A/N: I'M BACK! And, I brought Katniss! And Rue again!

Katniss: Um, Hi?

Rue: Hello!

Me: *whispering* say the disclaimer!

Katniss: Why? You kidnapped us!

Rue: Yea really!

Me: OH come on! Please?

Katniss: Ugh, fine. But only cause you look like Prim

Rue: Ok!

Me: *beaming b/c of the prim comment*

Both: AliceHale123 does not own us. Or the Hunger Games. Or Thresh. Or-

Me: Yea Yea! I get it! I own nothing! But... Finch and Rue's siblings name's.

Rue: Sorry guys

Me: Hey!


"Uh, um yea.. sure", I stutter out. "Ok. Do you relize just how many people in there can kill you?", He says in a strong voice. I shudder "Yes." "Rue, I have to do this. I can't let anyone hurt you. This is UNFAIR! They put little kids in there with gigantic 18 year olds!", He shouted. I usaully hate when people refer to me as a little kid...but now, I don't really mind. "Thresh, I can't let you protect me. You have to protect yourself!", I say back, a little overwelmed. He laughed a booming laugh, "No, I think I can take care of myself." "Okay", I say, not really wanting to give in.

The next morning I just slip into the first clothes I find. We head down to breakfast.

Wow! I've never seen this much food! There's biscuits, some brown hot liquid, jelly, pancakes, another hot brown liquid, and lots lots more! I eye the first hot liquid and Thresh laughs. "They say its called hot chocolate, and then that's coffee." He hands me the hot chocolate and I try it. It taste good, even though its burning hot. Next I try the coffee. Its bitter-sweet. I wrinkle my nose. Thresh laughs again. "Yea, I've never liked coffee much either".

I try everything, and end up eating biscuits with jelly, and drinking hot chocolate.

We watch the reapings after.

The contestents are:

A frightning boy-Marvel-, and a beautiful girl who obviously thinks she's all that- Glimmer I think.

Another really scary guy-Cato I belive, and a tough looking girl-Clove- from 2.

A weak girl, and a tough guy from 3.

A tough girl, and a guy who looks like he's ready to kill,from 4.

A girl with bright red hair who resembles a fox, and a guy who looks crazy, from 5.

2 weak-looking tributes from 6.

Two scared looking tributes from 7.

A not very smart girl, and a scared guy from 8.

Two tough tributes from 9.

A weak-looking girl, and a boy who has a crippled foot. That's not fair. At all.

And then me. I look afraid. Then Thresh. He looks ready to fight.

District 12 is very interesting. A girl my age gets called up, but her older sister-Katniss- looking frantict, volenteers. Then there is a boy who looks he'll do anything for her. I smile. Star-crossed lovers.

After all that I head up to my room to get some sleep. Tomorrow's Training!

A/N: Sorry that was kinda short.

Katniss: Can I leave?

Me: Uh, maybe tomorrow..

Rue: Me?

Me: Sure!

Katniss: Hey! Why does she get to leave?

Me: Cause she's the star...

Katniss: *groans*

Me: Ugh fine! Leave! But be back tomorrow!

Katniss: YAY!