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Cat's Cradle

YYHHP: Rewrite of "Murphy's Law": Kurama always thought his human family were normal; that was, until his stepfather got a job offer for Hogwarts. As a "muggle" though, he ends up at Smeltings. There, the unthinkable happens. Adopted from Kait1991.

IV: In Which there is a Dream Sequence

In Japan, life went by normally for almost everybody. The disappearance of Shuuichi Minamino held little importance. His few friends and his family attended his funeral when the authorities gave up on finding him, but none really lost hope he was alive.

Some had not stopped trying and it had long since begun to wear on the patience of others. Fight became a daily occurrence, and the insistent searcher never made progress.

Yuusuke and Hiei would often find themselves sitting in trees in city parks, letting the insistent searcher use his Jagan in the way he meant it for— to search for somebody— while Yuusuke made sure he did not fall over. The day they finally made progress, they were doing exactly that.

"Hiei, give it up. We aren't gonna find him. It's been a year already," said Yuusuke.

"He's somewhere, Detective. He's being blocked," Hiei replied shortly.

Yuusuke rolled his eyes at him. "That's what you say every day, man. Saying it won't make it true."

"This time," said Hiei. "This time is different."

Yuusuke just leaned back on the tree branch and closed his eyes lazily. "You just keep telling yourself that. Wake me up if I fall asleep, 'kay."

"You want to see if I find him."

Without another word, Hiei pulled off his headband. He closed his ruby red eyes, and opened his lavender Jagan eye.

"Guilty as charged."

Hiei was long gone before he could hear Yuusuke's final comment.

Fog covered the world.

Except it was not really fog at all. The fog composed the world itself; almost like how person with terrible eyesight would see the world should they remove their glasses, but the colours were much less vivid.

Something began to focus in the blurry mist of a world. The image of a bed with a boy on it began to enhance itself in front of Hiei. Beside the bed stood another boy, who was almost as blurred as the world around them. Hiei ignored the other boy— he was not important— and focused on what he could see.

The boy on the bed was a dead-ringer for Kurama, though not quite an exact match. Kurama would never cut his precious, long, red hair, let alone dye it black.

Resting on the boy's lap was a book with markings in a strange language Hiei did not recognize. He leaned in towards the Kurama look-alike and began to slip into his consciousness.


He began to mumble frantically and Hiei smiled. The consciousness recognized him.

"Fox? Kurama?"

He found him.

He finally found Kurama.

Kurama began to thrash about, and Hiei quickly whispered into his ear, "Wake up."

Hiei's eyes flew open and his Jagan was covered with his white bandana in second. He turned to Yuusuke, napping on the branch, and whacked him.

Yuusuke fell out of the tree. He hit the ground hard and jumped up. "Where's the fire?"

"We're going to find Koenma," said Hiei, jumping down from the tree and landing softly beside him.


"I've found Kurama."

Yuusuke's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Sort of."

Instead of asking for clarification he knew he would not get, Yuusuke instead said irritably, "Where's the Ferry Girl when you need her?"

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear before you," a chipper voice said from behind them. They both turned to see Botan standing, smiling at them. "Or, at least, speak of the Shinigami... but that sounds more final, don't you think? Like… speak of the shinigami and you'll… well, die. Who wants that?"



"Shut up."

"What's so serious, Hiei?" she inquired, suddenly sober.

"Take us to Koenma," said Yuusuke. "Hiei's found Kurama." He winced. "Well, sort of."

When Yuusuke and Botan thundered into his office with Hiei in tow, the first words out of Koenma's mouth were, "Where's the fire?"

"Shut up," said Yuusuke. "Hiei's found Kurama." He paused. "Sort of."

Koenma frowned. "Sort of?" he asked. "Hiei has sort of found Kurama?"

I found him, but I don't know where he is," Hiei clarified. "He's alive, he's disguised. Looks like he's hiding. He's with humans. They don't speak Japanese."

"Okay, so you've found him... but you don't know where he is? Are you aware that that makes no sense?" said Koenma, stressing the last few words.

"Hn. It's better than what you've found, and you have the entire spirit world searching." Hiei glared.

Koenma sighed, "Try to locate him then, as soon as you can! He's not even supposed to leave… Japan…" At the last few words, the demigod came to an epiphany. He stared forward in shock and his mouth fell open. "Oops."

"What?" Hiei snapped. His murderous look demanded Koenma to finish the sentence.

"He gave me a paper, and George said it was something about him needing to go to England and… I think I stamped it… but then he went missing…"

When Harry came up for bed, he immediately noticed the new student asleep on his bed with Standard Book of Spells Year 7 resting open in front of him. He gave the sleeping form a tiny smile.

Harry pulled a blanket over him, and immediately felt reminded of his houseguest of the summer before fifth year. He remembered walking into the guest room to check on Kurama many times, only to find the exact same sight.

It was terrible that the Death Eaters killed such a nice muggle as Shuuichi Minamino.

Kurama stood in the centre of a huge stadium. In the stands, hundreds of weird people cheered and jeered in various languages. He shrunk back, and found himself bumping right into a short boy with spiked black hair. The look in the boy's eyes promised murder, and Kurama immediately felt the boy was not a boy at all. His cool, black eyes were much too old.

The stadium hazed away. Everything, even the sky, faded into the thick fog. Everything, that is, but the boy.

The boy walked on the clear, glassy surface that seemed to supplement the ground, thorugh the mist, and away from Kurama.

