Hera was sitting under a tree in her garden, about the only remaining place that her unfaithful husband as of yet to defile. She was crying, something that no other god or goddesses as ever seen her do beside Zeus on that fateful night. Hera often wondered why she fell in love with Zeus. Contrary to what many believe not a single one of his children was hers , not even Hephaestus, and she knew that unlike the many women that Zeus as bedded she was the only one who truly loved him with all of her heart. Every affair killed her inside and in the end she was finally ready to do the right thing. This was Hera's and Zeus one millionth anniversary and it was the one millionth one that Zeus forgot. Hera left her room at midnight and walked into the throne room. She looked around, making sure she was alone. She walked up to her throne with tears in her eyes and left her crown, wedding ring, and a note there and she said so softly no one could hear her "Be Happy Zeus, Happy Anniversary, I Love You." Then Hera left feeling even worse than before but had a strange sense that she may have done something right in Zeus's eyes.

Morning came and all the gods and goddesses were in the throne room Zeus came in asked "What is everyone talking about?" Athena took her father's hand and guided him to the thrones and Zeus looked at what was sitting on Hera's throne and froze in, his mind. He went to the note and read it aloud "Zeus, if you are reading this, than I've already corrected your mistake. No I haven't touched or harmed any of your lovers for I haven't harmed any of them in a hundred eons. The mistake I'm talking about is me. I have fought; I have tried to hold our marriage together in hope that maybe there was a small remnant of love that we once shared. But I have found there is none, it was probably never there to begin with and I was fool to fall in love with you. No matter what you've done to me, I've always forgave you. But I can't do it anymore all of creation sees me as the strongest of all the females but I am not. Everyone just sees the fa├žade that I put in place. Zeus find another queen if you so wish to or be free as you have always thought. I love you and I always will but it is time for me to go. The goddesses not worth remembering Hera."

Everyone was crying and Zeus most of all. "We have to find her now!" Zeus thundered and everyone began looking Zeus looked the hardest and longest but to no avail.

Another million years passed and Hera was never found. Zeus stayed in Hera's room every night since the day she left he has never touched or even thought of another woman other than Hera. He realized how much he truly loved and needed her by his side. He remembered all the times he used to see her smile but it was so rarely when they married he knew why. He thought of the time she laughed, sang, and even danced for him and it made his heart cry even more. He looked back at all their fights and realized that only someone who loved him would care but she never ordered him to do anything. She pleaded and asked for him to stop and he thought of his last argument he had with her.

"Hera!" Zeus stormed up to her.

Hera was looking out the belching into the garden and turned to see Zeus's eyes which help nothing but anger and hatred in them. Hera wondered what she did now for as far has she knows she hasn't done anything in eons. "To what do I owe this anger Zeus?" Hera spoke calmly despite that every time he had an affair or fought with her it killed her inside.

Zeus was outraged and yelled at Hera "What did you do to my little princess?"

Hera understood now why he was pissed and it hurt her all the more. "I have done nothing to her."

"She left and got married! So who is responsible for this?" Zeus asked has he grabbed her by her wrists and held tightly enough that it hurt her.

Hera refused to show that his grip had hurt her and spoke calmly trying not to yell for it would only make things worse. "I have done nothing to her; she chose to marry someone else and not you. She is probably better off that way."

Zeus held her tighter and screamed in Hera's face. "You did this! You made her marry someone else, you unfaithful wife."

Hera was holding back the tears from his grip and from his words. "She chose to marry some else by her own free will and nothing you do can break that bond."

Zeus so angry with Hera let her go but not before he smacked her across the face, so hard she fell back and began to bleed. Hera couldn't hold back the tears anymore as she put her hand on her face and saw blood. Zeus realized what he had done in his anger and went to help Hera saying "Hera, I'm sorry. I-I- didn't mean to!" Zeus tried. But Hera got up and backed away from him. For the first time in her long life she was actually afraid of the man she loved more then anything. "No Zeus, You meant it. I can only hope you don't treat every woman this way. Bye" Then she ran away from him with tears streaming down her face.

That fight was the last time he ever saw her and he regretted more than any other fight, for it was the first time he actually hurt her psychically contrary to what humans believe. He got up and walked in Hera's garden. Zeus remembered oh so clearly that this place held Hera's and his happiest memories with her and he wanted to keep this place special so only Hera or him could enter this place. As he walked through the garden saw the trees, flowers, fruits, and intricate water ways he came sadden but what had him fall to his knees in pure agony, regret, and sorrow was when he saw statue of him and Hera where the inscription the bottom of the statue said "Together Forever No Matter How Long, I Love You My Soul Mate."

Zeus cried that night and day.