The Red Shirt Chronicles

Written by: Sunny

Title: They Shoot Red Shirts, Don't They?

Pairing: Scotty and Uhura

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I'm just playing with them.

Summary: Scotty and Uhura meet for the first time.

Part 1

Uhura peeked around the corner cautiously, after determining that the passageway was clear she stepped out of the doorway and headed for her quarters. She tightened her grip on the towel she wore and prayed that no one would see her. It was highly unlikely as it was the middle of Gamma shift and those not working were tucked away in their beds. The people who were working would have no reason to come to this deck at this hour as well.

This was the third time in a month that her roommate had "accidentally" taken Uhuras' clothes from the shower area and Uhura had been forced to make her way back to their quarters wearing nothing but a towel. So far she had been lucky not to be caught but she was not one to believe in luck. However, she wouldn't be in this predicament if the sonics in their quarters were working.

Uhura had transferred to the Enterprise five weeks ago. As a junior officer she had been assigned to share quarters with one other officer. Lieutenant Hemsley was a nice girl with a strange sense of humor and an overactive imagination. Unfortunately, the sonics in their section of the deck had been damaged in a recent skirmish with the Klingon Empire.

Sonics were pretty low on the repair lists so most of the officers were forced to go elsewhere to shower. Uhura and Hemsley had opted for the recreation room showers. The rec room was located on the same deck as their quarters just on the other side of the ship. It was a long way to go wearing nothing but a towel.

She had traveled about one hundred feet when she heard the turbolift doors open behind her and boot-steps thunk on the deck. She tried to hurry down the corridor but slipped on the smooth surface and landed less than gracefully on her butt.

Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott yawned as he rubbed a hand over his bleary eyes. The hour was late and it felt as if the turbolift had a personal vendetta against him getting to his bed. It was the third day in a row that he had worked a double shift attempting to finish the repairs he had promised the Captain would be done in just a few more days. The primary repairs to weapons, shields and the warp drive were complete only a few minor patches were still needed then the secondary systems could be repaired.

The turbolift doors opened and he stepped unsteadily into the passageway. Scotty took three steps towards his quarters when he heard a thump and a muttered curse to his right. He frowned knowing it was late and wondering who was so drunk that they fell on the floor.

He changed directions mid-step prepared to verbally flail whomever it was mucking about. As he rounded the curve he could see the very naked backside of a female crewmember. He halted abruptly and paused to re-gather his thoughts. He watched bemusedly as the woman stood up and wrapped a rather small towel around her shapely form. She took two steps before he spoke. "Stay right there."

Uhura trembled slightly as her panicked mind attempted to identify the voice behind her. She had heard the boot steps headed away from her just as she slipped and thought she was in the clear. In her addled state she had not heard the returning steps.

"About face," he ordered quietly.

She swirled about crisply lost her footing and barely righted herself without landing on the floor again. Her towel slipped lower over her left breast. She hitched it up again then realized how much thigh and hip she had just exposed and readjusted. She could feel the heat flaming across her face.

The man in front of her didn't look amused. He was slightly taller than her, dark hair and eyes, a definitely pleasant looking face if it wasn't scrunched into a frown like it currently was. He wore a red shirt but she couldn't see his rank as he had his hands clasped behind his back.

"Lassie," he began quietly. "I dinna know who told you to polish the deck but that isn't the way we do it on the Enterprise."

It took a moment for Uhura to process his words. His stance and tone were all business but his words and the slight gleam in his eyes were teasing. She stood there at a loss for words, an irony she made mental note of, then suddenly put a name to the voice.

She groaned and prepped herself for the worse. She had heard the rumors about his taskmaster ways. Many of the new engineers complained long and loud about how he made them work harder than any other Chief they had ever met. 'Oh my God,' she thought. 'Of all the officers on the ship why did she have to run into Montgomery Scott!'

"Are you injured," he asked worriedly as he squinted at her.

"No sir," she squeaked. Normally calm and collected she felt like a first year cadet again. Of course, most first year cadets don't get caught running around ship in a towel. She squeezed her arms around herself under her breasts lifting the lower edge of the towel again.

"Ok," he replied slowly. "Where are your clothes?"

"In my quarters sir," she replied before biting her lower lip.

He nodded and his expression turned more thoughtful. "And your quarters areā€¦"

"On the other side of the ship," she finished for him.

"I see." He moved a few steps closer and folded his arms across his chest. "Do ye always wander around the decks wearing nothing but a towel in the middle of the night?"

"No sir," she squeaked again. By all rights she should tell him about her roommates penchant for practical jokes but as an officer she knew she needed to take responsibility for this incident. She thought about making a run for her cabin but nixed the idea when she remembered her inability to remain upright without the help of shoes.

'Damn! I just got here and now I'm probably going to be reassigned. OH MY GAWD! They shoot red shirts, don't they?' She had heard a statistic during the academy that showed a higher percentage of red shirts were killed on starships than all the others combined. Was it a method of discipline? Was she about to become a statistic?

