It had been a week since the Ashlans had started their plan to overthrow the Sklaven. And everyone in the Ashlan Camp was helping in some way; even little Ilona and Ephah.

Late that night Keila and Yang lit fires all through the Camp. Tomorrow we rebel at the shriek.


Will Mara and I ever get home? Luke wondered as he stared at the ceiling.

Finally he got up and entered the common area of the Guest House.

He wasn't surprise to see Mara sitting there.

"Mara, if we don't survive tomorrow there is something I want you to know: I love you." Luke said gently.

Mara stared at him.

"I return your feelings." She whispered.

"Are you going to get married?" Ilona's voice suddenly asked. "Elly and Edge are going to get married."

The couple spun around and stared at Ilona and Ephah.

"We might get married, if we both survive the battle tomorrow." Mara answered.

Ilona shrieked and jumped around the room, until her parents came and got both her and her brother.


Bright and early the next day Luke. Mara, Elly and many of the Wielders joined the Ashlans on their hike to their assigned work area. Lightwhips draped over their bodies.

Several Sklaven laughed at them as they passed.

Suddenly two blood curling shrieks pierced the air. Hands reached for lightwhips and Luke and Mara's hands went for their lightsabers even though they had lightwhips as well.

The group scattered, now and then some Ashlans would fight a Sklaven.

Soon there was blood and limbs littering the ground.

Sklaven screamed in pain and anger.

The Wielders either threw reddish Force Lighting at the Sklaven or lifted them in the air and threw them against things.

The battle lasted several hours when Luke saw a Sklaven pointing one of their projectile weapons at Keila.

"NO!" He cried out and ran in between them. He felt the projectile enter his chest, his hand drop his lightsaber and the world going dark.

Mara screamed and ran to Luke's side.

"Stay with me Luke!" She cried.

Another projectile was fired and hit her in the chest. Mara gasped in shock and pain. Her lightsaber fell from numb fingers and she slumped forward.


Luke felt something brushing against his head, and it hurt.

Slowly he opened his eyes to see a Sippschaft Medic that looked a bit like Keila kneeling in front of him with a bacta soaked cloth. All around were more familiar faces.

"We owe you our health." A woman that resembled Elly said. A man that resembled Yang nodded. "We thank you."

It was just a dream. Luke thought.

"Your hand was crushed by the crate." The Medic said. "But you are lucky that we were able reactive the genes and it is growing back."

Luke looked down and realized that his lightsaber was missing and that wrapped around his upper body was an Ashlan lightwhip. He turned to see that Mara's lightsaber was missing as well and that an Ashlan lightwhip was wrapped around her waist.

Or was it? He thought.


Okay, this is a teaser for my next fic. It has no name and the working name would give too much away.

Two little girls play in an antechamber. One of them is dressed in a beautiful green dress while the other one is wear a black cloak and face veil; only her brown eyes and some of her skin shows.

"I don't want to be a Senator anymore!" The girl in green cries.

"What do you want to be then?" The girl in black asks.

"I want to be a Jedi." The girl in green declares.

"I HATE Jedi!" The girl in black snaps.

The green in green shrinks away.

"Jedi are evil!" The girl in black continues.

Fade to black

A man in plain clothes watches as a group of swoop bikes comes to a halt near the front of a bar.

His eyes follow as one young Human woman with brown hair hops off her

Fade to black.

A young man feels eyes on him and turns to see a young woman with brown hair and eyes watching him.

Fade to Black.

A planet blown to rubble.

"And . . . you call . . . yourselves Human." An unfamiliar voice stutters.

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