Chapter 14

Last time on chapter 13, James lost a match to Brock. In chapter 14, Buzz issue a challenge to the gang and Jackie accepted the challenge. Will Jackie win this match or will Buzz keep winning matches to become the best pokemon trainer ever. Heres chapter 14. Please enjoy.

Buzz and Jackie stood standing staring at each other.

Buzz and Jackie were both eager to battle each other to see whos the best.

Jackie asked Buzz, "Buzz, Do you think you win this match against me?"

Buzz immediately replied, "I will win this match because I will be the best pokemon trainer ever, just like Hacker and Delete."

Jackie thought Hacker wouldn't be a master at all since she doesn't know he has a losing streak.

"I bet the only thing Hacker does with his pokemon is have them comb his ugly hair!" said Brock.

Brock's joke caused his friends to laugh so hard that Ash fell to the ground laughing with tears. Even Mewoth laughed but not so loudly.

Hacker was very furious about Brock's opinion.

"Don't you dare make fun of my hair!" Hacker shouted. "Your eyes are

closed and can't see how georgous my hair looks!"

Delete was confused with Brock's eyes and asked, "Why are you eyes closed all the time?"

Brock felt he shouldn't tell strangers about his eyes being closed all the time.

"I don't like to discuss why my eyes are closed." said Brock.

Hacker found a good time to make a joke about Brock's eyes.

"I think he's affraid to look at himself in the mirror." Hacker whispered to his friends.

All of Hacker's friends were laughing hard about Brock's eyes.

Brock said to his mind, "I hope they didn't make fun of my eyes or else I'm going show them not to mess with me."

Now the match was about began. "Go Chimchar!" said Jackie

Jackie threw her pokeball to the ground and out came chimchar.

"Chimchar!" said Chimchar who is ready to battle.

"Go Stunky!" said Buzz.

Buzz threw his pokeball and out came Stunky.

"Stunky." said Stunky ready for command

"Chimchar use fury swipes!" said Jackie.

Chimchar started running towards Stunky.

"Stunky use smoke screen!" said Buzz.

Stunky turned around and started shooting black smoke from its tail.

The smoke caused chimchar to lose focus and stopped in front of the smoke.

Buzz then immediately commanded, "Stunky use scratch!"

Stunky quickly ran towards Chimchar and threw its claws at Chimchar.

Chimchar was struck by Stunky's claws and fell a few feet back. Chimchar quickly rosed up from the ground.

Jackie was not happy to see Buzz get the first strike so she started planning an attack that would hurt Stunky very badly.

"Chimchar use ember!" said Jackie.

Chimchar opened its mouth and started shooting bolts of fire towards Stunky.

"Stunky dodge the attack!" said Buzz. But Stunky was struck

by the flames.

Stunky was left burn which caused its health to fell dramatically.

Stunky was able to rise up from the ground but had a hard time doing it.

Buzz then started getting a plan from his chip and decided to use it.

"Stunky use poison gas!" said Buzz.

Stunky turned around and started shooting purple gas from its tail.

The gas was floating towards Chimchar. Jackie quickly took command.

"Chimchar dodge the attack!" Jackie said.

Chimchar jumped in time to avoid being struck by the gas. Chimchar then safely landed to ground and awaited for its next command.

"Now Chimchar use flame wheel!" said Jackie

Chimchar started surrounding its body with flames and jumped in the air. Chimchar was doing a somerasualt in the air and spinning at the same time.

Then Chimchar was heading towards Stunky.

Buzz was dissracted by the attack he didn't command Stunky to avoid it.

Stunky was struck by Chimchar's attack and was knocked out.

"Jackie wins this match!" said Dawn.

"Yes!" said Jackie.

Buzz was sad to lose this match and wanted to keep his winning streak going.

"It's ok Stunky you gave it your best." said Buzz. He sucks Stunky into the pokeball.

Jackie was excitied to win against Buzz. Chimchar runs to her and hugs her.

"You did great Chimchar. We totally worked great together." said Jackie.

"Chimchar." said Chimchar.

Both Jackie and Buzz went back to their own group of friends and waited to see who was going to battle next.

End of the Chapter 14. Next time on Chapter 15, there is going to be another match but who is going to face who.

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