Scotty wasn't quite sure what to do. In his area of expertise he didn't normally have to deal with beautiful women wearing towels. Not that he didn't have experience with women in towels it just usually wasn't part of his professional life. A lesser man would take advantage of the situation. He knew the sonics on this deck only worked in about half of the cabins or less so he figured she must have been using the ones in the rec room. What he couldn't figure out was why she had left her clothes in her quarters.

It was late he was tired and really could see no reason to punish the young woman. She was obviously embarrassed. 'Hopefully,' he thought. 'That would be enough to deter her from doing this again.' However, he couldn't let her wander about in her current state of dress either.

Scotty peeled off his shirt and held it out to the woman. It wasn't the cleanest thing in the world but it was all he had at the moment. In his tired state there was only so much exposed skin he could resist from touching the best thing to do was help her cover it up. "Put this on," he ordered.

She carefully took the shirt and looked at him beseechingly. He executed a perfect about face and waited patiently. He smiled to himself and wondered what she would say if he told her he had pretty much seen all of her anyways and his turning around now wouldn't change that. But he held his tongue. The rustle of fabric told him she was complying with his order.

"Ok," she said after a minute.

He turned back to see that she was indeed wearing his shirt. The sleeves were too long the rest of the shirt hung off her shoulders hiding her curves very well. He couldn't see how much of her it covered as she had wrapped the towel around her waist over the shirt. The lower edge of the towel now rested above her knees.

He motioned for her to move up the passageway in the direction she had been going. "I'll walk you to your quarters. Jus to make sure you get there in one piece."

"Thank you sir," she replied as she led the way.

"What's your name, lass?" He asked casually while moving up to walk next to her.

"Lieutenant Nyota Uhura." She answered shyly.

Now that she was not trying to hide behind a very small towel she felt more comfortable being in the Commanders' presence. He appeared to be a quiet man one whom kept to himself and yet he also exuded a confidence that assured her he had the ability to lead the crew of the Enterprise without pause. She felt safe with him and found herself drawn to him especially when he spoke.

"Well Lieutenant, any idea who I am?" he continued.

She nodded. "Lieutenant Commander Scott, Chief engineer and second officer."

"Aye, lass. You don't work for me, do you?" he asked almost as an afterthought.

"Not directly sir," she smiled to herself hoping his question meant he was interested in her. "I'm in communications."

They fell silent again until they reached her quarters.

"This is it sir," she stated as she stopped outside the door.

"In you go lass," he prompted. "And stop prowling about in your towel."

"Yes sir," she smiled warmly. She stood on her toes and brushed a kiss on his cheek then turned away and quickly stepped into her quarters.

Scotty blinked in response and waited until she entered the room and the doors shut before he hurried to his own quarters. He knew that sleep would not be as forthcoming as it should have been instead he would settle for a drink and his own shower. And all the while the young lieutenant would be at the forefront of his mind.

The doors had barely slid closed and the lights were only halfway lit before Scotty had a glass of scotch in his hand. He took a long pull and closed his eyes. Pictures of her nakedness flitted through his mind causing his body to respond. It really didn't help that he could still feel the softness of her lips against his cheek as the lingering scent of her body tickled his nose.

He sat on the edge of a chair removed his boots then grabbed his glass of scotch and headed for the shower. He took another pull from the glass put it on the counter then reached for his shirt. It was then that he realized he left his shirt with the lass. He contemplated going back for it then decided to let her keep it as a souvenir. Stripping out of his clothes he threw them in the recycler and stepped into the shower.

Uhura stood in the dark room and hugged herself as she sighed in relief. 'That could have been much worse,' she thought. She wondered if he thought her to be too bold kissing a man she had just met. She had no idea what had gotten into her but it had felt like the right thing to do at the moment. And she didn't regret it at all.

Obviously the rumors about Commander Scott weren't exactly true. He was a gentleman even if his shirt was a little smelly. 'He is probably waiting for his shirt,' she thought. She hurried across the room to grab her robe. She hastily changed and carried the shirt to the door. The passageway was empty and she had no idea where his quarters were. She would just have to return the shirt at a later time.

She turned back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. Her roommate was sound asleep on the other bed. No doubt she would find Uhura's late night predicament very funny. Uhura decided not to tell her roommate about this as it would only prompt the other woman to do it again. She folded the shirt carefully then placed it under her mattress. She didn't want Hemsley to see it and ask questions.

She changed into her night clothes and climbed into bed. The tiredness in her body however could not overpower the thoughts in her head. She found herself replaying the entire run in with Commander Scott and wondered what exactly he was thinking of the situation. She let her mind wander to a romantic and erotic fantasy about the man then quickly dismissed it as he was one of her commanding officers and she had just met him. But a woman could dream.