Cyberchase and Pokemon

I decided to create this story to see if you readers like it or not.

Chapter 1

A New World

Another scheme of the hackers plan has been foiled thanks to the cybersquad. What happened was The hacker was trying to open a vault that contained alot of power but the kids came in time to stop hacker and his henchmen by using patterns. The hacker was defeated and caused him and his henchmen to return to his ship "The Grim Wreaker" and back to Castleblanca . Inside the castle the hacker was very fustrated. "Blast those earth brats! All I wanted to do is open that vault and gain enough power to rule cyberspace but those kids foiled my attack!" Buzz and Delete listened to hacker yelling. All of a sudden a bright blue portal appeared a mile in front of the castle. Hacker, buzz, and delete were surprise to see this strange thing appear all of sudden. "Egads! What is that thing?" hacker asked. Buzz responded, "Boss, I think that might be a portal." Delete continued "but it just came all of sudden." Hacker just reliezed something. "Buzz, Delete, do you know what this means?" Delete asked, "What is it boss?" Hacker responded, "Why conquer this world when we can conquer another world. I could rule the galaxy with this portal." Buzz and Delete liked the plan. "That sounds like a great idea boss." said Buzz. Hacker was so excited to conquer world instead of cyberspace. "All right you cyborgs, drive our ship towards that portal." Buzz and Delete responded "Yes sir!" A minute later Buzz and Delete were in position and started driving The Grim Wreaker towards the portal. Hacker sat on his seat and gazed at the portal. He said in his mind, "Let us see what lies on our path toward world conquer."

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