriors gathered around Four Trees, filling the hollow with tension. The representatives of the clans stood in the center. They were Spottedlealeaf of Thunderclan, Oakheart of Riverclan, Deadfoot of Windclan and Raggedstar of Shadowclan. The starry warriors around the hollow meowed in distress. They were worried about the unknown illness in Thunderclan and was afraid that it will pass to the other clans, wiping out their descendents. Spottedleaf stood up, her tortoiseshell fur gleaming with starlight. She waved her tail, silencing the starclan warriors. "There is a solution to this problem." she meowed "I have found four who will be able to help us." Cries of hope and questions rang around the hollow at Spottedleaf's news. "And who are these four cats Spottedleaf?" Oakheart asked. "Not cats, Twoleggs." Spottedleaf meowed, her answer was followed by shocked meows and cries of horror. "Spottedleaf." Oakheart meowed slowly as if addressing a very young kit. "Twoleggs can not help us." Spottedleaf glared at him and lifted her chin, her amber eyes filled with indignation "These four can, they are the best medicine twoleggs I found and I know they will succeed. They have all the qualities of a warrior." "But Spottedleaf." Raggedstar meowed, still clearly in shock of her answer. "Twoleggs? There must be another way there is no chance Thunderclan will except help from Twoleggs." Spottedleaf did not answer the former Shadowclan leader, instead she walked silently to a nearby puddle. It was deep and it reflected the stars. She crouched down and touched the still water with her pink nose causing it to form ripples that revealed a face of an old twolegg. His fur on the top of his head was dark grey and his eyes were ice blue. The form then changed into a big dark grey tom with a slight limp in his hind leg and ice blue eyes. "We can turn them into cats, where they will be welcomed into Thunderclan." Spottedleaf meowed as the Starclan cats all looked at the figure in the puddle. "They will heal our sick warriors and save the clans from this unknown illness." The starclan warriors mews began to fill the hollow with cries of hope, the tension fading away as Spottedleaf spoke. The dark grey figure disappeared replacing three twolegg faces, then their forms shifted into cats. "I will send a sign to Bluestar and Yellowfang so they well be aware of their arrival." Spottedleaf meowed.

It was a cold night at Princton Plainsbro Teaching Hospital. Every Patient was settling down for the night while Dr. Eric Foreman, a tall african american man who rifled through the many medical books that laid scattered around the clear glass table. Dr. Allison Cameron, a petite brunnet with reading glasses turned a page of one of the medical books she was reading. she glared sleepily at Dr. Robert Chase who sat next to her, he was austrian, not as tall as Dr. Foreman or their boss Dr. Gregory House. Dr. Chase's blonde hair was a mess as he slept, his head resting on his arms on the glass table near the book he was reading. Dr. Cameron was to tired to nudge him awake. Their boss Dr. House had also fallen asleep at his desk in his office. His dark grey hair a mess and his cane resting lightly against his desk.

Spottedleaf looked down at the tired twoleggs she had chosen and waited for the last two to fall asleep as well. Once Dr. Cameron and Dr. Foreman finally fell asleep, Spottedleaf appeared on the office floor and bounded towards House. "There will be four" she meowed , an ominous tone in her voice that betrayed the prophecy she was predicting. She jumped on House's desk and placed her small pink nose on his forhead "Intelligent" she whispered and House sank lower in his chair as he went into a deeper sleep. She suddenly appeared on the glass table in front of Cameron and touched her forehead with her nose and whispered "caring" Cameron sighed and fell in a deep sleep. Spottedleaf then turned to Chase and touched his forehead with her nose. "Brave" she whispered and Chase began to snore, like he usually does when he is in a deep sleep or very tired. Then last of all Spottedleaf touched her nose to Foreman's forehead and whispered "and driven". Forman rested his head down on his book and fell into a deep sleep like his coworkers. Spottedleaf took one last look at the twoleggs before she finished the prophecy "Four who will conquer the unknown enemy." She meowed as she began to disappear and her voice began to fade. "Do your best. You are our only hope."

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