January 1st

Ran to Scarlets (which is hard in pumps, I think they must cause some drag or something) and got there to find Jack with massive, giddy grin on his face. Thought it was for me so I ran towards him but as I was running blond girl obstructed my path and I ended up running straight into her which caused a pile up of heroes and heroines on top of me. Got up to see blond hanging off Jack in a 'not just friends way'. Tried to run away but tripped up stairs (damn pumps) and knocked self out just as the party was counting down into the new year. So missed party, missed new year countdown, and made a fool of self in front of everyone and Jack, like Marigold has been forced into the arms of another.

So now on Scarlet's bed with ice pack on head and a mass of painkillers. Scarlet on the other hand does not need her bad as according to Suzy she is in TREVORS! Apparently the bat boy apologised and whisked her back to his 'batcula' lair. Jack is no where to be seen and Suzy said that the blond girl is his girlfriend who he met in Guatemala and she was also on her gap year from Hull.

Once again I am a love pariah and in a pit of despair. However the road to love and life is education so this years new years resolutions are:

1. Pass all A-levels with flying colours

2. Talk to Uncle Jim more (he appears to be full of (hippy) wisdom)

a University and course

4. Find a new amazing lover and forget all past rock star flirtations

5. Go on exotic end of exams/sixth form/era once in a life time holiday with best friends Scarlet

and Sad Ed.