The only things I own are the OCs and part of the idea. All recognizable characters belong their rightful owners.

Inspired by the MacGyver episode 'Good Knight, MacGyver'.

Luke Skywalker and Mara Kryze go on a mission and discover a long kept secret.


Luke Skywalker sat in the pilot's seat of the Twilight.

He and Mara Kryze were on their way to the Sippschaft System in Wild Space.

"There's the ship we are supposed to dock in and they just gave us clearance to land." Mara said.

Luke nodded and maneuvered the Twilight into the ship's docking bay.

A delegation of Sippschaft stood waiting for their arrival.

"Welcome Master Skywalker to our ship." The leader, Ahlesha Pathfinder said.

"It is a pleasure." Luke relied.

Ahlesha turned and started to walk across the hanger; Luke and Mara followed.

"Thousands of years ago our people were slaves to the Sklaven. According to the stories they stole hundreds of thousands of our Ancestors children. Some as younglings and others as newborns. What the Sklaven did to them is unknown but some of our Ancestors believed that the Ashlans knew what became of the children but they died before our Ancestors could ask them." Ahlesha said.

"We are not going to go to Eras to search for information." Luke stated.

Ahlesha smiled.

"We wouldn't ask that of you. But the Ashlans customs and beliefs were similar to ours and they had the same last names." Ahlesha explained.

Luke nodded.

A tremor in the Force caused him to turn his head.

Several droids were moving heavy crates on a catwalk and below was a man talking into his commlink with a woman nearby.

Luke watched as the droids lifted a crate too high and tilted it too far to one side and it falling onto the unsuspecting couple.

"NO!" Luke yelled as he raced across the hanger with Mara at his side. They shoved the couple out of the way only for the crate to land on them; knocking them unconscience.


Luke opened his eyes slowly.

He sensed Mara was next to him.

He looked around the room but he didn't recognize the room or the design.

The door opened and in walked a woman who was obviously a healer.

"Good, you are awake." She said.

"What happened?" he asked

"We found you near where the Ashlans toil." The Healer said.

Luke blinked in confusion.

"The Ashlans?" Luke asked.

The Healer nodded.

"We don't really know anything about them except that the Sklaven prefer to use them for labor than us." She said.

Luke reached out with the Force and sensed hundreds of thousands of Force Users on the planet.

Mara moaned softly and Luke turned to her.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"You are in Camp Twenty's Medical Facility." The healer said.

"Camp Twenty?" Luke and Mara asked in unison.

The healer nodded.

"But we were on a star ship!" Mara snapped.

"The Sklaven might have dumped you here to add new genetic material to our blood." The healer explained.

Luke shuddered at the memory of the Sklaven. The reptiloids had little concept of right and wrong and they had wanted to put the Ashlans back into slavery.

Luke reached out again with the Force and was aware of several things. One there seemed to be an influx of Light and Dark, two something wasn't quite right and that many people were using the Force nearby.

"Father?" He called into the Force. There was no response.

"The Sklaven scum stole my oldest daughter! She was eight summers old and a bright thing. She was blessed by the Spirits." The healer said bitterly. "That was nearly eighteen summers ago.

"What's her name?" Mara asked.

"Keila." The healer said. "I wanted to name her Akeila but my husband said that he didn't think that she was going to be a leader."

Luke smiled as he remember a vague story that Tionne had uncovered that one of the first Ashlan leaders name was Keila. And ironically both names meant leader in the Ashlan language.

The door opened and a man walked in.

"Maila, how are the newcomers?" He asked. "They seem fine to me Shang." The healer, Maila, responded.

Shang nodded.

"The Clan Leaders wish to speak with them." He said.

With that Shang turned and left.


A hour later Maila led them to the place where the Clan Leaders.

A half a dozen men and women stood in a half circle in front of them. A small group of people surrounded them, spectators.

"I am Ahlek Moondancer, speaker for the Clan Leaders." The man in front of them said. "What are your names?"

"I am Luke Skywalker and this is my friend Mara Kryze." Luke said.

The spectators immediately started to whisper among themselves while the Clan Leaders gave each other curious glances.

Finally Ahlek Moondancer turned to them.

"Impossible, Skywalker is a Sippschaft name." Moondancer said.

Luke shrugged. "It's Ashlan too."

Everyone started talk among themselves, again.

Mara sighed.

"You would think that they knew that." She commented to Luke.

"You would think." Luke said in agreement.

"You don't look like an Ashlan." Someone said.

Luke shrugged.

"They are my progenitors. My Ashlan Blood is a little thin, but it runs through my veins none the less." He explained.

More silence.

"How thin?" Ahlek Moondancer nearly demanded.

"Well the last pure blooded Ashlans in my line were a thousand years ago or so." Luke said.

"Then you and your friend will lead our shaman's apprentice to the Ashlan Camp and speak to them." Ahlek Moondancer said.


Bright and early the next day Luke, Mara and Elly stood before the shaman. He whispered a blessing on them and Luke then changed their hair colors, to the amazement of the shaman.

They walked to the edge of camp and started walking towards the Ashlan's territory.


"Luke, didn't the Ashlans and the Sippschaft escape slavery about five thousand years ago?" Mara asked in Huttese as they walked.

Luke nodded.

"This might be a vision or a dream though." He told her in the same language.


By the time the sun set the trio had slipped into a group of Ashlans that were headed back to their camp.