"Hey!" cried Kurama. "You!"

His voice echoed clearly through the dreamland, though there seemed to be no objects to cause an echo by bouncing sound. The foggy landscape seemed to go on forever.


The response echoed just as Kurama's voice had.

He began to give chase to the boy, the sounds of his footsteps echoing just as the two voices had.

"Wait, stop!" he yelled.

"Fox? Kurama?"


He continued to chase the boy, yelling at him, but the boy kept walking away slowly, and Kurama kept running as fast as he could in pursuit. The boy still managed to stay, what seemed like miles ahead of him. He heard the other's voice again; this time it was softer— like a whisper. It did not echo and it did not question anything.

"Wake up."

"Wait!" Kurama shouted. He bolted upright and his arms stretched to grab something just out of arm's reach.

"Eric, it's a dream!" Harry cried in alarm, dodging Kurama's flying arm by inches.

"Oops?" he grinned sheepishly.

Harry smiled. "It's all good. I was just about to wake you up for breakfast."

"Are you a hundred percent sure I was sleeping?" It was a weird question to ask, he knew. The dream felt too real, though.

"Yeah, your eyes were closed, and you were even sleep taking," said Harry. "Must've been one weird dream."

"It was," said Kurama. "It really was."

"Next time you wake up, please try to avoid screaming. It tends to makes people grumpy." Harry's voice was serious, but his mischievous smile gave Kurama the impression it was a joke.

Kazuya Hatanaka almost could not convince himself to return after the episode of the year before. He could not bring himself to return before the year was over, but when Dumbledore contacted him again during the summer, he had little reason to hold back. Shiori would be under the best protections they could get her in the house in Hogsmeade, and both Kazuya and Shuiichi would be safe in the school.

He missed Shuuichi greatly, but he had to move on with his life.

His first class of the year was the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw sixth years. They arrived in small flocks, and within five minutes of the bell, the entire class had seated themselves.

"Welcome back class. For those of you who (pitifully) don't remember my brief appearance last year: I am Professor Hatanaka. This year we will be studying both physical and magic defence. Wands are only useful at distances and if they are in your possession. If your get up close in a fistfight or get disarmed, you'll need to be able to defend yourself. Today, you will take turns skirmishing with me; I want to see where each of you stands physically. Riddle, you come first."

Eric Riddle walked to the front of the classroom, an air of confidence surrounding him. He stood across from Hatanaka in a slightly crouched position. He held is raised hands in half-fists and his vibrant green eyes shone with familiarity of the art.

Hatanaka took a similar position, and the fight began in the quick movement of the Professor.

Hatanaka swung his clenched fists at Eric's unprotected torso, but his fist went through thin air when Eric dropped his body to the ground and tripped Hatanaka in one fluid motion. Hatanaka swiftly somersaulted to his feet and the fight commenced, Eric too back on his own feet. He parried all of Hatanaka's attacks, and the Professor attacked harder and faster than before. Suddenly Hatanaka felt a sharp pain in his stomach; he looked down to see the Eric had planted his knee there. Eric's fist caught his shoulder and knocked him away and onto the ground.

"I give!" Hatanaka shouted, trying to get back onto his feet unsuccessfully. He looked at the class, their eyes wide with shock. When he glanced over at Eric to see that he was looking at the hand he used in the final attack.

(He had gotten bit carried away.)

"Class dismissed," Hatanaka said through clenched teeth, "and, Riddle, stay behind."

The class left, while Harry, Hermione, and Ron lagged behind the group. Hatanaka quickly shooed them out, as well.

"Where did you learn how to do that?" gasped Hatanaka.

The boy faltered. "Honestly?" he asked. At the nod, he looked away from his Professor's eyes and said, "My knowledge of martial arts is, like, nil." He shrugged. "I have no idea where I could possibly have learned it; it was like my body knew something my brain didn't." Almost as if for good measure, he added, "It terrified me."

"I was hoping you had had some formal teaching, so you could assist me with your fellows, but—"

"I can still help!" he insisted. "It was… fun to fight! It thrilled me a way I have never known! Much more invigorating that a simple magic fight! And I need to depend upon my body's abilities too, not just my knowledge of spells to win if I ever need to defend myself. I can help you demonstrate stuff!"

"So, your abilities scared you, but it made you— happy– to be fighting? You, Riddle, have problems; you must never enjoy a fight. Martial Arts and fighting in general must only be used when completely necessary. Otherwise, it makes you no better than your attacker." His stern voice did not betray his own slight fear of a student excited to fight. Nothing good ever came of it.

Realizing he said something wrong, the teen continued, "It wasn't the fighting that made me happy… I guess it was the adrenaline it gave me." He gave a nervous smile. "It's not like I plan on going looking for a fight now." He paused. "Can I go now? My friends are probably waiting for me. I don't want to make them… late or anything."

Hatanaka dismissed the class early. He knew they could not possibly be late for anything. Nonetheless, he quickly decided against keeping the boy longer either way. He did not have a pleasant feeling about him.

"Dismissed… but, Eric, you should work on you fighting skills; you're pretty good at it." Hatanaka waved the teen away.

When the boy disappeared out of the door, he mumbled to himself, "Strange kid," before walking back to his office.

Dear Son,

Congratulations! I always hoped my son would end up in Gryffindor! I hope you have fun and your grades are up to my standards. Tell me when your next Hogsmeade trip is, so I can send you some money. The village is amazing!

Equal Love From,

You Father