This is where I will post my 30 drabbles for the 30 Days of Puckurt Drabbles over at the Puckurt community on LJ. These will be themed as 30 "firsts" for Kurt and/or Puck, and I'm still taking prompts for the stories. You can access these here or at my LJ account (same name or link through profile). Enjoy!


30 Days of Puckurt Drabbles


Kurt's teeth chatter together harshly as another wave of shivers grip his body. He is cold. So cold that every muscle is tensing and releasing relentlessly in an attempt to raise his body's temperature.

There is snow under him, a remorseless bed of freezing hardness that has sapped every bit of warmth from him. His exposed skin, that which his clothes have ridden up to show, throbs in an odd combination of pain and numbness.

Kurt jumps a little when a sudden weight lands on his shoulder, the warmth radiating from whatever it is almost enough to burn his frozen skin. He tries to turn away but his limbs won't obey him, and when he tries to open his eyes something holds his lids together. It feels like there is a layer of ice clumping his lashes together, keeping him from seeing who or what is touching him.

"Kurt," a voice says into his ear. "Hey, it's okay, it's me. Calm down, princess."

Kurt stills the little movements he's been making to get away, turning his body slightly toward the voice. "Noah?" His voice is thin and trembling, chopped to small pieces by the jittering of his jaw.

"Yeah, it's me."

The hand on his arm moves away, leaving his skin to cool once again as it is exposed. Suddenly, though, the light weight of a jacket settles over him, the smell of Puck's cologne letting Kurt know that it is his.

Two strong arms pull Kurt forward into Puck's chest and wrap around his body, holding him firm and secure. The familiarity of the embrace chokes Kurt's throat with emotion. "What happened?" he eventually whispers.

He can remember flashes of laughing and warmth. They had been doing something, but Kurt can't remember what.

"Accident," Puck says gruffly.

"Are you hurt?"

"No. I'm fine." The timbre of his voice says otherwise.

"Noah. Please." Kurt's eyes are still stuck together, and he's starting to think that maybe it's blood that has frozen to him from some head wound. He can't tell if Noah is lying to him.

"It's nothing, babe. I hit my head and was out for a little while, that's all."

Kurt wishes he could do something other than shiver into Puck's chest, hands so cold they are stiffened and unusable.

Puck shifts and lifts himself a little, pulling away for a moment to look at something, and then he is back, holding on tighter than before.

"Can you hear them?"



Kurt pushes further into Puck's chest, sighing as he starts to feel warm for the first time since he woke up. Sirens are blaring in the distance, their piercing wails echoing throughout the landscape, and he knows they'll be there soon.

"Noah?" Kurt whispers, lips rubbing over the skin of Puck's collar.

"Yeah babe?"

"Happy first anniversary."